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-BLaCKouT- 10-26-2007 03:54 PM

Bots with guns-only?
Time for another one of my highly specific, yet "why the hell would you want to do that" type questions...

Playing JKA (no mods), I've got a script set up for entering a number of bots at one time, all with different names. A typical line reads;
addbot "stormtrooper" 3 red 0 "TK-501"
Which adds a Stormtrooper bot with level 3 force powers, whose name comes up as "TK-501".

Is there a command I can add to the end of that line to set the bots' Saber Attack allocation to 0, forcing it to use guns? Or will I have to create/alter a custom bot with those settings?

Cheers in advance :)

Orj 10-27-2007 09:39 PM;44671

Here's a mod which allows you to have guns-only bots. DOA mod time!

ensiform 10-27-2007 10:26 PM

Actually this mod is not very correct at all.

All it does is set the force mastery from master to nothing basically. (Thus possibility of disabling force powers too)

Where it should be setting the last 3 values of the force config to zeroes.

(saber off, saber def, and saber throw).

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