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Hyprodimus 05-21-2007 10:45 PM

Build orders
Hi, I just want some tips on build orders. I dont have much time for GC right now, so all im doing is skirmish. I like the space battles best and Im working on getting the hang of each of the factions. Playing Empire was pretty easy i think, so I moved onto Rebels. With my current build order I cant seem to win on Hard AI. I have 4/5 of the mines and 3 Nebulon-B's, 3 Corvettes, 4 B-Wings, Han, Antilles and a few MC30s. by the times Im in tech 4, the computer bring up Thrawn, Piet and a few victories and acclamators all at once. Where did he get the resources? What am I doing wrong? And its not like im just sitting there the whole time. By the time it pops its fleet up, Im moving in to attack his space station after I collected all the available mines. Money usually isnt a problem, but After that initial wave, they just keep coming.

My build order:
1)Tech to level 2
2)Lock s-foil and send them off to mines.
3)Construct mines and scout.
4)Build Han
5)Build corvettes, and Neb-B.
6)Tech 3
7)Build more mines.
8)Upgrade shield and Weps.
9)Fight off invaders.
10)Make B-wings
12)Tech 4
13)Hold mines and keep repelling invaders.
14)Upgrade weps and shields
15)Move to his base.
17)Make more of what I lost.
18)Tech 5
19)upgrades, hold mines.
20)Ackbar, Mon Cals.

Splatah King 05-23-2007 08:48 PM

What map are you playing on.

Hyprodimus 05-24-2007 01:15 AM

Well all types.

Splatah King 05-24-2007 07:57 PM

I always try to advance my station, Tech level, and Upgrades first. Do this after building a very small force, just enough for defense. The reason for the small force is because every time you build the next level of the space station it completely heals itself. after you have all of the upgrades and most of the mines start building as many corvettes as you can because of the first wave of fighters than hero's and cap ships but don't put them on the map. after this is done start building frigates for complicating things on the battle field. than as soon as the enemy attacks than launch your entire force at once. This will take out there force that they built up and you have most of the troops left so you can counter attack.

Also do you play just one vs one or team games? this would also help. :P

The other thing that u might want to do is change the over all difficulty of the game so that it is slightly easier

Hyprodimus 05-24-2007 09:06 PM

I just do skirmish on computer to practice. Its on hard though. I wish you could observe your own matches....

And also observe all players in multiplayer replays. Seems liek you can only see what the winner has done. Most of them use Imperial so all I get is the Imp tactics. (which helped me alot) but I want to master all factions.

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