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FooKage 07-21-2007 10:45 AM

Ecliptical Realms Battle Hosting Site
Hey There All!

I hope this is the right place to post this, if not, I apologize in advance.

I wanted to take a second here and type up a quick little thread about a gaming forum that I work for. Its located at , and its a battle hosting website. We run tournaments for alot of games, (mostly Star Wars), and were always looking for new clans that are looking for a good challenge.

The way it works, is you sign up your clan, and apply for the events you would like to participate in. (BF1, BF2, EAW, JK3) Then, using XFIRE or our free TEAMSPEAK server, you set up matches against other clans, which you record the stats from, and enter them on the site. The top clans get awards and rankings. This is a super competitive site, and we run at least 6 events per month.

The next event for Battlefront 1 - Which is called BATTLEWEEK 20, will be run in the third week of August.

The Next Battlefront 2 event - Which is called Conquest Week 14, will be run in the first or second week of August. 2 weeks after that we will be hosting Spaceweek, which is ONLY space battles.

We also host SABERWEEK for Jedi Academy, we run events with Empire At War, Republic Commando, Jedi Outcast, Battlefield 2142, and many, many others.

If anyone would likemore information on these events, please feel free to drop me a Private Message, or head on over to our forums at and sign up! Remember, this is a very fun, and very competitive site, and we hope to see many new faces in the events to come.

FooKage - Ecliptical Realms Mod

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