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logan essex 08-15-2007 06:27 PM

Outcast setup won't run
My nephew is trying to setup outcast(best of pc), and is having a problem. we would be thankful for some advice.
here is a messege from him;;

'I have had this problem with this computer before, it does not like to recoginize that there is a dick in the drive, somewhere I have lost the automatic setup command, and I don't know how to find a new one, but if I have the run command, it starts right up something like D/:setup'


acdcfanbill 08-16-2007 02:29 AM

If the computer doesn't recognize the disc, it's doubtful that using a run command will be any help. Most likely, the disc is scratched/dirty, or the drive is going out. Figguring out which is the problem and solving that would probably be the best way to go about fixing his problem.

logan essex 08-17-2007 11:03 PM

i guess that means you don't know what the run command is?

acdcfanbill 08-18-2007 02:35 AM

Regardless of what you think I may or may not know... If the drive fails to recognize the disc, no amount of run commands will help.

If that isn't really the problem, then maybe restating what is wrong in English might help too.

btw: the setup command would be something like
if the disc drive is D

logan essex 08-19-2007 04:18 PM

hte quote i gave from him, states that he has had the same problem with that computer. Which is why he needs the run command.
i wasn't insulting you on what you know or don't know.
being as you didn't just type in the command line, i was guessing.
I'm 400 miles away from him, so can't look at his computer myself.
and what's the comment about english?(he made a couple of spelling errors, but he's 12yrs old, give him a break)
too much coffee, man?
i don't appreciate coming to this forum and being ridiculed.
I was studing the force when you were in diapers

-BLaCKouT- 08-19-2007 04:23 PM

Woah, let's bring it down a notch? :)

The unfortunate fact remains, that if the drive won't see the disc, the command line won't work. Do you know if it's a drive fault or a Windows fault?

Looking at my disc, the command line should be:


Failing that, try:

They're the only two files in the Installl folder, so it should be one of those. Let us know if that works though, 'cos I'm intrigued by this disc-problem. :)

johney truth 08-19-2007 05:04 PM

i agree with Logan. i have noticed how some like belittle others in here.
is politeness dead?

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hell wholes? is that english?

acdcfanbill 08-20-2007 12:06 AM

The install folders may be different in different versions of the game packaged, but my setup.exe is in Gamedata folder. And I wasn't being difficult, I was just stating, if the problem was as described, a run command won't help. Perhaps you could have your nephew log on to re-describe the problem. But as I see it, run commands won't do anything for him if the disc is not recognized and I stated as much.

And Johney, my location is a joke, 'wholes' is a homonym for holes, the correct word. 'Villany' is a misspelled version of villainy as well. It was a joke I reproduced from one of my friends when I happened to sign up. I leave it that way because it makes me chuckle when I look at it. Also, thanks for a 'belittling' comment after condemning me for it. ;)

Anywho, sorry if I seemed curt, but frankly, I deal with/answer a lot of help questions on the forums, and I like to think I'm pretty good at diagnosis after these few years, so when someone glosses over my explanation of a possible solution, it can be annoying. :)

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