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BigMike322 10-22-2007 03:36 PM

Could fan fiction ever become canon? (If popular enough?)
I would love to see the Kotor Brotherhood of Shadow mod become canon, or at least Matilda. What does everyone think?

boinga1 10-22-2007 04:40 PM

Not bloody likely. Particularly as it's a computer game and the mod isn't approved by Lucasfilm (I assume), it will never be canon, unless things change. Particularly since KOTOR is getting pretty old and a relatively small number of Star Wars fans have actually played the mod, I wouldn't bet on it happening.

Samuel Dravis 10-22-2007 07:26 PM

I want MotS to be canon ;_;

boinga1 10-23-2007 05:51 PM

MOTS should be canon.. but that's different.

swphreak 10-25-2007 08:40 AM

Fanfiction will become canon over my dead body.

Nancy Allen`` 11-06-2007 06:41 PM

But people who read fan fiction might take elements from it to use in their games. The Wild Things scenario for one of the Resident Evil games was based on a comic for example.

PoiuyWired 11-07-2007 03:16 AM


Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak
Fanfiction will become canon over my dead body.

...501st ... *cough*

adamqd 11-07-2007 10:33 AM

...K'Kruhk's Lightsaber... *cough*

Nancy Allen`` 12-02-2007 07:14 AM

A friend's looking at writing proper Star Wars stories to be approved by GL and published. What would the chances be?

PoiuyWired 12-02-2007 12:42 PM

Smaller the Brain Size of JarJar after a lobotomy and a few kegs of Juma Juice.

Nancy Allen`` 12-02-2007 03:45 PM

That bad huh? So how did, say, Timothy Zahn get the gig?

DarthJebus05 02-10-2008 09:51 AM

If it fan-made content is canon, then I hope it's bloody not BOS. I liked it and all, but for canon? Ugh, that is a extremely terrible idea.

PoiuyWired 02-10-2008 05:17 PM

Well, Lucas Arts did host "backstory" contest from time to time on those guys lurking in background, and winners sometimes get their story listed as canon.

But yeah, generally Fanon to Canon is a rare thing indeed. Though yeah it is nice for the little things to be affected by fandom interatcion. But yeah, things like that should be kept in check nicely, as it would be worse than Trek if scumbags like SS are allowed to run amok... Eith that, or fangirls writing side stories of love affair between Han x Chewie x Fett (don't ask me how, as I truly don't want to know, given that Fangirls can create terrors like Optimus Prime x Starscream).

DeadYorick 02-10-2008 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I want MotS to be canon ;_;

Isn't Mysteries of the Sith cannon? It was published by Lucasarts

PoiuyWired 02-14-2008 03:35 PM

Maybe MotS means "Monkeyisland of the Sith" ?

Rev7 02-14-2008 10:38 PM

Probably not.

DeadYorick 02-15-2008 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
Maybe MotS means "Monkeyisland of the Sith" ?

I rofled at that. But I doubt that MotS means MonkeyIsland of the Sith. Why would the sith go to a Monkey Island? Lol

Anyway isn't Mysteries of the Sith cannon?

adamqd 02-15-2008 01:33 PM

Unless its been ret-conned it is canon

PoiuyWired 02-15-2008 07:34 PM

MotS is canon at the basics, on the LS way. As with most game based canon the details are not important. I mean, its not like we need to count how many stormies and reborn Katarn killed and how many ammo clips he picked up...though details of Katarn and Jan Ors with some loading ramp action would be most interesting.

Oh, as we know that There is also that possably uncanon thing about Katarn using a force power called "spear of the midnight pink" or something in one of the novelization of his jedi journey though...

The Seeker 02-18-2008 02:51 AM


Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
That bad huh? So how did, say, Timothy Zahn get the gig?

Writing for SW is a lot like becoming a mod. You don't ask for the job. You are chosen. Zahn, Stackpole, Perry, and all the others were approached by (bantam at the time, Lucasbooks later) and contracted to write in the universe based on their credibility writing original works in other universes or their own. For instance, Stackpole was writing battletech before star wars, along with a few original novels, and Bantam tapped him to write the X-wing books.

So, the best way to write star wars is to write original Fantasy (surprisingly not sci-fi so much) and once you get a few published, you are at least one step closer to being eligible. Then it's just a matter of having the right agent to further your ambitions to SW.

If you can't tell, I've looked into this extensively. I started writing a SW book when I was like 14, scrapped it and started an original Fantasy of my own. I finished that when I was 20 and have been working to get it published since then. Tough business for sure. And while writing SW isn't one of my major ambitions anymore, if I'm being totally honest with myself, I would not say no to an offer to write in the universe. Even still have a plot knocking around in my skull for just such an occasion.

Sorry for the personal side story, but I hope I answered your question.

Mace MacLeod 02-18-2008 02:46 PM

Hey, didn't Star Trek: Nemesis start off as a fan's script?

PoiuyWired 02-18-2008 03:08 PM

Trekkies are a different species dear.

adamqd 02-18-2008 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Hey, didn't Star Trek~Snip~

wrong hole

DeadYorick 02-25-2008 01:45 AM


Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
Trekkies are a different species dear.

They are a star wars fan's worst enemy and there is absoultely nothing a hardcore star wars fan hates most then a Trekky. Its vice versa with trekkies.

Anyway I think that Cannon could be cannon. Maybe it could be bought out and referenced in the credits.

Kain 02-25-2008 02:42 AM


Originally Posted by RakataDark
Isn't Mysteries of the Sith cannon? It was published by Lucasarts

Be that as it may, good ole' toy boy Lucas has bascially said dozens of times that the movies are the only canon he recognizes. Therefor, GL is retarted.

PoiuyWired 02-25-2008 02:26 PM

Well, I know this might sound bad to some, but GL is starting to "get in the way" with the development of the Star Wars Universe a a whole. I mean, his "not letting go" is beginning to show from various meaningless cuts of OT, and is hampering the development of maybe some more adventurous writers that would write a greyer/darker mood for the universe.

I mean, you can smeell the white-washness of PT when compared to OT, and don't even get me started on the dialogues.

I would go for C Cannon most of the time, as it seems much more sensable than G Cannon(which is not that much more interesting, and just as flickle if not more)

Jae Onasi 02-25-2008 05:09 PM

If George wants his creation kept the way he envisioned it, that's fine. I'd be ticked off if someone took the characters in my fic and did things with them that I didn't approve of. It's his 'universe', he can have it however he wants it. Obviously a lot of people like it this way, because it's made more money than any other movie franchise I can think of. I can't blame him for not wanting people to mess with his success.

PoiuyWired 02-26-2008 02:07 PM

Well, I am saying that while everyone likes his Original Vision of the Universe (way back when he enjoys ideas/inputs of others) and with mostly positive ideas of his ideas. There are things where he did it for the sake of "cause I can" despite people having reasonably negative opinions about it, as in things like retcon of "han shoots first" and what not.

Sure, keeping an eye on all auxillary works is great, but really, there is only so much one should attend to. Timelines far away from the main stories (namely OT/PT) should be allowed with much more freedom.

This is especially true for times after the main ordeals, or even for events in the far past.

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