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starmark2k 09-13-2007 01:03 PM

Land of Mythology: The Seven Kingdoms
As the sun rose over the lands a mighty Dwarf rode his scurrying dragon across the great plains of Kavrar. His destination was the great city of man, Arothrif, where he was to begin the most noble of all journeys. He had ridden alone for two nights and a day from his home in the Northern Hamill Mountains to reach the Kavrar capital city.

The armoured Dwarf and his reptilian companion approached the Gate at the Eastern wall of the city he was greeted by two Legionnaires who stood on top of the High Wall.

“What business do you have here Dwarf?” One of the legionnaires asked.

“My business is my own!” The Dragon Rider defiantly replied.

The second Legionnaire took out an Arrow and aimed it at the Dwarf. “Answerer or feel my Arrow piece your skin!”

“Then Fire because I shall not answer!” The dwarf still defiantly called out to his would be attacker.

“I’m Curious to know who is more stubborn…” A third legionnaire, A commander, began coming from the side and using his hand to lower the archers bow. “The Dwarf or the beast you ride?”

“I’m curious to know why man is so arrogant they will call such a noble creature a beast when they ride flee bitten Mammals?” The Dwarf Stubbornly replied.

“Then perhaps we should feed our curiosities over some fine ale.” The Commander said with a grin. “Let Lord Whitevine through.”

The gates began to open and the commander walked off to the ladder so he could go down to city floor while the dwarf slowly rode through the Gates. As the dwarf dismounted his dragon he turned to see the Commander of the legion approach him.

“Ah Stathorn.” The Dwarf greeted. “It does my eyes good to be seeing you again.”

“And mine you Seban.” Stathorn greeted in return before the dwarfs dragon let out a small screech which caused him to laugh. “It’s also good to see you lighthammer… I know the Dwarf king would send you for this task. Come we are needed at the palace”

“Aye and will you be joining me?” The dwarf asked returning the man’s smile and following his into the city.

“Yes I’ll be acting as a guide o the Temple of Eternal Twilight.”

The Dwarf laughed. “I can think of no man better for the job… Plenty of Dwarves but no men.”

“I’ll take that a compliment.” Stathor laughed along with his Dwarven friend,

“Indeed you should.” The dwarf said as they continued walking through the Cities Streets. “So who else will be joining us on this quest.”

“A Champion of Kavrar, A representative from Mireir and all the other kingdoms are sending at least one.” Stathorn informed his smaller friend.

“So the Amazons are sending someone.”

“I believe so.”

The dwarf sighed and shook his head. “I don’t like those women, I’ve never met one I could trust.”

“Did you not say that about the Kavrari before you met me?”

“You speak a truth.” The Dwarf remembered. “But few Men would have helped a dwarf in need.”

“And few Dwarves would ask the help of a mere Man.”

“Indeed.” The Dwarf replied looking around embarrassed to make sure no one heard. “I trust that’ll stay a secret between us.”

“I’ll take that to my grave my friend.” Stathorn replied with a large grin.

The man and dwarf continued to walk towards the centre of the city towards the Sapphire Palace, the palace was named for the Giant gemstone atop the central spire. The Stone was called the ‘eye of Apollo’ as it would glow at night lighting the streets in the blue haze. They walked through the white stonewalls and pavement that the city was made from as they got closer to the Palace.

In the palace they walked into the kings thrown room, The King of all Kavrar sat on his grand chair and smiled as he saw Stathorn approach him. Stathorn Knelt before his king while the dwarf just stood and looked at the Man King.

“I see the Dwarves have sent a Dragon Rider.” The King Announced.

“Yes m’lord, this is Whitevine the Dragon Lord.” Stathorn Introduced still bowing on his knee.

“Well a friend of my Legion Commander has earned the same respect.”

“Aye, And a man who my friend will kneel to deserves t be knelt to.” The stubborn Dwarf informed as he knelt next to the Legionnaire before the king.

“Please stand both of you.” The king said standing himself. “We have prepared a banquet for all those who will leave on this quest later this day.”

“Now we can have that Ale you promised.”

Fredi 09-13-2007 06:33 PM

It’s about 12 days and 11 nights to reach Kavrar by foot from Mireir, Lucky for Freyd his horse “Garc” was ready for the travel, by horse it takes about 1 day and half a night. Lucky Freyd made it in 1 day.

At the gates of the city the guards asked…

“Sir, Who are you and what’s you’re business here in Kavrar”- the guard asked

“I am Freyd Hern of Oinin from the land of Mireir, I have come in represent of the council of Mireir”- Freyd said at the guard

“Yes Sir, they are awaiting you at the palace, these guards will take you”- The guard said

Two guards escorted Freyd to the palace where the meeting was taking place.

“Sir, they are awaiting you, there is a banquet in the main reunion room”- The Kings guard said

“Thank you”- Freyd thanked

“Greetings allies and estimated friends”- Freyd said as he opened the door leading to the banquet.

Quist 09-13-2007 07:00 PM

The woods just outside the gates to the bustling port city of Arothrif were quiet, dark and rather thick. Thick to the point where one really had to peer into the murkiness to make out even the slightest movement. Not that anyone from around the area had any sort of desire to enter the woods and certainly not the bored guards dozing idly at their posts inside the gates' watchtowers. Then again, even if they had been looking into the woods, they would probably not have noticed a lightish movement slinking towards the gates.

The smallish coyote padded carefully into a small clearing, sniffing the air for any threats. It was a pretty animal, with intelligent hazel-gold eyes and cream-colored fur and golden stripes running down its back. Coyotes were not often seen in woods such as these, but were not uncommon either. However, what made this particular canine unique was the fact it was wearing a small rucksack as well as a longsword and scabbard around its haunches. Pacing up to a nearby tree, the coyote anchored its right shoulder (and the strap around it) up against the bark, securing it in place. With a deft twist of its left leg, it freed the left strap from around its body, then stepped away from the tree to let the rucksack fall softly to the mossy ground. Relieved of its minor burden, the coyote shook itself a few times, then sniffed the air one more time. Satisfied that it was alone, the coyote lay on the ground carefully, its head between its front legs.

A few moments passed, then a low whine could be heard emanating from the coyote's throat as something quite extraordinary happened. The light fur began to recede into the skin and the limbs began to elongate. A mane of thick black hair exploded from the back of the coyote's head as the pointed snout retreated into its face, eventually becoming a thin, hairless nose and a pair of full, pink lips. The ears shrank down, but not quite as much as the rest of the coyote's features, retaining their pointed tips. The rest of its body continued to contort until finally the whine became a very un-coyotelike sigh. Eyes opened anew, still hazel-gold, but no longer belonging to an animal, but rather a young woman.

Exhaling slowly, Vaeyrlillandwen Lissëartuilë stood carefully and brushed stray bits of dirt off her lithe form. Padding over to her rucksack, she extracted a small bundle of clothing. She dressed quickly, shrugging on the long green traveling dress and lacing up her thigh-high boots. Affixing a cloth tabard to her left wrist, she picked her longsword up off the ground and buckled the belt loosely around her hips. She briefly considered tying her hair up, but decided against it, instead letting her raven black hair cover her bare back and more importantly, conceal her gold elven tattoos and shroud her pointed ears. No point in giving away who she was right away.

Shrugging her rucksack onto her shoulder, she made her way towards the dirt road leading up to the entrance of Arothrif. Stepping onto the path just out of sight of the guards in the watchtower, she oriented herself towards the massive wrought-iron gates, appeared as if she'd been traveling on the road the whole time. As she neared, one of the guards called out to her. "Traveler!" he yelled from his elevated post. "State your business here."

Vae looked up, her keen elven eyes focusing on the guard, a young human boy, probably no older than 20 years of age. "I seek merchant services and lodging," she replied. The exchange was a formality, since the guards would have admitted her in any case, but were probably mandated to note down what each traveler was seeking in Arothrif, thus the query.

The guard nodded and motioned to one of his subordinates, who worked a mechanism to open the gates just enough for Vae to slip through.


It had taken her a little while (Shasatowa elves were not really at home in a big, bustling city), but she had eventually made it to the palace. As she approached and noted how everyone seemed to be dressed in fine clothes, she couldn't help but feel a little underdressed in her simple accoutrements. Nevertheless, she was never really one for fancy frocks and the like and continued on towards the front door. As she made to enter, a nattily-dressed palace official slipped in front of her and held up a hand. "Excuse me miss, but only royal guests are allowed into the palace tonight."

Vae stopped and cocked her head at the official, a curious look on her face. "And what makes you think I'm not a royal guest?" she asked, her voice genuine and free of sarcasm and anger.

The official did not miss a beat. "The king has informed me that he has invited only a very select group of guests this evening and if you cannot demonstrate that you are one of these guests, I will have to ask you to turn around and leave the premises."

Vae put a finger to her lips as she thought. "Mmm, and how might I demonstrate proof of my guesthood?"

"He said that I would know simply by looking at them."

The dark-haired woman couldn't surpress a giggle. "Well, then I don't think there's really anything to 'demonstrate', is there? Since it's all up to you?" She sighed and shook her head as she turned around to start walking away. "Pity, Father will be so disappointed I didn't look the part," she said, taking the first few steps down, then halting momentarily. Flicking her head backwards, she looked over her shoulder at the official. "Oh, and could you tell the good King that Lavanseron Lissëartuilë sends his regards?" she asked him.

The official had not heard the name properly since Vae's elven tongue had uttered it so quickly. "Who sends his rega-" was all he got out before his eyes alighted upon the young woman's back. Without the thick mane of hair in the way, he could clearly make out the flowing elven script tattooed across her shoulder blades and down the length of her spine. He did not read Elvish himself, but he'd been a royal courtesan long enough to recognize the mark of an elven noble.

Vae heard the official stop short and turned around to face him again. "Lavanseron Lissëartuilë," she repeated, slower this time. "High Speaker of the Houses of Shasatowa."

He swallowed. "Lavanseron is a man, I have seen him before."

Vae couldn't help giggling again. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said, covering her mouth. "Lavanseron is my father. I am Vaeyrlillandwen Lissëartuilë, his daughter. He sent me here at the behest of the king of Kavrar."

The official felt his knees weaken. "My apologies, Lady Lissëartuilë," he said, bowing deeply and moving aside. "Please, come in, the king is waiting."

"Really?" Vae asked, surprised at the courtesan's sudden change of heart. "Okay then, thank you!"

As she neared, the official said, "If you had only told me that you were the child of Lavanseron, I would have admitted you sooner and I apologize deeply for that."

Vae stopped on the top step, standing in front of the still-bowing courtesan. "Well, what good would that have done?" she asked innocently. "If you are supposed to identify royal guests simply by sight, then nothing I would have said should have convinced you."

He flushed scarlet. "Once again, I apologize for my ineptitude, my lady."

The elfess laughed. "Oh, don't," she told him as she put a slender finger to his chin and tilted his body upward. "You were just doing your job." She held out the crook of her arm. "Please escort me to the king, as I'm not really sure of where to go in here."

The courtesan looked at her proffered arm, dumbstruck for a few moments. Blinking rapidly, he quickly regained his composure and tentatively slipped his arm through hers. "Of course, my lady," he said, trying to keep the hitch out of his voice. "Right this way."

Alkonium 09-13-2007 08:35 PM

Curudir entered the throne room as Stathorn and Seban Whitevine rose. "I'm sorry I'm late, but I must say, it is an honour to serve under you again, Stathorn." he immediately said. He then noticed the dwarf he did not recognise. "Allow me to introduce myself, dragon-rider. I am Curudir, Son of Curadan, Champion of Kavrar. And you would be?" He asked Seban, offering to shake his hand.

Empress Padme 09-13-2007 11:42 PM

Natasha Octavia, a white haired and pale skinned Valkerie , had just finished getting through the gate.She entered the banquet room.' I hope I'm not late.' she wondered.'Those filthy theives! Well they won't live to do that again.'

She rubbed her arm which was slightly bruised.Natasha talked to no one except a servant who showed her were to sit for the banquet.She sat down and observed the other guests.

CountVerilucus 09-14-2007 03:07 AM

The Kavrar navy was not too welcoming when the Lucky Star sailed int the the harbor of Arothrif. In no small way due to the flag of Captain Kaliko flying high on the ships tallest mast. A flag that had come to be well known by all the seafaring kingdoms. The ship docked smoothly and the mens spirits lifted at the smell and sight of land.

"Conor, you are in charge of aquiring supplies for the next voyage. Make sure you buy enough rum this time." Keld ordered.

"Aye, haven't had a drop myself in a few days." His first mate and best friend replied.

"There will be plenty of time for that later. Now, put half the men on leave and have them back by noon tomorrow to switch. Make sure you distribute their wages appropriately, I heard the brothels in Arothrif are quite pricy. Just remind them they better not be getting into any trouble with authorities. Bloody scalawags they are." Conor nodded and dismissed himself.

Keld stood near the helm, drew one of his pistols and fired it in the air. Quickly gaining the attention of his men. "You all behave while I am away. And don't be spending all your gold on rum, dice games, and prostitutes." They laughed and cheered. What else was a buccaneer suppose to do with his loot.

The legionaries that awaited him on the dock surprised Keld. He hadn't seen such a sober looking bunch in a while. Surprisingly enough they did not disarm him, if Keld ever felt vunerable it was when he was without his cutlass. They brought him to the palace then straight to the banquet. He arrived, pipe in hand, puffing on some fine Marian tobacco without a care in the world for Kavrarian smoking etiquette whatever it was. Keld spotted an empty table and headed to it immediately, only stopping to grab a goblet of ale on his way.

DrPhil2501 09-14-2007 03:26 AM

"Caught up with thieves, eh? Sneaky vixens caught up with me too..." a voice echoed through the banquet room. "They were just lucky they hadn't managed to nick anythin' off me, otherwise I woul'da disabled all four of their limbs..."

The voice came from the ceiling above, and there on the framework supporting the roof top was the sneaky bounty hunter; Tylon Sayge. He peered down at the group of people whom he was to accompany with on the quest.

"Those guards of yours seem to have a low intelligence quotient, your majesty. I have managed to sneak by without any notice from them..."


(Two Days Earlier)

Sayge stalked his prey into a lonely alleyway. His bounty was on foot, evading his predator and driven by paranoia. Sayge looked down at the distressed man from a birds-eye-view, as he was clinged to a wall and was hidden in the shadows. No doubt it was thanks to his Shadow Knight training.

"You seem to have quite a hefty fee on your head, mate!" Sayge spoke. The man whimpered, and he pulled out a pistol and pointed it in all directions. He had no idea where Sayge was. The silent bounty hunter slightly laughed. "Please tell me? After killing me, what do you plan on doing next when another bounty hunter comes and finds you?"

Tylon pulled from his pouch a little smoke pellet and though it at his Bounty. Though it was a tiny object, it had managed to emit large amounts of artifical smoke. The man coughed, and Tylon dived down to take care of him.

As he landed, he made simple whacks and hits with his fists, which had managed to paralise his bounty. The final blow put the man unconious. As the smoke cleared, Sayge looked down at his knocked out victim. A pleased smile ran across his face. This was his 5th bounty, and one of the three that had been succesful. The last two had been disasterous...

Sayge walked out of the bounty office, which was hidden inside of a bar. He felt the night time breeze touch his flesh. The refreshing air filled his lungs with satisfaction. The city was usually crowded at this time of night, and the tall stone buildings lit up with candle light.

Sayge turned the corner, and suddenly heard a familiar voice. "It has been some time, Tylon."

"I've left the academy for a few months and already you miss me, Saharon?" he met face to face with his old master. He grinned, shook her hand and gave her a hug. "What is it you want from me?"

"You are needed... well, you have been selected." Saharon said.

"Saharon... I'm not one with the Shadows any longer." Tylon said with a stern look.

"Oh, but I think you might be interested in what we have in offer. I'm sure it beats tracking Bounties and earning fair sums amount of money..." she was right. The first few weeks of becoming a bounty hunter hadn't been much of a challenge. Saharon held up a scroll of parchment and offered it to Tylon. Tylon snatched the scroll from her hand and uncoiled it. It was some kind of request and invitation to the Capital city of Kavrar, Arothrif, by the king himself. He read more of the details. Once he finished, he handed it back to Saharon.

"I might be interested..."

steven 09-14-2007 12:26 PM

Ardeth's trip to Arothrif didn't require much walking thanks the Oasisan's water transports. After taking a canoe across the Cat Lake, which started from the very bottom of his home, Isis Rock, and stretched out all the way to the Great Ocean where a merchant ship had been payed to collect Ardeth and drop him off in Arothrif without any trouble. Everything went smoothly and there wasn't any hiccups or arguments with the crew due to religious reasons.

To prevent the religious conflicts with the Maria crew, Ardeth spent most of his time in his the room allocated to him. He spent most of his time inside, praying to his gods and resting so he'd be in his best performance for when the mission to the Dark Lands began. The boat trip from the end of Cat Lake only took two days and one night, reaching the Arothrif port late evening and Ardeth was lucky in getting a room in one of the ports many Inns. Although Ardeth had planned to wake at dawn, he had over slept and woke during midday.

After getting dressed, he made his way towards Arothrif castle at a fast place. Even though most of his trip he was walking against the large crowds of Arothrif, the trip to the castle was fairly quick and he had no trouble about getting inside, as his marked staff was the evidence required to allow him passage inside the large royal home.

starmark2k 09-14-2007 04:30 PM

“I am no mere Dragon Rider, I am Seban Whitevine the Dragon Lord.” The Dwarf Replied as the king walked by the group.

“Please Gentlemen, Follow me.” The King requested as he led the way in to the banquet hall followed by the three who were with him I the Thrown Room.

On arrival one of the guards kneeled and called out. “All bow before the King!”

As ordered many of the servants and guards man in the room knelt down. The king waved his hand allowing all of them to rise as he walked over to his chair in the banquet hall. “Everyone please enjoy the meal before you, it is in thanks for what you are about to do for all the people of our world.”

"Those guards of yours seem to have a low intelligence quotient, your majesty. I have managed to sneak by without any notice from them..."

“And perhaps such a reason is why you are here in the first place elf.” The King stated looking up at the odd man who despite being invited decided to enter covertly. “And perhaps you should come down and enjoy this meal, unless you prefer the view up there?”

Grace 09-14-2007 09:01 PM

Entering the banquet hall, Kiara felt decidedly uncomfortable. She was dressed in the full-body leather armor she'd grown accustomed to and her hair was swept back in a tight braid to better keep it out of her face. Precious few women were in the room; most of those seated at the table were men. It didn't help Kiara's calm that she had an escort of bodyguards and one person whose entire existence at present was to introduce her. And that's exactly what he did, after clearing his throat.

"Introducing the Princess Kiara of the Amazons!" he exclaimed, and rather loudly at that. Kiara slapped him and gave hushed orders for the announcer and the bodyguards to withdraw to a distance. Then, she took her seat at the table.

Alkonium 09-14-2007 09:51 PM

Curudir had a surprised looked on his face during the spectacle with the Amazon, but when she sat down, he commented with "Wow, I'm glad you're on our side.", immediately regretting it.

DrPhil2501 09-14-2007 11:05 PM

"What a pity..." Tylon stood up on the post. "I was begining to enjoy the fact you all look like ants from up here." and thats when he jumped off and landed light footed on the floor. He walked to the table and seated himself. He imediatly grabbed for the wine and pured himself a glass. "Cheers!" he announced, as he gulped down his drink.

Quist 09-15-2007 12:20 AM

The courtesan led Vae into the large banquet hall, right up to the long dinner table laden with food and drink. Pulling out a seat, he beckoned for her to sit down, which she did. "My lady, I hope everything is to your satisfaction," he said, bowing deeply.

Vae nodded. "Oh, it is," she agreed. "I definitely would have gotten lost in this place, so thanks for showing me the way."

The official smiled, looking quite relieved. "You are very welcome. Enjoy the feast, Lady Lissëartuilë." He turned smartly on his heel and headed off.

Vae looked after him, an amused expression on her face, then twisted back towards the rest of the table. There were quite a few people already seated, mostly men of all shapes and sizes. At the head of the table sat the King of Kavrar and he was flanked by two burly warriors and a gruff-looking dwarf. There also happened to be two women at the table, a Valkyrie and an Amazon from the looks of them. The latter seemed a bit out of sorts, as if she was slightly uncomfortable with her environment, a feeling Vae could definitely sympathize with. The former was quietly observing the rest of the table, eyes darting from person to person.

Everyone was eating heartily from the feast in front of them and Vae thought it would be rude of her if she did not partake. Not wanting to offend, she reached out and took a piece of fruit and began to chew.

Master_Archon 09-15-2007 02:51 PM

Sib entered the banquet hall in a half jog, hobble, scurry kind of motion, as he was attempting to button up his frock with one hand, seeing as he only had one hand to begin with.

"Great, I'm probably late," he muttered to himself, trying to get the last few top buttons buttoned, but gave up in an exhasperated sigh. But it hadn't been his fault he was late, none of the public stables took Sabaas, large flightless birds used for travel by his people, beyond the regular camel or desert stallion; he eventually found someone willing to watch it for him. He looked up, seeing the large assemply of people at the banquet, he literally whimpered, his long thin ears drooping down.

He felt like the most sloppy looking person in the room, not to mention the most undressed, goodness, the Amazonian in her armor looked better off than him. His frock was okay, but it was old, being faded and having some old stain marks on it. He wore an old white silk dress glove over his hand, while his pants were the newest looking piece of clothing he had on, they were not formal. The baggy, loose fitting silk pants with the runic hieroglyphs down the sides and around the ankles stuck out like a sore thumb. The most dressy and formal piece wasn't even clothing, but a well kept metal cuff over the stub where his right hand used to be, guilded with gold, with bands of silver, along with semiprecious stones inlaid into the cuff, with a simple but elegant hook coming out of the cuff, was the best thing he had on.

On top of all this he lacked any footwear what-so-ever, so you could imagine how insignifigant he felt among such well dressed people. Above all he himself was particularly bizarre, looking like a new breed of elf or something, with his long thin ears and lean face, his amber colored eyes that glittered like the stones on his cuff, as well as his dark skin with flecks of tan. He was truely set apart.

He shuffled nervously over to the table, staring at the floor to avoid eye contact, he took a seat, not knowing who he was sitting next to, nor where they were from, nor there race. He glanced up, noticing everyone enjoying food and drink he decided to do the same, if only to look inconpicuous. He reached out, grabbing a plate he put a variety of seafood on it, which he particularly liked, ever since he'd visited his first port city and tried it, he'd been hooked to seafood ever since.

But his enjoyment didn't last long as he got distracted by his partially unbuttoned frock, which annoyed him that he couldn't appear more decent in this situation, he frustratedly began attempting to button those last few top buttons up.

Empress Padme 09-15-2007 02:57 PM

Natasha continued to observe the guests.She loved the food that was served but could not completely take pleasure in it. Anything that could destract her was to be avoided. She watched their mannerisms and watched who talked to who.

She was studying them.Who seemed strong , who were weak.Who were subtle and who were blunt.She gave a chuckle when she deemed dwarves as very blunt.She was happy to see other females there. " Good ," she thought." Hanging around only males would have become tiresome."

CountVerilucus 09-15-2007 04:07 PM

Keld smashed another pinch of tobacco into is pipe and dropped a match in it. Keld sensed a few whispered complaints came from the people around him but he disregarded this. It was the food that astonished him. Such well prepared gourmet dishes in contrast to the rations he was familiar with on the sea. Yet he didn't even bother to take a bite, and stuck the comforts of his pipe instead.

Keld scanned the area and tried to decipher who are to be his companions. Three humans, the stern no-nonsense looking types. An admirable trait, but quite the opposite of himself. The dwarf was sure a companion to be. As he was the only dwarf at the banquet. Keld sensed a high degree of stubbornness in that one, but nothing immalleable. There was a sneaky cutthroat sort enjoying the wine, and a rather tall ragged looking man. Intimidating by the shear look of his size. Keld thought he would make a fine addition to his crew. A man like that leading his boarding parties and there would be no more need for cannons.

There were three women he noticed. Marian superstition said that bringing women on a voyage brought bad luck with it as well. But Keld never believed this. The Amazon in leather armor had a scowl on her face and looked like she could use a couple puffs off his pipe and a large cup of ale. Though he knew he wouldn't be so happy either if he grew up in a dank jungle. Keld's eyes moved to a pale looking woman, a Valkyrie no doubt, and sensed the same coldness he did with the Amazon. But there was many differences he chose not to try and calculate. The last was a Shasatowa that seemed more welcoming and cheerful than the other two, or of the whole lot for that matter. Most likely the free spirited sort.

Keld soon dismissed his thoughts of the others and took to the comforts of his pipe again. Then tried to remember if his pistols were loaded and ready. His gut told him they were and he soon drifted into a carefree state.

starmark2k 09-15-2007 04:46 PM

The Throne Room, Ten Days Earlier…

Stathorn Knelt before the King of Kavrar with his head bowed before him, the Kings servants were all filing out of the Throne Room as ordered by the King. As all but him self and Stathorn had left the room large room the king stood and walked over to the side of his Commander.

“Please rise my friend, it is not necessary for you to kneel.” The King requested looking down at his friend. Stathorn rose as requested and smiled back at the king.

“Did the meeting with the other rulers go well M’lord?” The legionnaire asked.

“Yes, we have all agreed that we will send representatives on a Quest to find the Angel’s Heart.” The king replied as he began to walk towards a display case to the side of the room. “Please come.”

Both men walked to the Display case and the king took a key from his pocket and opened it, inside the case was a few scrolls all tied up in ribbon. The king took one three scrolls out and held them out before Stathorn.

“These were your fathers, they are the maps he made when he explored the lands.” The King informed him. “I convinced the other to allow you to go as guide, it wasn’t too hard as your fathers name still holds favour in all the lands, you will need these.”

“Thank you.” Stathorn replied taking the maps. “I will not fail you.”

“I hope you don’t.” The King said with sorrow.

“Is there something wrong m’lord?” The legionnaire asked sensing something was wrong.

“Yes, Unfortunately some of the others do not have as much faith in this quest as I.” The king said as he walked back to wards his chair. “They have convinced the rest of us to plan for a failure… When you leave for your quest in ten days each kingdom will send its armies to the Temple of Odin in the north.

“Why?” Stathorn asked as the king reached his chair and sat on it.

“They will remain there until you have been gone for seven days and then the Seven Armies will enter the Dark Lands and try to use force of arms to defeat the Four.” The King Explained.

“But Legend tell only the Angel’s Heart can destroy them.” Stathorn reminded

“Indeed, You’ll have seven days to travel to the Canyon of Hades, the Oasis of RA and then to the Temple of Eternal Twilight and bind the Angel’s heart and end the reign of darkness.” The King ordered. “If you fail I fear that will be the end of everything.”

“Then failure is not Option.”
__________________________________________________ ___

The Banquet Hall, Now...

With all the Representatives of from every corner of the world now assembled in the large Banquet hall the king rose from his seat and held his hands outwards in a gesture of good will. “Thank you all for coming, I’m sure you all know why you are here and the importance of the quest you all shall soon be embarking on later this day. The hopes of each Man, Women Elf and Dwarf rest on the shoulders of each and every one of you, we all thank you for the risk yous you take in doing this and hope the Gods of the Plains, Deserts and mountains smile upon you and shine their light into the Darkness you shall tread.”

The King then turned and looked down at Stathorn by his side holding his hand out at him. “Here is Stathorn son of Kamir the Legendary Explorer will lead you all through the dangers and where legend tell the Pieces of the Angel’s Heart rest. Please say some words.”

Stathorn stood up next to the king and looked over all the various different People in the room, his expression was emotionless as he spoke. “I am not great speaker, like many of you I am a soldier so I will keep this short. This journey we are about to undertake will be fraught with danger, word of this quest has gotten out and we must assume the Dark Lords know of this. We will face evil and we must unite against it, forget the past War, Hate and Prejudices we have or we will not prevail against it.”
__________________________________________________ ________________

Three hours later, The South Gate Legionnaire Stables...

Stathorn finished putting the Saddle upon his horse, Fireshade, it’s hair was as dark as night with the exception of it’s min that’s was orange. The Legionnaire patted his Horse on it’s side and it huffed as he did it, the Horse had served Stathorn well for the last five years during the Dark War. Two packs dangled from the horses sides to carry food water ands other previsions the Legionnaire would need for his quest, it also wore Armour on the same colour as the Legionnaires armour.

The group were to leave soon and were to meet up outside the South Gate, Stathorn mounted his horse and slowly rode it out. There he met both Seban and the Equally stubborn Lighthammer.

“Why does it take all but Dwarves so long to get ready for battle.” The Dwarf asked.

“Why are Dwarfs so brash and charge into battle ill-prepared.” Stathorn Laughed and was soon joined by the dwarf himself. They both then began to wait for the rest to arrive so they could engage their Journey.

((OCC- If your character didn’t bring a mount to ride the king would have offered a Horse from the Legions Stables.))

steven 09-15-2007 06:02 PM

Ardeth was a little uncomfortable when he noticed another representative for the Oasisian Tribes, however it wasn't just the fact they didn't trust him alone to represent his people in a task of this importance, but who they had sent. Ardeth had heard of Sib Chike's unfortunate up bringing, and for the poor hand of cards life had dealt Sib, Ardeth pitied him. Sib had received so much cruelty because of his heritage had grant him the appearance so different from the average Ardeth he was considered an Omen and disgraced by his own people. Little good ever happened Sib and only received difficulties in life, this is why Ardeth didn't trust him.

Someone doesn't endure a life like that and remain undamaged. This man was forced to fight to live as a gladiator, and then worshiped the one darkest of Oasisian gods. It was clear man had a unique thirst for blood and there was the dark possibility that if sent into killing frenzy at some point in the mission, his claw would strike one of many alleys joining them in the quest. Ardeth decided it would be best to keep his eye on his fellow Oasisian.

After the conference, held by King for those who were taking part in the Angel's Ark Heart quest, was over Ardeth went to stables as instructed to collect one of the horses given to him as a present by the King to be his primary transport for the quest. After collecting a jet black horse, he saddled up and went to the South Gate were the Kavrar Stathorn and Dwarf Seban Whitevine waited.

Grace 09-15-2007 06:21 PM

Feeling just a little more comfortable now that her knives and bow were strapped to her back, Kiara approached the South Gate. At this point, her entourage was still in tow, but soon they would depart and Kiara would be alone on this quest. That's how she saw it, at any rate. Her horse, a chestnut stallion named Aras followed dutifully behind, led by the 'announcer' who doubled as a stable boy. As the little group reached the waiting quest members, Kiara took the horse's reins and gave orders for the others to withdraw. Bowing and paying their respects to their princess, they did as she ordered.

Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she determined the only others that had arrived yet were men. That, she didn't like, but it could not be helped. She stood stiffly by Aras and observed the two men and the dwarf in skeptical distrust.

CountVerilucus 09-15-2007 06:21 PM

Keld arrived back at the Lucky Star to say his goodbyes. Ordering Conor to remain docked here at Arothrif until his return. "Should you hear of our failure, it would be best to take to the seas immediately. I doubt even Poseidon knows of the potential hiding places we've discovered. Maybe even sail west past Maria, who knows what lands lay across the great sea." Keld said to him. Apparently acknowledging the price of failure.

"And not stand and fight? That's something I would have never expected to hear from you during the war." He stated. Keld put a hand on his shoulder and sighed.

"This is a different war. Do as I tell you, take the Lucky and run." Keld replied, making an order this time. He exchanged a few more words with Conor and his men then took one last walk around the deck of the ship which had been home for a decade. A bit dissatisfied for being robbed of his destiny to die on the seas.

Keld picked up a fine black horse from the Legionary Stables. Packing it with his needed provisions. Highly nutritious Marian bread and dried meat, both used as rations by the navy for long journeys at sea. He strapped a rifle on the side of his horse, guessing that he might have to hunt for food along the way. Four bottles of rum, water, gunpowder, and the finest bag of Marian tobacco.

At last, Keld placed his tri-cornered hat on his head and rode to the South Gate. Only the Dwarf, the Amazon and Stathorn were present. "Good day gentlemen. You'll find that I am an exeptional horseman for a man of a seafaring people. Beautiful country Kavrar is. Any of you find it a travesty we won't have time to stop at any of its brothels or taverns? Brought my loaded dice and some gold just to be safe." Keld joked with a smile and a tilt of his hat directed in the woman in leather armor. He lit his pipe and took a puff, realizing he was only half joking.

Fredi 09-15-2007 06:55 PM

It was time for Freyd to do what he must do, it was fight with honor to prove his ability and to honor his country and his people, he was a little anxious but ready to the journey ahead.

And whit this thoughts he said “Let out gods be with us in this journey that will mark our lives”

Alkonium 09-15-2007 09:02 PM

Curudir rode up on his trusted paint horse Toreth to the South Gate, where several members of the fellowship were already waiting. "We're not out here for pleasure, Keld. The fate of all our people hang in the balance." He told the Marian.

Master_Archon 09-15-2007 10:25 PM

Sib approached the South Gate as told, the banquet going over without anyone talking to him, but then again not many people stared or talked about him, so that was a big plus.

Behind him, strutting in a peculiar fashion was Sib's steed, a Sabaas named Scsha-Scsha ((Pronounced: Shaw[no pause]Shaw)), the large predatory bird tilting it's head curiously as both it and Sib approached the waiting party members.

Sib's appearance had changed, but only slightly, he lacked his frock, having nothing covering his torso, this allowed people to see his strong form, as well as his many disturbing scars. But his lack of a shirt of any kind was not to show off, but to allow freedom of movement, and, plus, clothes annoyed him, if it were up to him he wouldn't be wearing pants either, but he did out of modesty and habit.

Then there was his hand, replacing the old silk dress glove from before was an amazingly thick gauntlet on his hand, with a decent set of metal claws attached. His ornate metal cuff and hook was gone, replaced was a much older, cumbersome, battle worn metal cuff, attached to this cuff were massive chain links going down to a huge spiked sphere; this was his flail.

Scsha-Scsha was bare except for a small Sabaas saddle, special saddles made to fit Sabaas specifically. Scsha-Scsha also had some simple armor pieces on his neck and head, as well as two pieces covering his flank. Hanging from this saddle were sacks containing Sib's "gear" and supplies.

The fierce creature gently lay it's head on Sib's shoulder, letting out a soft strange coo. Sib reached up carefully stroking the bird's crested head.

"I know, I'm nervous about being around people too," he soothingly spoke to the loyal beast.

He patted the bird's head and then moved to his side, but remained standing, choosing to wait next to, and not on his mount.

Quist 09-16-2007 01:30 AM

It had taken Vae a little while, but she finally found a horse that suited her, a smallish but spunky palomino mare named Hallie. Being as attuned to nature as she was, Vae had a way around horses and she took to Hallie quite quickly. The mare seemed to return her affection, nuzzling her broad snout into the elf's neck. Vae smiled as she spread a soft but hardy riding blanket over Hallie's back, then hung her rucksack and sword around the horse's broad shoulders. Running her hand along Hallie's shaggy mane, Vae eased the mare out of the stable and towards the exit where several members of the newly formed fellowship of adventurers were standing with their mounts.

Truth be told, she was somewhat taken aback by what the King and the Kavrari warrior had told them all in the banquet hall. Evil forces at work in the lands? Dark Lords seeking to destroy the world? A union of the Seven Kingdom's strongest and smartest warriors being the only hope for life as they knew it? It sounded like the old stories her grandfather used to tell her when she was very young. Vae had never been one for conflict and fighting, having spent a good deal of her relatively short elven life exploring, even when faced with confrontation and battle. But from the way the King had made it sound, the consequences of not paying attention to these 'Dark Lords' seemed most dire, so she decided it was worth her while to stay around and see what she could do. It also helped that they were looking for a magical treasure of sorts and were bound for lands unexplored. She did so love a good adventure.

Unfortunately, the feast had gone by so quickly after the King's speech that she hadn't had a chance to get to know any of the other representatives. Hasty introductions had been made, but preparations for leaving took precedence over gaining familiarity, so they were all pressed to ready themselves for departure. This didn't bother Vae too much, she figured to speak with them once they were actually traveling.

Entering the clearing, she lead Hallie up to the fringes of the group, the Amazon woman and her entourage a little to her left and the now shirtless ex-gladiator with his curious avian mount a few meters to her right. It was a Sabaas, a large bird used by the Oasisian people. Vae had seen them before during the course of her travels, but never up close, so she took this opportunity to study it intently with her keen elven eyes.

Master_Archon 09-16-2007 01:24 PM

Scsha-Scsha was peering at the party members carefully, the cautious bird studying them like a predator studies it's prey. His gaze settled on one person, then their mount, then another person, then their mount as well, until his squinting eyes settled on the person who'd approached the group from his left. Scsha-Scsha found the elven woman staring at him, he recoiled his head, like a snake recoils to strike, out of dislike for her staring at him.

He let out a low hissing growl as he puffed up his feathers, and flared the crest on his head. Sib turned hearing the displeased sounds of his old companion.

"Easy Scsha-Scsha, no one's going to hurt you," he spoke calmly to the creature, stroking the side of it's face and beak. With his eyes still on his mount Sib apologized to the person, "I'm sorry about that, he doesn't like people, he's had a bad history with them. He especially doesn't like it when..." Sib paused as his gaze went over to the woman, she was beautiful, but this was not what caught his attention, it was the fact that it was the wood elf.

His face, which had a smile on it, went blank, and his pleasant voice became plain, and unemotional, "...people stare." He finished, his right arm had lifted out of instinct, the large chain links clattering as he did, but he forcibly lowered it. He then turned his face towards the bird, but his eyes stayed glued to the woman.

"Sorry," he muttered one last time before peeling his eyes off her and he stared at his mount with an unemotional gaze, stroking the bird gently.

CountVerilucus 09-16-2007 02:10 PM

"What the problem there bucko? You seem as skittish as your bird. Especially for such an enormous man. A man almost as big as yourself caught me cheating him in a dice game once. Luckily I have a swift quick draw." Keld followed this up with a light chuckle.

"No worries mate, bashfulness is nothing the bottle can't cure. Tell you what, we make it out of this alive and I'll introduce you to the 'sweet trade'. You'll make plenty of friends. Plus, avoiding the hangman's noose will be much less trouble than what we're about to go through." Keld grinned at him and jumped down from his mount. Running his hand on the horse, while keeping one on his waist near his pistols. You never know when a quiet fellow like that will snap.

Quist 09-16-2007 03:04 PM

Vae didn't mean to observe the bird very long, but she'd obviously agitated it somehow. Its rider was quick to explain its skittishness in a gruff tone of voice. "I'm sorry about that, he doesn't like people, he's had a bad history with them. He especially doesn't like it when... people stare." he said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare," Vae said, abashed. "It's just that he's such a beautiful mount that I could not help but admire him." She was about to apologize some more when the buccaneer approached on his own horse, cantering up then dismounting.

"No worries mate, bashfulness is nothing the bottle can't cure. Tell you what, we make it out of this alive and I'll introduce you to the 'sweet trade'. You'll make plenty of friends. Plus, avoiding the hangman's noose will be much less trouble than what we're about to go through."

Vae couldn't help looking the newcomer over. He didn't dress much like the rest of the men, his clothes better suited for a seafarer than a soldier. He had curious looking implements at his hips which she surmised were firearms of some sort. She'd seen a few of them before, but, as with the Sabaas, never up close. She could tell from the easy way he rested his hand on them and his cocky grin that he was accustomed to being brash and confident in his dealings with people.

Taking a few steps toward the ex-gladiator, she bowed slightly and extended her hand. "I don't believe we've been formally introduced. I am Vaeyrlillandwen Lissëartuilë, of the house of Lissë of the Shasatowa Forest."

Empress Padme 09-16-2007 06:25 PM

Natasha went over to her horse. She muttered some soothing words in another language.

" We have a long journey ahead of us my old friend.Battles ahead.Danger ,great danger. Part of me doesn't want you to be a part of this but I know you wouldn't have it any other way." for the first time in a long time she smiled.

Master_Archon 09-16-2007 09:51 PM

Sib only looked at the ground when the elven buccaneer approached him, talking about how he would like to hire him into the 'sweet trade' as he called it, Sib only thought of one word when he heard what the elf said, slavery. He visibly winced when he thought of this, turning himself away from the elf, he tried to look busy preparing Scsha-Scsha.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare," the woman said. "It's just that he's such a beautiful mount that I could not help but admire him."

Scsha-Scsha perked his head up when he heard what the elfess said, his chest swelled with pride, while he flared his crest proudly as well.

"He's also vain," Sib said to himself.

"I don't believe we've been formally introduced. I am Vaeyrlillandwen Lissëartuilë, of the house of Lissë of the Shasatowa Forest." The elfess introduced, bowing and offering her hand.

He studied the proffered hand for a moment, reluctently he raised his own hand and shook hers. He wasn't used to shaking the hands of wood elves, whom he'd held a deep contempt for within himself since his tribe's destruction, and his imprisonment by Shasatowa renegades, which eventually lead into him being sold into slavery. He'd only met face to face with wood elves in the arenas and on the battlefield, and those he met, he killed, no wood elf so far had escaped...except one.

He'd met a few out of arena and field, but it had taken alot to keep himself in check around them. But that was the past, this journey was more important, and killing the Shasatowa representative wouldn't be a smart idea, besides, his time in the Temple Of Set had calmed him and sated much of his hatred and festering anger. It was still a difficulty to be around wood elves though.

"I am Sib Chike, son of the late Amun Chike of the former Setarii tribe from the great Oasisan Desert. This is my loyal mount, Scsha-Scsha," he told her with little enthusiasm.

"It is a...pleasure, Ms. Lissëartuilë," he said, saying her last name rather fluently, but showing a hint of disgruntlement when saying 'it was a pleasure'.

Alkonium 09-16-2007 11:19 PM

Knowing the language in which Natasha spoke, Curudir decided to respond in it, going over to her. "Some say danger is the only way to live, but I consider it a glorified way to die. If there were another way, I would choose it, but sometimes even dangerous acts like this serve the greater good."

Quist 09-17-2007 01:18 AM

Vae shook the large man hand firmly, looking right into his eyes as was custom. There was something bothering him, she could tell that much, but what exactly it was eluded her. He seemed almost as uncomfortable as his mount, looking quite wary. She hoped that he would ease up on the upcoming trip, since they would all be spending a lot of time together. "Please, call me 'Vae'," she told him. "People find it easier to say than my full name, though I daresay you've said it rather perfectly."

She turned to face the buccaneer and repeated her greeting, bowing and offering her hand as well.

CountVerilucus 09-17-2007 01:49 AM

Keld accepted her greeting by taking her hand into his and shaking it firmly while looking right into her eyes. "Captain Keld Kaliko of the Lucky Star at your service. Perhaps you've heard of me?" He said following it up with a confident smile. Being completely aware of his strong infamy in the other kingdoms.

DrPhil2501 09-17-2007 04:35 AM

((hey Starmark? With your kindly permision, can my character have a Griffin instead of a horse?))

In the distance, it looked liked Tylon was atop of a horse, riding towards the group outside of the southgate. But as the picture came into focus, Tylons "horse" had appeared to have a head of an eagle, and the body of a lion.

As him and his companion rode up to the Stathorn and the others, Tylon climbed off his means of transportation and introduced her to the group.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this here Avialon. She is, as you are undoubtly aware of, a Griffin"

The beak of the Griffin rubbed affectionotly against her master.

"Careful, she might bite!"

((You like? I can change it if you want, StarMark))

starmark2k 09-17-2007 12:53 PM

((OCC: @Phantom Knight- You can have the Griffin.
@ Empress Padme- Is your horse a Pegasus horse?))

“Now we’re all here we should leave.” Stathorn announced. “We’ve got a journey ahead of us and not long for it. We ride for the Ruins of Harrison!”

Stathorn guided his horse round in the direction they needed to travel and began to move along t a fast pace. Saben followed his ally closely behind on his Dragon Lighthammer.

Fredi 09-17-2007 04:51 PM

Freyd fallows Stathorn closely side by side and he appreciates the view of the grass and the trees. His horse “Garc” starts his fine pace as a fine horse.

“It is beautiful what the gods have created, the nature and all in which we live, don’t you think Lord Stathorn?”- Freyd asked to break a little bit the ice. “I know Zeus and the other gods Hill favor us in this journey.”

steven 09-17-2007 05:17 PM

"Let's hope all our gods will favor us in our journey," Ardeth remarked as his horse moved next to the house with the Mireirian mounted on top. As they rode down the road, Ardeth looked at the scenery and although he could see the beauty of the wild life, trees and fields of lush green grass, Ardeth found himself missing the familiar territory of the desert he was accustomed too.

Fredi 09-17-2007 05:26 PM

“Yes my friend, our gods will help us in this journey”- Freyd remarked “This wild life is very different to your’s right my friend?”- Freyd stupidly said knowing the obvious answer. “No need to answer, I know it is haha foolish of me to ask”- Freyd said. “How is the life in you’re kingdom?”- Freyd then asked.

steven 09-17-2007 05:44 PM

"As good as any kingdom I guess," Ardeth replied, not knowing the answer to the question, he had never really to time to enjoy a life due to his constant requests of his gods. "It's busy, especially with the damage received by the Seven Kingdom war and the new thread of the Dark Lords, the rise of the Anubian clans aren't helping. There's been a lot to do for a person like me. Always on constant demand, but I have no problem with their requests. They're usually reasonable and I'm serving the creators of the Great Southern Desert. What about your kingdom?"

Fredi 09-17-2007 06:06 PM

“Well friend… We are not a kingdom; we are city-states, each City-State with a council member that represents the City. And well my life has been hard too … War mostly, since I am 15 have been in war … at the beginning for the Kavrar Kingdom and later for the independence of Mireir,so war has touch me.”- Freyd Said

Alkonium 09-17-2007 06:21 PM

"And yet, inspite of your fighting against us Kavrari, we came to your aid before. Some of my people still distrust the Mireir." Curudir commented. "I hold no grudge against you. You did what you thought would serve the greater good, and that is honourable."

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