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SkywalkerRules 06-02-2007 11:21 PM

Heart of the Legacy

[Ossus: 137 ABY]

The sun was setting over the horizon of Ossus. Its beautiful rays reflected on the Prexuem. Lyna Honso, slave girl and Jedi, sits by the pillars of the old Jedi Academy, watching the sunset. Her thoughts are going on rapidly inside her mind. She's been through a lot.

Ever since Coral Mai, her adpotive mom, told her about her real parents, Lyna grew upset... with her life. She sighed. The others were somewhere else, but it didn't matter.

The Jedi apprentices were going to train first thing in the morning. Lyna felt tired, but she kept watching the sunset. And about Cade Skywalker... well, her feelings for him were kept, until she felt like telling him.

DrPhil2501 06-03-2007 05:37 AM

Cade raised the blade of his Lightsaber to counter-attack Master Wolf Sazan's swipes.
He was currently under training with Lightsaber combat, and it was really paying off, as he noticed a changes of improvement. Someday, he imagined he would be as good as his early ancestor, Luke Skywalker.

"Good!" Sazan announced to Cade. "Impresive stances, duration, reaction time and technique!"

Cade felt rather pleased with himself.

"But your weakness is over confidence. Becareful with that!"

"Whatever." Cade muttered. "Lets just continue, shall we?" he smiled, as he changed to Niman stance.

SkywalkerRules 06-03-2007 05:04 PM

As the little binjinphant, Cyan, eats a piece of fruit on a tree branch, she notices that Lyna looked kind of sad. She drops the fruit, and jumps to her master. Landing carefully on the ground, Cyan ran on Lyna's shoulder.

Lyna looked at the little binjiphant, and smiled. "Nice day, huh?" Cyan answered with a happy squeal. "Yeah. I wonder what the others are up to." Lyna used the Force to sense where they were. Then she replied, "Ah. They're in training." She got up.

"Well, let's see if Cade wants a challenge..." she pulled out her lightsaber. "Shall we, Cyan?" Cyan wagged her tail with excitement. The young woman laughed. "I thought so."

She and Cyan ran to find him. Finally, they found both Cade and Wolf, under training. Lyna stood on top of the stairs, and activated her lightsaber. The bright orange blade shone, as the sun shone behind Lyna. She herself was good at lightsaber fights, but needed more training too.

Lyna shouted from above, "Hey, Skywalker?! Wanna challenge?"

Darth Kalverys 06-03-2007 09:09 PM

The Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman both landed on Nar Shaddaa. Barbosa exited from the Pearl, and Will and Elizabeth Turner exited from the Dutchman.

"You know what to do, matey." Barbosa said.

"Aye..." Will and Elizabeth replied together.

The three walked to the Cantina. They all pulled out their lightsabers and silently walked in.

SkywalkerRules 06-03-2007 09:37 PM

Bonty Zam, flying in his Crazy Bantha circus ship, searches for Lyna Honso. The young woman gave him a big bruise on the head, and now he is trying to get her back, to put her on show business again.

"You're still under my rules, Lyna," he said to himself. "No matter where you go... or no matter where you hide... I'll find you." Bonty glanced back at his henchmen. They were twin Noghri named Logan and Jorgan.

As they were playing cards, Bonty snapped, "Logan! Jorgan! I have an assighment for you two..." The Henchmen Twins, as they were called, nodded. They never said much, but they could speak a little. They were also loyal to their boss, because whatever he told them to do, they'd do it.

Logan asked, "Wha' do ya need, boss?" Bonty smiled. "I'm glad you asked..."

DrPhil2501 06-04-2007 06:01 AM

Sazan smiled as he saw Lyna. "Cade and I are in the middle of a training session. Although, I do suppose we two could have a spa together to practice your skills."

Sazan switched off his Lightsaber. "You may begin!"

"Don't hurt me too much, Honso!" Cade smiled at Lyna. "I'm too brittle!"

SkywalkerRules 06-04-2007 08:03 AM

"Yeah? Well, honey..." she stood in Soresu stance. "We're gonna see about that!" Lyna Force jumped in the air, and flipped forward. As she was flying towards Cade, their blades clashed together. She fought with every strength she had.

When their lightsabers were together, Lyna replied. "You fight well, Skywalker. For a bounty hunter!" She laughed.

Darth Kalverys 06-04-2007 08:55 AM

"I thought you said he was here, Barbosa." Will said.

"That be what my informant said." Barbosa replied.

"Oh really... and who might that be?" Elizabeth asked.

Barbosa's eyes widened, it wasn't her place to question him. Now that she asked, he knew he had to answer, because her husband would be asking about it too.

"My informant be a Bounty Hunter on Dantooine." Barbosa replied.

"The one day in ten years that I can walk on land... you have the wrong person!" Will said, and then took Elizabeth to his ship.

DrPhil2501 06-04-2007 07:39 PM

"Bounty Hunter?" Cade made a rappid spinning attack against his opponent. "I sure ain't no bounty hunter. Although, that does sound like a good line of work for me!"

((Question: In this part of the RP, was this the time before the Massacre, when Cade was Fourteen? Or is this after the Massacre when Cade bacame a Pirate?))

SkywalkerRules 06-04-2007 07:57 PM

((This is based on 137 ABY, when Cade's a 21 year old Pirate. Sorry if I confused ya, PK. :) ))

"Ha! Try dancing for the audience! Like I did!" Lyna said, joking. She dodged a few lightsaber blows. When they got seperated, Lyna deactivated her lightsaber, and placed her hands on her hips. Deep in her mind, she wanted to play a trick she learned as a slave girl.

Lyna circles around Cade, with her gleaming eyes focused on his. "Did I ever tell you that... you maybe greater than any Jedi?" She came close to his ear. "Or Sith?" Her plan was totally working. Or so she thought it was...

DrPhil2501 06-04-2007 08:11 PM

"No!" Cade added, pulling a quick mischievious grin while doing a sider flip attack. "But I don't consider myself as "great", 'cause I'm sure there are a lot of Jedi out there who are better than me!" Cade clashed blades. "Nor am I Sith. Don't think black suits me... except for my coat!"

SkywalkerRules 06-04-2007 08:25 PM

Lyna Force jumped forward, turned, and clashed her lightsaber with Cade's. "Darn, that trick works on every guy! He's good." She smiled, Force pushing Cade against the wall. "Well... I agree with ya, Cade. But... I kind of feel anger growing inside you. Be careful of that."

Cyan jumped up in excitment, and squealed. Lyna laughed. "Thanks, girl! Ready or not, Cade... here I come!" Lyna ran to Cade for another attack, raising her lightsaber.

Jedi Atomic 06-05-2007 02:24 PM

Ganner opens the door casually, as if nothing is going on. He stopped and watched Lyna and Cade duel until he coudn't wait anymore, "Lyna, theres a man outside the building asking for you. He says hes here to give you something. Oh and in private."

SkywalkerRules 06-05-2007 03:31 PM

Lyna stopped the duel. She looked at her friend, Ganner, and narrowed her eyes, confusingly. "Thanks, Ganner. I'll be out in just a minute." When she walked outside alone, she noticed the ship quickly...

It was the Crazy Bantha circus ship! And she knew what that meant. Zam was here! "No. No!" Lyna screamed in horror. How did he find her? Suddenly, Logan and Jorgan grabbed her, both at her side.

"Let me go, you stupid overgrown lizards!" As Lyna was struggling, she asked, "Where's your boss? Huh?!" A voice answered, "Right here, my dear..." Bonty came out of his ship, and laughed coldly. "Thought you could run from me, Lyna? Well... ya didn't succeed."

Lyna glared at her former ringleader... and master. "Help! Someone help!!" she yelled for the others. Cyan oversaw what was happening. She was in shock. The little binjinphant ran back to the Temple, and caught up with Cade and the others. Cyan grabbed Cade's trench coat with her teeth, to make him follow her.

(( During this situation, Bonty's gonna talk "business" with the Jedi, before anything happens. Just to remind you guys. :D ))

DrPhil2501 06-06-2007 01:43 AM

"Woah! This coat is DRY-CLEAN-ONLY, ya' stupid, litlle racoon!" Cade hissed at Lyna's pet, she commonly called Cyan.

But Cyan didn't listen and led Cade out of the exterior of the Temple, near the entrance. Cade hid behind a pillar to see at least two men had grabbed Lyna by the wrists. One cold-sort of a man was speaking to Lyna.

Cade reached for his Lightsaber clipped to his belt, and sliently, climbed atop of the pillar. There he saw a birds-eye view of the aggresive conversation. Cade made a jump flip down, activated his Lightsaber, landed right behind Zam, and raised the glowing blade right near his throat.

"So, is there an explanation of why your buddies here are flirting with death by clamping their dirty hands on my friend here?" he whispered in the man's ear.

SkywalkerRules 06-06-2007 08:30 AM

Lyna was overjoyed. "Cade!" Zam didn't look concerned when the lightaber was near his throat. "Cade? Now where did I hear that name before..." he recalled that he saw a picture of the young man by the name of Cade Skywalker.

"Ah. Now I remember. Cade Skywalker. Former Jedi. Now... to answer your question..." he smiled. "The reason why have my boys grab her is because... she's my slave girl. And she belongs to my circus." Lyna looked down ashamed.

Bonty could tell the look on her face. He grinned. "Oh. Ya didn't tell him, sweetie?"

DrPhil2501 06-06-2007 11:56 PM

"hmmm... is that so?" Cade grinned. "Well you should know something. Do you know what the average temperature of a Lightsaber is?"

Cade waited for an answer, the blade still glowing near Zam's throat.

"No? You don't know? It is apporoximatly 4000 degrees celcius. You see, the Lens fixture is used for keeping it's heat radiation stable, but only slightly. Because once you hold it near the skin for some amount of time, it burns through it. Similar to putting your hand near a candel but much worse!"

He could see the worry in Zam's eyes.

"I figure you've got about two minutes until my Lightsaber burns through your throat, unless of coarse, you un-hand Lyna?"

SkywalkerRules 06-07-2007 07:58 AM

Bonty couldn't take it no more. "All right, All right! Logan! Jorgan! Let her go." The two Noghri twins let Lyna go. With irritation, she Force pushed the two into a tree. Then she ran to Cade. "Thanks for saving me, Cade."

The ringleader tried to be calm as he could. "Now... could you let me go? Then we can discuss this situation?" he asked worringly.

DrPhil2501 06-07-2007 08:07 AM

"On two conditions!" Cade added. "Leave this place and never return. Second, you are to leave my friend alone and never touch her again, nor see her. Because if you do, I'll kill you myself!"

Cade raised the blade of the Lightsaber near Bonty's ear. "Consider this as your warning!" he cut off the man's ear. This was probably unnecasary, but to Cade, it was a way of insurance. He didn't want anything to happen to Lyna, he cared too much for the girl... as a friend...

SkywalkerRules 06-07-2007 09:51 AM

"AHHHH!!!" Bonty screamed in agony, when his ear was cut off. This dude was not having a good day. His henchmen helped him to the ship, as they were near it, he yelled to them, "Get off me!!" He glared at Lyna. "You still belong to my circus, Lyna! I took care of you! But noooo! You're a spolied, pathetic brat!"

Lyna's eyes were raged with tears. "You promised me my freedom, you black hearted scum! You promised-" "I promised you nothing... slave." Bonty said, locking his eyes towards Lyna's. The young girl was furious. Once again, she Force pushed Logan and Jorgan out of the way, ran to the ringleader and...

Scratched him on the right side of his face clean! There was a big scar on it, and he yelled out in pain. "You little...!" Bonty said. His last words were, "I shoulda left you on the streets, Jedi brat!" As he stormed to his ship, he kicked his henchmen. "Lets go!!"

They got on the ship, and flew off into space. Lyna stared up in tears, then slowly looked at her hand, which was covered with blood. She fell on the ground, kneeling. Then closed her eyes. "I am not a brat. I am a Jedi!!!" She bowed her head, and cried. It started to rain, but she didn't care. She kept crying, wishing that her mom was here.

Jedi Atomic 06-07-2007 10:34 PM

Oooooh. Ganner looked at Lyna scrathing her across his face. Thenas the ship took off and she started kneeling most likely crying in her hands. He ran up to her along side Cade. "You O.K., Lyna?" kneeling down next to her putting his hand on her shoulder.

SkywalkerRules 06-07-2007 10:43 PM

Lyna lowered her hands on her lap, but kept looking down. "N-no," Lyna sobbed. "I just... I just wish my mom was here!" She continued to cry. The rain kept pouring and lightning thundered the sky.

This was probably the worst thing that she had done in her entire life.

DrPhil2501 06-08-2007 03:32 AM

(wow. Zam's definatly not having a good day: ear cut, scratched in the face, henchmen being forced pushed into trees. As if things couldn't get any worse for him :lol: )

Cade raised his head up in the sky and let the rain pour on his face. It was quite cold. He took his jacket off and wrapped it around Lyna.

"C'mon, lets get you inside, before the storm gets any worse." he smiled, as he put his arm around the back of her neck. She had a hard day.


Darth Nihl looked out of the large window of the bridge on his flagship. He stared into the blackness of space and admiring the spectacular scene of a nebula.

Cade Skywalker was still alive out there. The last time they dueled, the victory was handed over to Cade. It was time to get even with him...

SkywalkerRules 06-08-2007 07:58 AM

Lyna got up, and placed Cade's coat around her tightly. When they got back in the Academy, she sat in front of the fireplace, and stared at it silently. Lyna was too upset... and afraid. "I won't go back, I wont go back, I won't go back," she kept repeating in her head.

She sniffed, and wiped a tear away. Cyan came by her master and rested her head on Lyna's lap. Lyna looked down at Cyan, and smiled faintly.


As Bonty flew his ship, he grumbled, "She and that so-called Jedi. They both should suffer for what they did to me! I gave Lyna a chance... but she blew it." Suddenly, something came up on his screen. It read:


Zam knew it was Darth Nihl's. All of a sudden, his ship was caught in a tractor beam. "Awww, shoot! What does he want now?!"

DrPhil2501 06-08-2007 08:47 AM

Darth Nihl walked down the metal tiles of the bridge towards the man in charge of security, who was infront of a terminal.

"Interogate them!" Nihl ordered coldly. The Head of Security obeyed without question, and ordered aditional Troops to bring in Zam and his crew.

"I have questions for them..."


"I'm gonna go look for Wolf, tell him what's happened." Cade was about to exit the door. "You gonna' be okay, Lyna?" he wondered.

SkywalkerRules 06-08-2007 08:56 AM

Lyna looked back at Cade, when he was about to exit. She smiled and nodded. "Y-yeah. I'll be fine. Oh, and Cade? Thanks." She slowly got up, ran to him, and wrapped her arms around him. Tears came out of her eyes when she closed them.

"I'm glad I have a friend like you. Plus Ganner, Shado, and the others," she said, chuckling. Lyna smiled. "You're a true hero, Cade."


Bonty and his henchmen were thrown in the room. "Hey! Watch it, fool!" He wiped his circus suit, and took off his top hat. "Darth Nihl! Heh-heh. Long time long see!" He smiled nervously.

DrPhil2501 06-08-2007 09:09 AM

Nihl didn't smile back, nor was he pleased to see Zam.

"I am curious as to know why you are missing an ear. Along with a big striking wound running down your face..."

He reached for his Lightsaber Cane. "You will answer everything I am going to ask. My master will finds this information somewhat useful of the whereabouts of Skywalker..."

He hit the long hilt against Zam's face.


Cade was walking the empty corridors of the Jedi Praxeum. His search for Wolf was starting to end in failure, but he chose to not give up.

He suddenly felt a rush of disturbance through the force. Something was outside the Praxeum. He ran to the main entrance of the academy, and exited through the large doorway. He breathed in the fresh air around Ossus. The storm was gone, but there were a few droplets of rain pouring from the night of the sky.

He suddenly spotted a figure in the distance. Though it was dark, Cade could see it was the outline of Wolf. The figure walked into the jungle. What was he doing? Cade followed.

SkywalkerRules 06-08-2007 09:35 AM

As Lyna sat in front of the fireplace, she felt sleepy. All of a sudden, she heard a voice. "Lyna..." The young woman's eyes shot open, and she looked around. "Hello? Is somebody there?" No answer. Lyna felt scared of being by herself. But at least Cyan was here with her.

She got up, and went up the stairs, followed by Cyan. The others were somewhere else, but she was curious of who called her. When she looked into the dark, Lyna laughed sheepishly to herself. "Must be outta my mind," she said to herself.

But when Lyna turned around... she saw a short man, with a humpback, long gray hair, torn clothes, and a cane, standing there! Lyna screamed, and backed away. "Who are you!" The short old man shushed her. "Do not be afraid, Lyna Honso. I am Gorto Cano. An old friend of your real parents."

Lyna's eyes widened. "M-my real parents? But... how can that be?" "When you were a small child, I use to work for your parents. Ha! Those two crazy kids were always into trouble."

Then, Gorto's face turned serious. "You must understand this, Lyna... that the reason your parents were criminals was because that they never had money, and they needed a way to survive." Lyna sat down on the stairs. "But... couldn't they find a job?" Gorto shook his head. "No one ever accepted them, because they were poor."

Gorto sighed. "I was their helper, always instructing them on where to get the big cash, ya know? Huh. I found the job interesting myself." Lyna looked down, while Cyan was hiding on the side of her. "Oh. I understand now." Gorto smiled kindly. "Here. This is a holodisc they recorded for you. Keep it with you."

He got up. "And may the Force be with you." Suddenly, he vanished. Lyna could tell that he was a ghost. "And may the Force be with you too." She looked at the disc, and sighed.


Bonty was so pleased with himself. Finally, he could have payback on both the Jedi. He replied, "Ooooh! You're tryin' to find Skywalker! Oh yeah. I know where that so-called Jedi's at. I totally do."

DrPhil2501 06-09-2007 06:10 AM

"Then you shall tell me, if "you totally do"..." Nihl smiled coldly. "As you already know, I am eager to learn of the wherabouts of "that so-called-jedi!"... Now, where is he?"


Cade followed Wolf through the jungle, still curious as to know what he was doing. He wondered whether he was following Wolf at all, like it could've been another person. Shado, maybe? Or perhaps was it a hallucination? He had recently ridded his addiction to Death Sticks...

"ah, death sticks... NO! You are on the patch, so don't think about Death Sticks!" Cade told himself. "You know what those things can do to you!"

SkywalkerRules 06-09-2007 07:21 AM

Lyna, sitting in front of the fireplace, stared at the holodisc. Was she dreaming? The young woman said to Cyan, "If this is real... maybe I should take a look at this holodisc. Or later." Cyan licked Lyna's hand. The young woman laughed. "Well... maybe later."

She wondered if Cade and the others were ok. If something happened... she'd be there. Lyna placed the holodisc in her bag.


"Ok, ok. Ya ready?" Bonty said, more excitedly. "He's on Ossus, with some other Jedi. Ya know, where the Massacre occured. Also, I wanna have payback on what they did to me!" He glared. "Skywalker's the one who cutted off my ear, and my former slave girl, who's also a Jedi, scratched me on my wonderful face!"

DrPhil2501 06-10-2007 02:09 AM

"Ossus?" Nihl's ears were enlightened with curiosity as to why Skywalker was over at Ossus. "There is nothing but the remains of the Jedi Praxeum left over from the Massacre. What could he and his companions be doing there?"


Cade had lost all sense of direction from the surrounding Jungle and wild-life.

"Oh, man! I am so freakin' lost!" he spun around in circles. He lost track of Shado, but all he could here in the background was the loud rushing water. He followed the noise.

As he was rushing his way through the jungle, he could still here water. It was getting closer and much louder.

He made a halt near a river bank which ended near a large waterfall. In the distance of the waterfall, he could see the figure he was chasing. It definatly wasn't Wolf. Or Shado. Or anybody he could remember...

((Oh, man! I immediatly regret what I have just done with Cade, making him follow that figure through the jungle. 'Cause I have no idea what could happen next. Hey, SR! Just out of curiousity, what is the plot of this RP. Not in terms of this is about Cade and trying to defeat the Sith or anything like that, but what is this story going to introduce? Say for example He finds a special gun to destroy the Sith. I suppose the most easiest way to put this is: what are we doing? :lol: ))

SkywalkerRules 06-10-2007 06:37 AM

((Ok. Cade is trying to fight the dark side, but it keeps gripping him. If he turns to the dark side, he'll become a Sith. But Lyna, and the others, are trying to keep him in the Light side of the Force as much as they can. Especially Lyna.
And also, the main point is: If Cade's heart chooses to follow his Legacy... or the Dark Side. That's why I called it Heart of the Legacy. :D Maybe you could say that... the figure is trying to lure him to the dark side. If ya want to.))

Bonty shrugged. "Who knows. Maybe they're training there secretly... and planning on how to overthrow you guys. But hey, I'm on your side!" He smiled, as if he won a big cash.


As Lyna was meditating near the fireplace, she felt a disturbance in the Force. In her mind, she could picture Cade in a dark suit. ((not Darth Vader's)) His eyes were glowing yellow, and he carried a red bladed lightsaber. As he was killing all the Jedi, including Shado, Wolf, and Ganner, he tries to persuade Lyna on joining the dark side.

But Lyna refuses, and tries to bring him back to the light. Cade shows no mercy, and impales the blade through her chest. Waking up from the nightmare, Lyna screams out, "NOOOO!!!" She looks around, startled. And noticed about Cade. "Cade," she whispered.

Lyna picked up Cyan and ran for the entrance. As she got there, she tried to contact him through the Force. "Cade? Can you hear me?"

DrPhil2501 06-10-2007 07:04 AM

((... Okay, I think I got the idea. Thanks SR :) ))

Cade heard Lyna's voice. He spun around to look behind him. No one was there. What was going on? Then he realised, the echoes of Lyna's voice somehow were transmitted through the Force. She was trying to communicate to him Telepathically. How was that even possible?

"Err... yeah! I can hear you! How are you doing that Lyna?" Cade responded, concentrating his thoughts through the Force.

((I have an Idea! Why not there be a Force bond between Lyna and Cade? It would seem more appropriate, and could explain the Telepathic communication between each other :anvil: ))

SkywalkerRules 06-10-2007 05:08 PM

((That's a great idea, PK! Oh, and about the plot... you're very welcome :) ))

Lyna looked confused herself. "I... I don't know. Maybe... it's some kind of Force bond. But... where are you? Are you all right?"

Lyna started to get worried about Cade. The thought she had about him was haunting her, and Lyna tried to forget that nightmare about him becoming a Sith.

DrPhil2501 06-11-2007 02:50 AM

Cade was confused. "What the heck is a Force Bond?" he asked himself. There was time for questions later.

"I'm fine. I'm following someone in the jungle, and it is definatly not Wolf..."

Cade walked to the dark figure. It was a human man, dressed in a black cloak and had tattoos al over his face. He smiled as he faced Cade.

"I'm glad you have come, Cade Skywalker! I have been expecting you" the man spoke.

"How do you know my name?" Cade wondered. "And I am expected?"

"Of coarse!" The man responded. "I know a lot about you. I know for certain your path will be filled with peril and deception. A path on which you will fall to the dark side..."

"Hey, make sense man!" Cade shot angrily. "Who are you?"

"My name is Seraph! And I am from the future..."

Cade looked stumped at what he heard.

"Yeah? If you're really from the future, than... who won the Grand Podracing Tournament in Aquilaris a few months from now?" Cade queried.

"I don't have time for this, Skywalker. And besides, O'Rallio Kahn won by 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Wasn't it obvious?"

"I suppose not... what do you want?"

"I came here to give you something..." Seraph held in his hand somekind of crystal. It was milky white, and emmited some sort of glow. He placed it in Cade's hand.

"I give you the Guardian Crystal. This artifact is to help you keep your balance in the Force. It also holds a power greatly unimaginable, as it exploits the power of both your Light and Dark side allignment. But becareful when using it!"

Cade looked at the crystal. It glowed even brighter.

"Err... thanks!" He put it in his pouch.

"It will make an excelent focus for your Lightsaber. Now, I must return... becareful Skywalker!" Seraph pulled out a small, black device and pressed the button in the center.

A blinding flash emmited from the device and Seraph vanished into thin air.

"Wait!" Cade called out, but it was too late. He decided it was time to return back to the Praxeum. "Man, that was weird!"

SkywalkerRules 06-11-2007 06:08 AM

Lyna kissed Cyan on the forehead. "Ok, girl. Do your stuff." Cyan squealed. Then ran towards the jungle, sniffing. As Lyna followed her, she thought about that connection. "I have got to learn about these new Force powers..." she thought to herself. And as for the disturbance... it was gone. Lyna sighed in relief.

Suddenly, she and Cyan found Cade. "Cade! Oh, thank goodness!" The young woman ran to him. "Man, I was getting worried! But... I can see that you're okay now. What happened?" Cyan climbed up on her master's head, exhausted from running.

DrPhil2501 06-12-2007 08:55 PM

Cade was glad to see Lyna, after his rather strange experience.

"Uhh... long story!" Cade said simply. "'C'mon, lets head back to the Praxeum!"

He walked with Lyna through the jungle, following the trail in a reversed form to lead him back.

"How did you speak to me through the Force?" Cade was still confused about what had happened earlier. "It's strange, when you think about it. When I'm kilometers away from the Temple, and you still being able to communicate with me. I even felt your emotion. You were afraid, worried even..."

SkywalkerRules 06-12-2007 09:49 PM

Lyna glanced at Cade. Then turned her ahead down. "'s this Force called Force bond. Now I remember. My mom taught me that Force bond is a special kind of connection between two Force-sensitive people. When they're bonded, one pain can reflect on the other, and if one grows in strength, the other grows in strength as well."

She turned back to Cade. "I was worried that you might've gotten hurt. And... the reason why I was afraid was because..." Lyna shook her head, and tried to wipe the tears. "Was because I had a dream. I dreamt that you were a Sith, killing many Jedi. Inculding Ganner, Shado, and Wolf. Then you tried to persaude me on going to the dark side."

The thought of it kept frightening Lyna. "I refused, and... you killed me." She covered her eyes with her hand. "I can't forget those horrible eyes you had. They were yellow... and evil."

DrPhil2501 06-13-2007 04:31 AM

Cade stopped, and turned to Lyna. Both hands on her shoulders.

"Listen to me. I will never hurt or kill you! I will never betray you, and I most certainly wont fall to the darkside!"

He wiped away a tear from Lyna's eye.

"Thats a promise! We're buds, no matter what!" he hugged her and kissed her on the forehead.

He continued walking back to the Praxeum, a question on his mind. "By the way, how do you think such a bond was forged?"

SkywalkerRules 06-13-2007 08:20 AM

Lyna scratched her head, thinking about the question Cade just asked. "Well... Force bonds are usually formed slowly, and it lets the two Force-sensitive people that are bonded grow together and understand each other, also linking their destinies together."

She smiled. "I guess... me you understand each others pain. And we both have a destiny." Lyna began to blush. "I'm not much of a teacher, but... my mom taught me these Force powers when I was little." She could see the Praxeum a little bit.


Bonty grinned. "I could lead you to Skywalker. And the other Jedi. Because if they gather more Jedi in the future, you guys won't have a "Sith Empire" no more. The Jedi will be reborn again. So... what do ya say?"

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