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Ponaif 05-13-2007 09:34 PM

Rifle firing speed
I change the rifle speed in the data_ABC/sides/common folder, than I munge it. but when I startup the game, than select my level (my blank level) the rifle dosent shoot any faster. Please help!!


Ok, I have found out how to do something amazingly awsome!!! I have found out how to modify the "common", "imp", "rep", and "all" sides, and put them in the game so that they work for every level in the game, not just the ones that YOU created. This totally made my day, maybe you will find it useful. Here is the method:

1. First of all make a new world with the Munger (maybe data_ABC)

2. Go copy all the sides you wish to modify (also the common side) from BF2_ModTools/assets/sides

3. Paste them in your mod folder data_ABC/sides/

4. Edit them as you wish from there... data_ABC/sides/

5. Now munge with the "common" ticked, and sides set to EVERYTHING

6. Now the cool part... go to "data_ABC\_LVL_PC\SIDE", copy everything in there.

7. go to "Battlefront2 Dir"\GameData\data\_lvl_pc\side. VERY IMPORTANT: MAKE COPIES OF ALL THE SIDES YOU PLAN ON REPLACING!

8. After you make the copies of the "real" sides, paste all your "modified" sides in that folder.

9. Than go run SWBF2! It should work.

There is not even any need to keep the "addon" folder in your game directory, it is just taking up space since you just replaced the games files anyways!

Also AS FAR AS I KNOW, this is the only way to modify the "common" side, and implement it in the game.

Please tell if this process made your day as it did mine!

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