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madjawa 07-07-2007 09:56 PM

Wall damage
Sorry, the topic title isn't very clear but I don't really know how to call that...
I want to make that when a player (or bot, npc) hits a wall (or ceiling) fast enough, it gets damaged (like falling damage but with walls, ...)

Is it hard to do? I don't have any idea on how to do this...

Thanks in advance

DarthDie 07-08-2007 09:16 AM

Edited: What I said before wont work..

ensiform 07-08-2007 11:17 AM

Unless the wall is an entity (func_breakable) You cannot make the world geometry break like what you want to do. And you cannot make an entire map out of func_breakable. Because you need world geometry or it will fail to compile. Infinite leaking, etc. And entities don't interact like normal world geometry even brush entities.

SMoKE 07-12-2007 07:23 AM

And there is a max number of func_breakables too.. 255 I believe. If you add the spawnflag "Thin" to the breakable (it's a checkbox in the Entity Window), it works like glass, so you can jump on it, and it breaks.

XycaleTh 07-12-2007 12:47 PM

I think he's asking how you would give damage to the player if they were moving at a high enough velocity into a wall. Not damaging the wall.

ensiform 07-13-2007 03:38 PM

FYI That already happens. It's called falling damage. :S

Tinny 07-13-2007 11:50 PM

Yeah, thing is running and bunny hopping with force speed with incredible speed way higher than the speed of falling a couple stories gives you no damage when you bump into a wall. Like Ensi said I think just take a look at the fall damage code.

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