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itchythesamurai 08-18-2007 06:47 AM

Flint Paper in Season Deux?
I got my free bonus disc for Season One in the mail yesterday and I noticed that on the back of the user manual is a small and partially obscured ad for Flint Paper. Surely Telltale wouldn't put it there just to mess with us.

SyntheticGerbil 08-18-2007 07:08 PM

I'm still waiting on mine, Itchy... I'm still waiting on mine, Itchy... I'm still waiting on mine...

itchythesamurai 08-18-2007 08:35 PM

I got my Season One Case File as well. The only worthwhile things in it were the Ted E. Bear magnet, the Max presidential button, and maybe the postcard from The Moon.

Samnmax221 08-18-2007 10:34 PM

Christ Itch, should have payed for it earlier, I got mine a while ago. I did notice the obscured ad too though.

itchythesamurai 08-18-2007 11:53 PM

Did you get the Case File? That's what delayed my bonus disc, because they shipped them together.

SyntheticGerbil 08-19-2007 03:34 AM

I got the Case File but I ordered maybe a month ago. You live in Houston too. Still haven't received anything just yet, but I'm waiting for my disc to finally start playing the episodes, because when it is sitting on my floor, I usually get around to it so my girlfriend won't yell at me about stuff on the floor.

But the Case File isn't that good huh?

Also did anyone get the second sketchbook? I just now noticed it was there on the site for order. When did it come out? I am currently broke and have serious financial problems but I hope it will still be available maybe 3 months from now...

itchythesamurai 08-19-2007 04:05 AM

I think it came out around Comic-Con. I like it and believe it to be every bit as good as the first sketchbook.

The BoscoTech napkin and paper hypno-glasses were pretty lame and the one-page Alien Love Triangle Times tabloid wasn't anything special. It was cheap though, so you couldn't really expect too much.

Samnmax221 08-19-2007 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by itchythesamurai
Did you get the Case File? That's what delayed my bonus disc, because they shipped them together.

Didn't seem like it was worth the bother. If they wanted to bring back the cool/cheap **** that they used to package with games they should have just given it away free. I might have been willing to pay for it if it were something more substantial like a comic or something.

itchythesamurai 08-20-2007 08:24 PM

Yeah, I agree that they are of freebie quality. I read that the retail version comes with a bonus full-size poster, any idea which one it is? I'm thinking it might be the new street poster offered at the Telltale store.

SyntheticGerbil 08-21-2007 11:57 AM

Okay I got the Season 1 thing and I'll probably start playing after I graduate or whatever. I was going through the DVD stuff and I'm wondering what's up with the lip syncing? Does anyone else's lip syncing seem like it's about half a second behind the audio? It could also just be crappy 3d lip syncing I'm not having a good time telling versus these youtube videos.

Udvarnoky 08-28-2007 09:19 PM

Apparently Flint Paper will in fact be in Season 2.

itchythesamurai 08-29-2007 07:38 PM

Hopefully that sai in his back isn't fatal!

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