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Ferc Kast 07-18-2007 03:31 PM

[FIN] [NSW-Fic] Imposter II: The Rising Darkness
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Three months after the events of Imposter...
She woke up, feeling strange. Strange as when she woke seeing the imposter holding his sword over her throat. As luck would have it, there was a knock on her door. She opened the door. King Arthur was at her door.

"I have some disturbing news. News that was told to me by Merlin himself." he said, with great urgency.
"What is it?" she asked.
"There has been great destruction in the land. That much anyone would've know. Merlin says he has reason to believe that you alone can stop this 'plague of destruction'. Therefore, you will receive training in fighting in 3 ways: archery, fencing and, last but not least, wizardry. But, you must tell no one of your trainer nor training." King Arthur said.
"Yes, My Lord." she replied, fully committed.

So, she received 18 weeks of training under Merlin's direction. Now, she was ready to fight this threat. She girded a sword on her belt, a quiver of arrows around her right shoulder and a bow around the quiver. And, there a staff in her left hand.
She started her journey, roaming the country, searching for the source of this threat.
A man paced back and forth in a tower. How would he beat that girl in his vision? She overcame all of his traps and would conquer him, if she continued on the light path. But, if he led her to the dark path, there would be no end to his plague of destruction.
Weeks later...
She set up camp for the night. After having a little fire going, she went to bed. But, when she woke up the next morning, the sun nor the moon were visible. Yet, this place had only minimum illumination. She now noticed the manacles, which were directly attached to the wall, around her hands. She was chained to the cement wall of this dark place. She realized that she was only wearing a dark red shoulderless top and pants, without her weapons anywhere in sight. The man came before her, torturing her with his advanced Dark Magic.

"So, you avoided your death months ago? It doesn't matter what you do to me. I will never turn to the dark path." She said, defiantly.
"Your resolve is strong and praiseworthy. But, unfortunately for you, useless. You will join me. This is but a taste to whet your hunger for the dark path. And when you join me, it will be willingly." the man replied, torturing her more while her screams escaped into the dark night.
Days later...
"So, you wanted to see me?" he asked.
"Yes." she replied. "I submit to the dark path and your teachings."
"Very good." He said.

He made the manacles release her hands just by waving his hand. He gave a new red robe.

"Now, we must hurry if we are to finish the plague." he said, running towards the stairs to the top of the tower.

She drew her sword against him.

"You truly thought that I wouldn't suspect a betrayal from you? You thought that you could win?" he said, staring forward.

She started to duel with him. He fought against her with his sword. After they had fought for hours, the Deceiver used his sword to knock the sword a few feet away from her. She did back flips to her sword. She threw her hidden dagger at him, hitting him right in the stomach. He was bleeding rapidly. He appeared to be dead. She left the tower, having defeated this threat.
A few hours after she returned to the castle, Merlin ran into her room with haste.

"Merlin?" she asked.
"Elizabeth, you've got to come back with me." Merlin said.
"Where?" Elizabeth said.
"Back to the tower..."

Ferc Kast 07-18-2007 03:32 PM

The End

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