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Fredi 06-17-2007 09:28 PM

Star Wars:The Imperial knights
Star Wars: The Imperial knights

Imperial Knights:
Shan Viala- Lord Spitfire
Herrith Clouwynn- Marauder's Fury
Frederick Hernán- The Padawan
Arvil Naskin-Anakin34
Crowlis Zionosis- Master Zionosis

If you wish to join here is our back stage call >>

130 ABY. The Galactic Empire is in war against the New Sith Order, they are in control of Coruscant and a great number of Stormtroopers. The Emperor, Roan Fel has sent us in numerous missions, We Imperial Knights are loyal to the emperor and we will fight and die for him.
The sith's have prepare to attack Ord Mantell and have mobilize stardestroyers under way to Ord Mantell, Imperial Knights Frederick Hernán and Herrith Clouwynn have been send to protect The Jubilee Wheel , a space station in Ord Mandell wile Imperial Knight Shan Viala has been place in charge of an army with Moff Atarken to protect the planet.

Imperial Knight's Frederick Hernán and Herrith Clouwynn are arriving to the station with they’re Predator-class fighters.

"Here Imperial knight Frederick Hernán and Herrith Clouwynn awaiting the stations permit"- I said

"Permission granted, welcome general Hernán and general Clouwynn"- A station operator responded

"Thank you"- I said

As we entered the station, we where been awaited by the Captain in charge of the station captain Hekil Blen.

"Generals welcome aboard The Jubilee Wheel station, please fallow me to the council chamber"-Hekil Blen said

We then fallowed him to the chamber where we will discus the plans for the defense of the planet and the station

"We have in these station 70 Predator-class fighters general, ready for combat and well trained plus 30 men inside the station for protection"-Hekil Blen said

“Good, you and I can take charge of the internal defenses while Herrith can take charge of the Predator-class fighters, what do you think Herrith?" - I said

Marauder's Fury 06-17-2007 10:10 PM

"With pleasure," Herrith replied. He seemed unusually calm today, pleased to be put in charge of fighters. Front line battles were just his element.

Fredi 06-17-2007 10:38 PM

"Good, we are set then"- I said

“Yes"-He said as a message by hologram paired in the chamber.

"Sir, Enemy ships will reach Ord Mantell in 2 hours"- a soldier informed

"Let's get ready, our Stardestroyers are positioned for defense"- I said

“Who are the admirals?"-Hekil Blen said

"Admiral Yen Gir from Bastion and Admiral Rel Onad from Bakura"- I said

"Admiral Onad? We are good friend, I will communicate with him when ever I am possible, Now let's get ready"-Hekil Blen said as we leave the chamber

We then leaved the room and headed first to the command center.

"Hmmm we are well positioned, Herrith I think you should go and get ready, see you later and maybe I would join you in battle too, Herrith please be very careful out there"- I said

Marauder's Fury 06-17-2007 11:03 PM

"I will."

Herrith headed out to inspect the perimeter and set the fighters ready. He has been on Ord Mantell on numerous occasions but wasn't familiar with anyone among the troops. "I hope they did not hand me over a bunch of moisture farmers," he thought.

Fighters appeared to be in good condition and ready for battle. The station was well positioned to allow the fleet to break any wide formation easily. This would be a skirmish of small-sized fighters, not of Star Destroyers.

The Sith should bring a great many fighters to breach this defense.

Herrith set off to brief his squadron leaders.

Fredi 06-18-2007 03:37 PM

"Open a hologram to contact Admiral Yen Gir from "The Blocker" and Admiral Rel Onad from "The Shadow Cloud""- I said to a officer of the station.

"Yes sir"-He responded as he opened the link for the communication.

"Admiral Onad and Admiral Gir this is Imperial Knight Frederick Hernán informing that we are ready for battle"- I informed the Admirals

"Good, my soldiers are ready and so dose "The Shadow Cloud""-Admiral Onad responded

"We are ready too"-Admiral Gir notified

"Then we will await , monitors indicate that the Sith's will arrive at Ord Mantell in 1 and a half hour , Imperial Knight Herrith Clouwynn have been placed in charge of the outer station defense with Predator-class fighters"-I reported

"My Predator-class fighter squadron is been commanded by Captain Jurrel Kip"- Admiral Gir said

“My squadron in been commanded by Captain Jon Crux , great pilot, my squadron will join Herrith's squadron in case the station needs extra protection"-Admiral Onad informed

"Great, let’s prepare, I will contact Impearial Knight Shan Viala in Ord Mantell, who is in charge of the defenses in the planet"-I said

"Good, we will do our best"-Admiral Gir said as his hologram shuted down

"So do I"-Admiral Onad said as his hologram shuted down too

"Officer, Inform Imperial Knight Herrith Clouwynn about the extra help of "The Shadow Cloud" squadron"-I commanded

I will contact Shan later; let’s see the complete defenses of this station.

Marauder's Fury 06-19-2007 03:14 PM

Herrith was surprised that the entire fleet was operating as one single squadron. There were no high-ranking officials.

"Now I understand why they say 'crazy Ord Mantell farmers'," Herrith murmured. "That is not the way to wage war. Got to make some organizing around here."

Herrith gathered the pilots. Most of them were too young, and others were old. Their courage was obvious, but so was their inexperience. "Sigh... those boys look real green. It will sadden me to see them blown up one by one."

"I will need two veterans. We will divide the fleet into three squadrons and I will lead one myself, while my two lieutenants will lead the others. I have no time to check your records, so you better be careful when picking."

Two young men stood forth.

"Lt. Geerte, at your service. I've been serving as a lieutenant for two standard years in the squadron."

"Lt. Vaeral, at your service, commander. Been serving as a lieutenant for three standard years."

"Geerte and Vaeral, then. The enemy will be at bay soon. We do not have much time. Let us go over the plan and get ready for the battle."


"Vaeral, you will command the left wing and engage the enemy aggressively. Geerte, you will lead the right wing and assume defensive position. We will proceed as--Clouwynn here. Understood. Tell Crux to get ready for a possible charge. In case these freshmen get scattered, I will need experienced pilots to answer my rally call so the others can figure out where to position."

Herrith proceeded with the brief. He could easily sense the dark aura now. The enemy was approaching.

Fredi 06-24-2007 10:21 PM

I did sense the dark side approach but it was predicted that the enemy will arrive to the planet in 2 hours; I decided to transmit a message to the planet.

“Officer open hologram to communicate our forces in the planet”- I commanded.
“Yes, sir”-The officer did as I said.

Then from the table the hologram opened, there was an official in the image.

“Where is the Imperial Knight Shan?”-I said
“Sir, He has not arrived”-The officer responded
“What?”-I said “How he dares to not show up?, how is command right now?”-I said
“I am sir, Hert Yen at you’re services, Imperial Officer from here sir, Ord Matell and proud server of the emperor and the empire”-He said
“Ok, you will be in command Officer, hope you are good because we cannot afford to lose this planet or this station, do you understand officer Yen?”- I said firmly
“Yes,sir I will report any progress or any problem directly to you”- he said
“Good if not me do to my fellow Imperial Knight Herrith Clouwynn,As soon as we Believe that the station will be safe we will head down to help in the planet”-I said
“Yes, Sir .Good bye”-He said
“Good bye”-I responded

I then sensed the dark side

“What the ..?”-I said
“Start the shield and send all the fighters the enemy is very close, I can sense it “-I commanded
“Inform Herrith”- I added
“Yes , Sir”-The officer of the station said.

Marauder's Fury 06-25-2007 04:11 AM

"Sir! Enemy fleet arriving in approximately 30 minutes. Signals strong. Around 200 fighter-class ships identified as Sith Starfighters and ten capital-class battleships detected. Awaiting your orders, Sir!"

"Here they are. Assume positions immediately! Since they will outnumber us, we will have to keep them as close to the bay as possible so we can make effective use of turrets. I will contact the command center in the meantime. Prepare for a report delivery in ten minutes."

Herrith went on to inform the command center.

"My troops will be ready in minutes. How are your preparations going? ... Fair enough. I have been informed that the enemy will arrive in half an hour with 200 fighters. Our position would outweigh their quantitative advantages, but there is no telling which surprises the Force has in store for us, so be ready for everything. Any word of Shan? ... Darn it! Hope he is not in danger. It would be good to have around right now. ... Yes, I know our friends are the Sith. May the Force be our ally."

Herrith then contacted his squadron leaders. There was nothing wrong with reports, yet Herrith was sensing an unrest in the air. a disturbance in the Force.

Fredi 07-01-2007 01:01 PM

“Sir, ally fighter wishes to enter the station”- My officer said
“Huh? Who is it?”-I said
“Is Imperial Knight Crowlis Zionosis”- He Said
“Let him at once, he is a great friend of mine. Tell him to report here to the command center”- I said
“Yes, Sir”- The officer said
“At least more help”- Hekil Blen said
“Yes”- I responded
“Tell Herrith Clouwynn to take his ships out of the station and be already in position, how much time he have?”-I said
“Approximated 27 minutes sir”-He informed
“Ok,Inform that order I gave you officer activate the shield, prepare you’re man here in the station and bring Crowlis. Captain Hekil,I would ask you and you’re family to leave the station and go to the planet, it more safe for you and you’re family.”-I said
“I will stay here, but take my wife and daughter to Ord Mantell in my private shuttle with 3 soldiers”-He asked me
“Yes sir, Execute the order officer”-I said to another officer in the command center.

Master Zionosis 07-01-2007 02:47 PM

"General Hernán, General Crowlis has just reported onto the bridge"- Hekil Blen said

Frederick Hernán turned towards Crowlis looking more relieved that his good friend had arrived on the station.

"Frederick my friend, i was on a mission with Arvil, he went down to the planets surface, he told me of the situation here and thought i would come and help, i was told you wanted to speak with me"- I said

Fredi 07-05-2007 03:05 PM

“Welcome Crowlis, we need all the help we can get…. Let’s prepare the enemy is almost here.”-I said

I then went to table opened a hologram to talk with the commanders in the Ord Matell.

“Officer Hert Yen you and you’re forces will be under the command of Imperial Knight Arvil Naskin which must be by now right there.”- I said

“Yes sir, he is right here and it will be a pleasure to serve under his command.” Hert said

“Good prepare for the enemy to arrive, they will arrive in minutes”-I commanded

“Yes sir I will inform Master Naskin”- Hert said

Then I closed the hologram walked to the command center along side with Crowlis and said “Shields On!”

“Yes sir”-A Officer responded

“Hekil take Crowlis to his man.” I said

“Yes, Fallow me knight”-Hekil said

“All turrents defenses activated sir”-another officer said

“Good inform our ships to leave hangar right now and tell the Admiral Yen Gir and Admiral Rel Onad to prepare for enemy contact”- I said

“Yes sir”-my right hand officer said

“Sir, Enemy has arrived….”-My officer said.

Reclaimer 07-05-2007 09:33 PM

Voltare stood on the bridge of his ship, The Infinity, a freshly produced Star Destroyer from Kuat Ship Yards. Behind Voltare, two more Destroyers follow, in triangle formation. Admiral Dustane and Ross chime in on the comm unit.

"Sir, our scanners report seven enemy vessels, and numerous fighters." says Dustane.

"We confirm that, sir. Orders?" asks Ross.

Voltare still stands, looking out the view port. In the distance, the Sith Destroyers lie, waiting. Voltare looks at his commanding officer, and nods. The officer salutes, then yells to the bridge crew.

"All weapons to full alert! Have the fighters sent out at once. Raise shields to maximum, and prepare for enemy assault!"

Like a machine, the fighters from all three Star Destroyers pour out at once, and link up into their respectful squadrons. One by one, they report all green lights. The Predator Ties were making their way to the enemy.

Voltare once again turns to his first officer.

"Order the fleet to break off."

"Sir?" asks an astonished officer.

"Tell them to break off. We're a bigger target together, and it will give us a better attack position." Voltare explains.

"Understood sir. Vox, Resist, break off formation and assume defensive flanking positions."

"Copy that. Vox out."

"Understood, Resist out."

The Destroyers break off, and just then, the radar officer jumps up.

"Sirs! We're in firing range!" He yells.

"Open fire. Fire all torpedoes, sections A1 through M1 now. Get those ships out of the air." orders the first officer.

The weapons from all three Star Destroyers emerge, forming almost one huge weapon discharge, and hits the closest Sith ship. Its shields flicker, then drop. Another wave of torpedoes ends it engulfed in flames. The remaining six Sith ships begin to move on the fleet. Meanwhile, the two side's fighters meet in the middle, errupting in a mix of lasers and missiles.

Voltare walks over to the comm center, and opens a link to station below.

"We were just in the neighborhood, and thought you might need a hand."

Fredi 08-20-2007 07:40 PM

The message arrived to Frederick

“Thanks, he need some help, the admirals are o they’re way for backup”- Frederick said

“Sir, message from Bastion”- The admiral said

“Open the link admiral”- Frederick said as he looked at the visual, a Imperial Knight from bastion came out.

“Knight Hernán, more Imperial Knights are on the way, they are Knight Nalan Cron and Knight Savako Taraa’ka, they where in Arkania they are on the way soon they will arrive”- Knight Tov Kiip said

“Yes, sir, the defense is in process soon I will leave a complete attack to the planet if our planet defenses fail”- Frederick said as he closed the link.

((Occ:Have fun people))

Arcesious 08-20-2007 08:25 PM

Nalan Arrived first in his personnal ship, a heavily modified Basilisk War Droid.
"Imperial Knight Nalan Cron reporting for duty sir." Nalan said on his comlink to the station.
"Welcome Knight Nalan. We have enemy ships incoming. Assume position for the front lines of our fleet." Ordered Frederick.
"Yes sir." Acknowlaged Nalan, smoothly easing his ship into position on the front lines. His ship's armor gleaming, he powered up his shields and an unusually large array of rapid-fire turbolaser cannons for a small Basilisk War Droid. his ship had no disadvatages, only that his ship's weapons only fired forward, and he had a large blindspot at his main hyperdrive engine, and that due to his slightly oversized weapons-array, he had minimal armor. His only major advantage were the many weapons he had and the specialized engines system that provided more manueverability than most fighters of his ship's size.
Enemy Fighters were barely visible on the horizon as tiny, silver dots. Nalan tightly gripped his ship's conrols, his thumbs only a milimeter away from being able to press the small black buttons that would fire his weapons...

Weave 08-20-2007 08:34 PM

"Sir, We will be arrive to our destination shortly," The Imperial soldier saluted as he spoke.

Savako nodded, "Very well..."

The trooper gave a quick nod and then saluted once more before heading towards the dormitory section of the ship. Their ship was a cargo freighter... for casual purposes while on Arkania. No one wants a full-fledged Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit around their planet now do they?

That was irrelevant though... Savako and Nalan Cron had felt a disturbance coming while they were on Arkania... luckily, this feeling turned out to be the current space battle over Ord Mantel.

Savako swiftly moved past filing troops, who were preparing for battle, and made his way up to the cockpit.

"Pilot!" The Arkanian shouted, "Dock with the nearest Star Destroyer... keep us out of the enemie's sights."

"Aye Aye,"

Arcesious 08-21-2007 08:52 AM

Nalan ran a status check. all system were online. the enmy ships appeared to be getting ever closer.
Nalan prepared to activate some of his secret weapons... his ship esitmated for himt hat only a few minutes would remain efore the fighters got into firing range...
He unlocked his missile racks and extended his ship's wings forward, the hidden extra engines he had built into his wings becoming visible. He powered them up. He could esaily go engage the enemy fighters in an instant, but he had to await the orders of the higher ranking imperial knights.

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