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e-varmint 09-14-2007 10:17 AM

[FOC] Unequal Footing
Modifies Equal Footing in GC mode for Empire players. No new ships, just xml adjustments. Some highpoints:

***New*** Emperor has galactic stealth(for corruption removal), pirates and rebellion can build Kadalbe, pirates are more agressive, all factions can build Vornskrs on all planets, Veers has galactic stealth, empire starts with less planets. Pirates have rebel space units and empire ground bases/vehicles/infantry.

1) Significantly increases planet income and unit capacity (all factions). This can make space combat very interesting, since both you and the AI factions can assemble massive fleets. In one encouner, I lost over 30 Victory Cruisers, over 40 Acclamators, Thrawn, AND Vader before the enemy finally ran out of ships.
2) Empire space units have an increased firing range of approximately 10x, and increased volly capacity. This creates some interesting new strategies.
3) Several planets start out under Pirate control.
4) The Empire can build the Death Star immediately.
5) Many units construct faster.
6) Many planets have an increased ground base capacity.

This is intentionally unbalanced in favor of the Empire, but it still takes a while to complete if you don't build the Death Star too soon.

Note: If you have not played as the Empire before, be prepared to see some Empire ships, along with their enhanced abilities, in the hands of the Consortium.

To install, create the folder:
..........\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption\Data\Xml. Install the files from the .zip file into this folder. ***Important*** This mod universally augments the Empire. REMOVE these files before you play as another faction (storyline, GC, skirmish) unless you want a very significant challenge.

Download here:


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