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Empress Padme 10-30-2007 07:40 AM

[FIN]Legacy of the Force ShortFanFic:A Sister's Cry(containsLotF spoilers)


Jaina Solo paced back and forth in her apartment. She had tried meditating

but it didn't work. How could it? She knew Luke or Ben could not under any

circumstances get Jacen , now Darth Caedus, back for killing Mara

Jade,Luke's wife and Ben's mother.She knew it rested on her shoulders to not

only avenge her death but try to bring peace back to a galaxy that was

slowly having the life choked out of it by her own twin brother.

'How could this have happened? How could I have not seen it and .... No I

can not deal in what ifs. I can not undo the past. It is done. I have no

brothers left. Still how would I kill him and not feel guilt when looking in my

mother's eyes. She lost one child and knowing her surving son is bringing the

galaxy back into a dark age has been horrible to watch. As she reacts

to Jacen's continious betrayels is heartwrenching. ' Jaina thought to herself.

She wiped away the tears that now streaked down her face.

Mara , her dead aunt wasn't just her aunt but her Master. Mara had watched

all the Solo kids grow up. She was there for her when Anakin Solo died.She

had become the rock of the Skywalker and Solo family.Now the rock was

gone , crumbled to dust by Jacen Solo. A casualty in Jacen's quest to

become a Sith Lord. Now her cousin , Ben will grow up without

a mother thanks to her brother.

It was not the Jedi way to give into anger but it was boiling in her. She

wanted revenge but knew better. It would be what Jacen wants , for any

Jedi to give into their hatred and have it consume them. To turn to the

darkside. That's why she knew her Uncle and cousin could not be the ones to

kill Jacen if it came to that. It had to be her. It would be to risky for Ben or

Luke, they could easily fall to the darkside if they killed Jacen. Luke knew this too.

She had watched Ben after he found out Jacen had killed his mother. The

anger and pain , and a tad guilt for trusting Jacen engulfed the boy. Jacen

had successed for the time being. Ben was utterly broken. Teetering

between light and dark.

She was shaken out of her memories by a knock on the door.It was Jag.She

told him to go away.

" I know. I know, your the Sword of the Jedi , you must put the galaxy's

safety before your own happiness. You think you must sacrifice your

happiness for the greater good. I get it....actually I don't but once you have

your mind set on something. I can be just as stubborn as you. I'm here for

moral support. It doesn't take a Jedi to sense your pain and turmoil.I will

stay out here as long as I have to. You need someone to lean on, just for a

little while lean on me. Anybody." Jagged Fel said.

Jaina opened the door." Anybody? " she then quickly shut the door before he

could come in." Anybody but you or even Zekk. I just can't..."

She placed her hand on the door , not knowing Jag was doing the exact same thing.

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