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EdwardL 07-01-2007 05:55 PM

Hardpoint help.
I'm new to the editing of XWA. But before I start with making a ship or two, I'd like to have something. A list of the Hardpoints functions. Meaning, a list of what is said in OPTech and a description of each, because I don't know what Gunner means or DockingPoint or why the EngineGlow...

Oh, and also, I'll be doing my models in 3D Studio Max. Any specific settings I have to set when saving DXF?


Wildstar 07-01-2007 06:49 PM

Probably a better place to ask would be the Editing forum @ the XWA Upgrade Project, as the people there are more familiar with OPTech and editing OPTs in general than I am.

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