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Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:26 PM

[FIN] KotOR III: The Unknown Regions
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Knights of the Old Republic III: The Unknown Regions

It has been 8 years since the Dark Lord Revan departed for the Unknown Regions; And it has been 3 years since the Jedi Exile, Ferc Kast, departed for the Unknown Regions after the fall of Darth Traya.

The Republic has been mostly stabilized by the Jedi Exile and his entourage of companions. However, there has been a series of planets that have seceded from the Republic.

After narrowly escaping capture from the Sith, a lone Jedi attempts to complete a dangerous assignment...

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:28 PM

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End
As the Republic cruiser Cessation came closer to Telos, a crew member woke up the Jedi.

She had been a commander under Revan's and the Jedi Exile's command. She had long, curly brown hair and blue eyes. Her name was Padmé Starkiller. She held the rank of Jedi Knight.

"Milady," said the crew member. "We are making our final approach into Telos.
"I understand; I'll finish getting ready." said Padmé.

Padmé couldn't remember why she agreed to do this mission. After all, it would endanger her life. Now, she remembered: it was because of her promise to the Jedi Exile.

She went to the exit ramp, remembering not to drop her lightsaber as she did last time. The ramp lowered now as they landed inside Citadel Station. She went down the ramp, followed by a few Republic soldiers.

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:30 PM

Chapter 2: The Rumor & the Promise

11 years earlier
Gunshots could be heard from every side of the battle ground. The Mandalorians kept fighting back for their honor. In the midst of all this, a figure approached her. She immediately drew her pink lightsaber, and activated it. To be safe, she got in a defesive position. As the figure came closer she saw that it was the General. Her heart jumped for joy of seeing him. She quickly got in a relaxed position and turned off her lightsaber.

"General Kast, what news from Revan?" Padmé asked him.
"Well, Revan says that all is going as planned; For this very reason, he says that it is time to activate the mass shadow generators. We will have to leave the planet first to avoid our army being decimated." Ferc Kast replied.
"I'll go tell Bao-Dur; he's the one that Revan told me that he chose for this job." She replied, sounding hopeful about something.
"May the Force be with you." He said, sounding not quite as hopeful to see her again.
"You do realize that--" Padmé started, but the General cut her off.
"Yes, I know that we will probaly not see each other again." He said, rather quickly.

Tears fell from her eyes; he hugged her. And, in order to cheer her up, he kissed her.

"I love you. I will never forget you." said he, with a gentle tone.
"So the rumor was true?" she said, through her tears. "The rumor that you're leaving to face the Jedi Council's judgement?"
"Yes the rumor is true. Malak wanted Revan to kill me for deserting. But, Revan stood up for me. He thought that I need to go face the Council." the soon-to-be exile said.
"I will find you, if I can after serving a while longer, and help you do whatever you need help doing." she said, in a promising tone. "I love you. May the Force be with you, always."

She now went to find Bao-Dur and give him the assignment, and to announce the retreat order that would ensure their safety & victory...

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:32 PM

Chapter 3: The New Assignment

Admiral Carth Onasi waited for this "Jedi who served under Revan and the Exile." He wondered what this Jedi would be like: whether more like Revan, more like the Exile or like neither. Soon, he heard calls for him on his comlink. He listened a while longer to realize that it was Dustil Onasi's voice. He answered the call. A short message came through his comlink:

"The Jedi is here, and is waiting...patiently for your arrival." said Dustil's voice.
"I'll be there soon. Admiral Onasi out." he replied.

He got to the landing pad in Citadel Station soon afterwards. Where could this Jedi be? he thought, only seeing a bunch of Republic soldiers at first. Then he saw her: a beautiful young lady in a simple, yet unique Jedi outfit.

"You're the Jedi served under Revan & the Exile, correct?" Admiral Onasi asked, trying to keep a serious tone.
"Yes, I am. And for future reference, my name is Padmé Starkiller. And you are?" Padmé replied.
"I am Admiral Onasi. I served under Saul Karath during the Mandalorian Wars. I was a Republic soldier during the Jedi Civil War. At the end of the Jedi Civil War, I was a companion to Darth Revan." He replied, sounding proud and unproud at the same time.
"That's quite a service record that you have. Anyways, I was told that you would deliver me the last known coordinates of the Ebon Hawk." Padmé said, seemingly impressed.
"Yes, I have them with me. But, before you leave to go help the Exile, the Republic need help with 5 of the planets that have seceded." the aged Admiral said.
"I accept this assignment, Admiral Onasi." Padmé said, after thinking about it for a while.
"Well, to tell the truth I am glad." said Admiral Onasi, relieved. "And here's why: by going to those 5 planets you should be able to get the coordinates to find the Exile & Revan, while helping the Republic's problem. I wish you luck. May the Force be with you, Master Starkiller."
"Thank you. May the Force be with you,..." she said, gratefully. "...Carth."
"Wait, how do you know me?" the Admiral asked, curiously.
"I met your wife before she died. She told me all about you while you were serving the Republic. I protected her while you were gone. She promised that she wouldn't tell you about me.." Padmé said. "In fact, it was your wife whoe vouched for me before the Jedi Council when I returned from the Mandalorian War. I'm sorry for what happened to her. But, I was told to go back to the Jedi Temple on Dantooine for an assignment. I attempted to leave 2 weeks later. In the end, I had to leave the week before she died. If I had stayed, she would still be alive."
"It's not your fault; it was Saul Karath's fault." Carth said, as he thought: How could it be her fault? Saul gave the order to fire on Telos, not her.
"But, I suggested, before I left Revan & Malak, to Saul that he could show his loyalty by attacking Telos. I just didn't think he would actually do it. Thus, it was my fault." she said, mournfully. "I now wish that I hadn't suggested it to him. I'm sorry for what happened."
"Everyone makes mistakes. Your mistake was the worst one that I have ever seen; however, I forgive you." Admiral Onasi replied, calmly.

She thanked him and got back on the Cessation.

The pilot punched in the hyperspace coordinates. The pilot jumped when he heard footsteps, yet saw nothing/no one. When he turned around to face out the window, a red lightsaber went through his chest. The co-pilot died at the same time, in the same manner.
The Sith had boarded the Cessation; The Cessation was under attack by lots of Dark Jedi, Sith Assassins and Sith Troopers.
The Republic soldiers had to get Padmé to a safe place. After all, the Sith were attacking to capture her.
An emergency alarm could be heard inside her room, where she was sleeping. She woke up and summoned her lightsaber and put it on her belt.
She ran towards the escape pods. But, she couldn't get past the doorway. She felt tired suddenly. She couldn't remember anything until she woke up on a Sith vessel, the Leviathan II.

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:32 PM

Chapter 4: Of Escape and Irony

She woke up the next morning, feeling miserable. The Sith Lord stood before Padmé, torturing her.

"I will ask this on more time: tell me what you know concerning the Dark Lord Revan and the Jedi Exile." said the Sith Lord, in a commanding tone.
"I know that Revan left the Republic almost entirely broken; Then, 5 years ago, the Jedi Exile fixed the Republic. Revan left, after ruling the galaxy for a little while; 5 years ago, the Jedi Exile left the Republic after destroying Darth Traya on Malachor V, which was destroyed after he & his companions left the planet." she replied.
"Everyone knows that much. Where are they now? That is the real question." demanded the Sith Lord.
"I'm just as clueless as everyone else." Padmé replied.
"You must know where they are. And if you don't, you will remain on this ship forever." the Sith Lord replied, obviously angry.

Therefore, Padmé was stuck on the Leviathan II. One morning, there was a power outage. So, she seized the moment to run to the hangar bay, which unexpectedly held the Ebon Hawk. She quickly boarded the Ebon Hawk, where two active droids were already. She punched in the coordinates for Bespin, to attempt to get a few friends to join her. After that, she would need to race to Onderon to gather the Force Sensitives that the Exile left behind.

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:33 PM

Chapter 5: The First Stop

"No. I would want to help you with with any task that you require help doind. But, this...this is a suicide mission." began Zhar-Das Jinn, another Jedi war veteran. "And, I'm not ready to die yet."

Zhar-Das Jinn was a former Jedi in his 60s. He looked as if he hadn't shaved in a while. Padmé looked she was on the verge of crying.

"All right. I'll join with you on condition: that you won't cry when I die." Zhar-Das finally said, not being able to look at Padmé be 'sad' any longer.
"Thanks for joining. But, I do forsee that you won't die on this mission." Padmé said, gratefully.

Suddenly, a figure approached them from behind them. Padmé and Zhar-Das drew and activated their lightsabers.

"Who are you? Tell us." Padmé asked, gently & softly.
"I was once know by a name that everyone would probably know because of a certain Jedi. But, my current name is Darth Androus." the personage started, but was interupted by their sudden attack.

The personage summoned one of his own lightsabers. The handle was curved, such as had never been seen before in the Jedi Order, with a green blade.

"I came to help you, Padmé Starkiller, not to kill you." Darth Androus said.
"Yeah, right. Help me with kill and/or surrending myself." she said, sarcastically.
"No really. I would fight with you against the True Sith." Darth Androus replied, seriously.
"We could use all the help that we can aquire willingly." Zhar-Das whispered to Padmé.
"Very well. We accept your help." Padmé replied to Darth Androus.

They, they set out for Nar Shaddaa with all the Force Sensitives they found and/or could recruit from Bespin.

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:33 PM

Chapter 6: An Unexpected Master

The Force flowed smoothly here on Nar Shaddaa. There was a certain life about Nar Shaddaa. It was a indescribable planet for Padmé Starkiller.

"Are you sure it was a good idea to leave the new recruits of the new Jedi Order, which you recreated, with Androus?" asked Zhar-Das, who almost always had good instincts.
"Yes; I am sure that it was." she replied, confidently.

She suddenly felt a familar presence nearby through the Force, even through all the life that Nar Shaddaa echoed to Force Users and Force Sensitives; a presence that she hadn't felt since...Malachor V, since the one day when he had comforted her. The General. Or, as he was more recently known by, The Jedi Exile.

"Good, I see T3-M4 & HK-47 found you alright." Ferc Kast, the Jedi Exile, said.
"But, I thought you went to fight with Revan in the Unknown Regions." Padmé said, unbelieving.
"I did; but, then I remembered about the Force Sensitives on Onderon. I got a ride here from an old friend." said the Exile, pointing to his companion who was clad in Mandalorian armor.
"Who are you?" Padmé asked his companion.
"I am Mandalore." the Mandalorian said.
"I thought Revan killed Mandalore at Malachor V." she said, taken aback by Mandalore's reply.
"He did. Yet, before he left for the Unknown Regions he gave Mandalore's helmet to the one person he deemed worthy: I, whose previous name before the title of Mandalore, was Canderous Ordo." Mandalore declared, proudly.
"Anyway, I could use a ride to Onderon, Commander Starkiller." Ferc Kast requested. *silence* "What? Let me guess: you're ashamed because of your actions on Malachor V? During the Mandalorian Wars?" *more silence* "Give me a hint. Come on; you were never this stubborn before."

Padmé just broke out in tears. Through her tears, Ferc only heard 2 words from her: "Hold me." He immediately held her within his embracing arms.
He felt awkward to be holding her as he did the night he had left. Memories of their times came flooding back to him. The good times and the bad times they had gone through together. Their last consersation, with almost the same ending as this.

"I've dealt with a lot for Revan's and your sake, both from the Republic and from the Sith." she started, finally while still crying. "I've had nothing to hold to, except the promise I gave you. Now, I don't even have that to hold on to anymore.
"I will always be with you until the very end. Nothing will ever separate us again,..." the Exile said. "I promise."

So, the trio went about recruiting more Force Sensitives on Nar Shaddaa, then they transported them to the still-battered Jedi Academy, which had faded engravings of Aubrey Sunrider, Revan, Ferc Kast and Padmé Starkiller on a wall in the Jedi Archives. They then went into hyperspace on the Ebon Hawk to Onderon.

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:34 PM

Chapter 7: A Mysterious Stranger
Meanwhile at the...

There was a chocolate in his hand. Darth Androus ate it quickly, turning his attention back to his Sith apprentice.
"You must learn to strike faster in order to defeat the Jedi in your path." Darth Androus screamed at the Sith apprentice.
"If you insist." the Sith apprentice said, making the lightsaber's strokes faster and more lethal, considering it was a dead Jedi's lightsaber.
"Good. That's enough. Go finish constructing your lightsaber." Darth Androus said.

The apprentice pulled out an incomplete lightsaber hilt. It was a curved hilt. It bore indistinct engravings, which read in Basic: "The former Master shall rise again." The apprentice wondered who the former master was.

"Remember, a Sith is defined by their lightsaber. For those Sith who go undercover, a hilt that can be easily hidden is best." Darth Androus reminded the apprentice.
"Where shall I wait for the Jedi?" the apprentice demanded.
"You shall find the Jedi on..." Darth Androus started, but an alarm started going off. "We have a visitor. Kill them."

He jumped from the ceiling, drawing his red longsaber out and activating it.

"Who died and made you Dark Lord of the Sith" the man asked, holding his lightsaber towards Darth Androus' throat.
"Darth Traya was the last Dark Lord of the Sith, but this Jedi Exile killed the very room, in fact." Darth Androus declared. "I was one of the survivors that left here alive."
"Atton Rand?" the man asked.
" did you know?" Darth Androus asked.
"I have my ways. As you saw during the War before you deserted." the man said.
"Is it you? Is it really you?" Darth Androus asked.

The man nodded. "I need you to do something for me..."

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:35 PM

Chapter 8: The Return of Revan
There was something about the planet that seemed different about than the last time he was here. Onderon's Palace still bore signs of the last battle that occurred here 3 years ago exactly. Queen Talia was still the ruler here. She had been awaiting the Exile's return with anticipation.

"Welcome back, Exile. The Force Sensitives are still are ready to follow you off this 'rock'. But, I will not allow you to take them!" Queen Talia said.

Jumping out of the shadows, a Sith appeared at her side with a custom-made brown lightsaber. The Sith attacked the trio. This Sith fought like no other Sith that they had ever faced before. He attack so rapidly that they were barely were able to counter his attacks. Padmé blocked the Sith from attacking the Exile & Zhar-Das Jinn. The Sith slashed at her side. She attacked furiously with an anger that even this Sith couldn't comprehend. Then, she killed the Sith and walked before Queen Talia.

"You were saying?" she asked, mockingly.
"I'll get them ready for departure." Queen Talia said, leaving the room.
"You're the craziest fighter that I've ever met. And, for that, I owe you my life." Ferc Kast said.

She cried out in pain...She blacked out until she awoke seeing a personage looking towards the horizon...
This person stood before her.

"Good, she lives." the person, clad in white robes and masked, said.
"Darth Revan?" she asked.
"Yes, that was my name once. Darth Revan. But, I am Revan the White. And I come back to you and the Republic at the turn of the tide." He declared. "War is at the Republic's feet. It is inevitable. We must rebuild the Jedi Order if the Republic is to survive. I've brought my former crew & Ferc's former crew. We will need all the help we can get."
"Bastila Shan?" she asked, feeling another Force user enter the room.
"Yes. It is I. Clearly, rumors of my disappearance truly were exaggerated." Bastila said.

Revan bent down on one knee. He pulled out a dozen red roses. He held out his arm, which was holding the roses, towards Bastila.

"Will you marry me?" Revan asked.
"Yes, I will." she replied, blushing. "I thought you might ask eventually."
"I had to ask before the war comes to the Republic." Revan said. "The Ebon Hawk is ready to go to Coruscant before the wedding to check up on your mother."

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:36 PM

Chapter 9: A Day Long Remembered
Bastila and Revan walked through the hospital doors. Revan wore a civilian's outfit so as to avoid attention, while Bastila wore a black robe with her hood up to cover her outfit. They walked to the front desk.

"Yes? Can I help you?" the receptionist asked.
"We're looking for Helena Shan." Bastila said.
"One moment: let me look through our record...Here it is. Room 1138." the receptionist replied, half-willingly.

As they went to find room 1138, Revan saw on the computer screen in front of the receptionist: 'Helena Shan...on Death Bed' Oh, no. Revan thought. They found the room a few minutes later, then opened the door. They entered her room.

"Mother?" Bastila said, running to Helena's bed.
"Bastila. I knew you would come. Now, my life is complete." Helena said, weakly.
"What're you talki-" Bastila started.
"My daughter. My grown-up daughter. You look so beautiful. I love y-y-you." Helena interupted.

Helena's eyes closed for the last time. Her hand fell back and went limp. Helena had died.

"Mother?" she asked, as she spread her arms over Helena's body.
"Bastila, I'm so sorry. If I hadn't delayed my return.." Revan said, mournfully.
"Hold me." Bastila said, through her new misery.

Revan did as he was told. He embraced her. He even carried her to the Ebon Hawk, where he punched in the coordinates for the...
Everyone was busy rebuilding the Jedi Academy or training the Force-Sensitives. Revan & Bastila walked out of the Ebon Hawk.

"Statement: It is a pleasure to see you again, master." HK-47 said. "Query: What is wrong with the meatbag mistress, master?"
"HK, just leave her alone for now. She's experiencing grief right now." Revan threatened.
"Query: For what purpose, master?" HK persisted.
"Her mother died." Revan said. "But, don't communicate with her about it."
"Statement: I shall fulfill the requests given to this HK unit." HK-47 responded.
Days later...
"You'll be fine." Handmaiden said to Bastila. "I'm sure your parents would be proud of you."
"I guess you're right." Bastila agreed.
"I have a surprise waiting for us at the wedding." Revan said.

Bastila sensed the truth of his words, but she couldn't even use the Force to find out what the surprise was.

"Ferc, I need you to give this to the band for me before the first song for Bastila and I to dance to." Revan said, handing a holocron to Ferc Kast.
"It better not be a corny song." Ferc Kast replied.
No, that'd be the last song that will be a bit corny. And, I chose it because of what is to come." Revan said.
The day of the wedding...
The band started to play the wedding march. Carth walked up with Bastila to hand her off to Revan. Padmé Starkiller, accompanied by Ferc Kast, and the Handmaiden, accompanied by Mical, followed Bastila. The best men (Mical and Ferc) split off to Bastila & Revan's right, while the bride's maids(Handmaiden and Padmé) split off to Bastila & Revan's left. The band stopped playing.

"Statement: Dearly beloved meatbags, we have gathered here together to witness the joining of Revan and Bastila. We are here to celebrate their 'love'. This love is unlike any that I have ever heard of...[minutes later]...Query: Do you, Revan Starkiller, take Bastila Shan to your lawfully wedded wife?" HK said.
"I do." Revan replied, looking into Bastila's eyes.
"Query: And do you, Bastila Shan, take Revan Starkiller to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
"I do." Bastila responded, staring back into Revan's eyes.
"Unnecessary Suggestion: If there is anyone who sees any reason that these two meatbags should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace." HK said, wearily.

Ferc Kast sneaked over to the band, handing them the holocron containing music.

"Statement: Then, by the power, granted unto me by the leader of this planet, I now pronounce you man and wife. Suggestion: You may now kiss the bride." HK concluded.

Revan lifted the veil o'er Bastila's face and they kissed each other. The reception began right then.

"Will the newly-wed couple please get on the dance floor? We are about to start the first dance song." The band director announced.

They got on the dance floor.

"What was the surprise?" Bastila asked.
"You'll see. Or rather, you'll hear." Revan said.

On that note, the band started to play and the vocalists started to sing:
"There's a song that's inside of my soul; it's the one that I've tried to write over and over again. I'm awake in the infinite cold; but you sing to me over and over and over again. So I lay my head back down, and I lift my hands and pray to be only yours, I pray to be only yours; I know now you're my only hope. Sing to me the song of the stars, of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again. When it feels like my dreams are so far, sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again. So I lay my head back down, and I lift my hands and pray to be only yours, I pray to be only yours; I know now you're my only hope. I give you my destiny. I'm giving You all of me. I want your symphony singing in all that I am. At the top of my lungs, I'm giving it back. So I lay my head back down, and I lift my hands and pray to be only yours, I pray to be only yours; I know now you're my only hope."

During the song:
"Revan, you didn't. You knew that's my favorite song." Bastila said.
"And now, it's our song.
"Everyone may now join them on the dance floor." the band director announced.

Everyone danced to 2 other songs: Earth Angel, Music of the Night. Soon thereafter, the final song, Good Riddance, was ending:
"It's something unpredictable; But, in the end it's right. I hope you have the time of your life."

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:37 PM

Chapter 10: Mary Had A Little Gizka?!!
There was knocking on the door of the apartment.

"Password?" Revan asked.
"Mary had a little Gizka." responded the person outside, urgently.

Revan opened the door.

"Oh, my gosh. How soon? Anyway, good timing for telling me. We were just about to start the briefing. Come in before someone sees or hears." Revan said, full of caution.

The person entered the room and closed the door.

"Okay. We're all here now, and more than the original number planned to be here. There are 13 of us now. First off, I'd like to thank Carth for providing this room for the briefing. Mandalore, status report from the edge of the galaxy." Revan said.
Somewhere on the other side of the galaxy...
A hooded figure was watching this meeting, using a recording device.

"So, Revan, you have finally decided to fight back against us." the hooded figure said.
Back on Telos...
"We have been tracking this threat for months. Your allies from the other side of the universe are starting to arrive at Mandalore Prime as we speak. This threat has also started to come out into the open. You know the recent Mandalorian attack on Dantooine? We found the beginnings of the threat there, hiding among the civilians. On their remains was a map. So, we have tried to track their course from the map. The enemy doesn't know of this yet, I'm sure. But, we know their next move will be against Telos. That is, assuming we interpreted it correctly." Mandalore reported.
"Atton, what have you found out from the True Sith meetings?" Revan asked.
"Their first and formost goal is to kill you, Revan, and all who follow you. Apparently, you brought too much hope to those on the other side of the universe. According to their reports, most of those who fought with you there are gone. The rest are submitting to their control. They decided to finally reveal themselves on this side of the galaxy. She is the leader of them. She knows you can't watch them attack forever." Atton said.
"Good job, Atton and Mandalore. Meeting dismissed. Next one will be at the same time tommorow. May the Force be with you." Revan said.

Everyone except Atton, Bastila, Revan and Ferc Kast left the room.

"Now, Ferc, did you get your target in range? Or are you still preparing to 'shoot' it?" Revan asked, trying to be vague in front of Bastila.

Bastila looked back and forth from Ferc to Revan, from Revan to Ferc, etc. What target were they talking about? Bastila wondered. I ought to tell Padmé about this later, since she wants to know about any strange things involving Ferc.

"In truth, I'm waiting for the perfect moment when it's just me and my target." Ferc replied, truthfully. "When my target has dropped all defences, if you know what I mean. Atton, I'm disappointed in you. Why did you turn to the dark side?"
"I saw traces of the witch. She may be alive still. Upon realizing this, I percieved it would take a strong command of the dark side to finish her once and for all. Think about it. How would she have known about the True Sith. In a Sith holocron I found, it said that 'of the True Sith, we shall not speak to ensure that only the True Sith will know of the True Sith.'" Atton said.
"That does make sense. So, you're only on the dark side to hunt her down?" Ferc asked, curiously.
"I stood before her when I was trying to get into the True Sith meeting. She didn't recognize me. She, unforunately, lives." Atton said.
Later that night...
"So, Ferc, I hear you're hunting some target. What is it? I could help you hunt it." Padmé volunteered.
"What it is I can't tell you. As for helping me, you could help more than you know. But, how did you...?" Ferc said.
"Find out? Bastila told me." Padmé replied.

She decided to drop that subject, for the moment. They enjoyed a romantic dinner of spaghetti, with a three-cheese spaghetti sauce on top of it, and meatballs together. After dinner, Ferc and Padmé went back to their apartment on Citadel Station. Neither knew what would happen the next morning...

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:37 PM

Chapter 11: The Third Battalion
It was midnight. All except the TSF, Revan and the Exile were asleep. Revan sat still on his and Bastila's couch, apparently waiting for something to happen. There was a disturbance in the Force. Suddently, the TSF's camera showed some cruisers approaching Telos. Suddenly, explosions could be felt all around Telos' surface and Citadel Station. From the cruisers, came thousands of individual Sith fighters. There was an announce to all able-bodied pilots: "All pilots demand their ships!!! All pilots to their ships!!" Upon hearing this, thousands of Telos pilots and the Exile ran to their Republic starfighters. Revan ran to his custom-made Sith fighter. After 4 hours of fighting individual Sith fighters, Revan grinned. He had a plan.

“Admiral Onasi, this is Revan.” Revan said, anxiously.
“Yes; what’s the matter, Revan?” Carth replied.
“Tell your men to hold their fire on the Sith fighters.” Revan commanded.
“Yes, Revan. Will do.” Carth said, wondering what Revan had in mind. “All pilots avoid shooting at the Sith fighters at all costs. But, keep defending the planet.”

Revan targeted a Sith fighter, with markings that signified a high rank, carefully. I have you now. Revan thought to himself. He fireed at the Sith fighter, causing all the Sith fighters to persue him. He looked towards a nearby Republic cruiser. He knew what needed to be done.

“Red Group, fire all your missles across the bow of Cruiser 66.” He started to fly towards the Republic cruiser, while most of the Sith fighters following him.
“But, there aren’t any targets there, commander.” Red Group’s leader said.
“Just do it, now!!!!” Revan shouted in response.

Revan got to the bow in time to avoid the missles. What was Revan thinking for them to waste those missles? Carth wondered, knowing that Revan must have something up his sleeve. The Sith fighters followed Revan to the bow, where they were hit instantly by the oncoming missles.

“Attack.” Revan commanded.

The pilots didn’t hesitate upon hearing that word from Revan. They fired on the remaining Sith fighters immediately. They forced the fighters back into the cruisers. Soon, the Republic cruisers started to fire on the fleeing Sith cruisers. Revan brilliantly lead Telos’ pilots with his military instruction. Within a few more hours, the Sith cruisers were mostly destroyed, except the ones that managed to flee the battle. The pilots started to fly back to Citadel Station. The Third and Final Battle of Telos was won. But, this War had only just began…

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:38 PM

Chapter 12: A Fool's Betrayal
Ferc walked past his fellow pilots to try to find Padmé among the cheering crowd of Telosians. He soon spotted her among the crowd. She stood far off with Atton holding her hand. He stared in unbelief at them. He thought he must be misconstruing what he saw. He looked again. They were more than holding each other's hand; They appeared to be either hugging or kissing. He hid himself in the cantina for most of the early morning. When he came back to their apartment later, he went on the couch and fell asleep. The next thing he remembered was waking up smelling something good. Padmé apparently was cooking breakfast. He started to stretch & get up.

"Good to see you up, sleepy head." Padmé said upon hearing him stretch. "I didn't see you come back from the battle. Where were you?!! Atton and I were waiting for you."
"So, that's what you were doing. One could've mistaken it for something else." Ferc replied, sarcastically. "I was waiting for someone to catch up with me. But, that clearly didn't happen. So, I went to a couple celebrations instead."
"I see. Forget me will you?! I'll have to teach a lesson for that." she replied.
"Much as I'd like that lesson, I have to go somewhere. Oh; And, tell Atton to stay away from you." Ferc said, on the verge of shouting.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"Nothing." he replied, sighing deeply.
"Don't do this. Let me help you; I...I will do anything you ask." Padmé pleaded.
"Forget it. You'd feel too sympathetic if I told you." Ferc said, decisively.

Ferc now remember some of Kreia's last words: There must always be a Darth Traya... Ferc turned back to Padmé.

"I'm going to be off Telos for a short while. I need to think about something...alone." Ferc said.

That night...
"Ferc sent me to keep tabs on you." Atton said to Padmé, as he entered the apartment.
"You look worried. What's up?" Padmé noted.
"Well...It's a long story." Atton said.

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:39 PM

Chapter 13: There is no Death...
"To summarize, all that I have told you over the last few hours, in a nutshell: His tracking device, which he usually carries on him at all times, isn't giving a signal anymore. This makes me very concerned. When did you last see him?" Atton asked.
"Yesterday." Padmé replied.
"Did he say where he was going?" Atton asked, attempting to gain insight.
"He didn't." she replied.
"I need your help, then." Atton said, bluntly.
Darth Balatro stared towards the lava. This was the Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Balatro wore a mask to hide his face. He also wore the traditional black robes of the Sith with his hood up. A Sith soldier walked up to Darth Balatro. He glared at the soldier, waiting for the news.

"Padmé Starkiller has just arrived, my Lord." the soldier said.
"Inform me when he arrives." Darth Balatro said. "For it is inevitable that he will come & find her here."
"Yes, my Lord." the soldier said, saluting before leaving.

Darth Balatro went invisibly to the landing pad. There was Padmé Starkiller in a brown Jedi tunic and some young man. He analyzed the situation and deduced that he would need to possess her to set his plan in motion. He then used the Force in order to possess her, while remaining hidden.

Padmé lay faint on the ground for a while. He awoke inside her. Good; It worked. He thought to himself. I will duel with the Exile, then re-possess her & journey with him. I can then kill him when he least expects it.

"Are you all right, Padmé?" the young man asked.
"Yes; I am fine, whoe'er you are." he said, which came out sounding like her voice.
"You've known me for months. How could you forget me, Atton Rand, charmer of girls like yourself?!" Atton asked, a bit offended.
"It was the fall that caused me to forget...Atton." he said.

Darth Balatro got Atton back in the ship while he was outside still. Padmé couldn't remember anything for a while. Everything seemed to get dark all around her. The next thing she remembered was being chained against the wall of a dungeon.

"Good; You survived." Darth Balatro said, from the shadows.
"Ferc Kast will come for me." Padmé said, confidently.
"I know. That's the reason that I brought you here." Darth Balatro explained. "You are the perfect bait for my plan."
Hours later...
The Sith soldier returned, bearing a urgent message: "My Lord, he has just landed."

"Excellent. See to it that he finds me on the upper landing pad." Darth Balatro replied.

Darth Balatro ran to fight Ferc; He waited patiently on the upper landing pad. Ferc jumped up to it from the lower landing pad.

"Unhand her." Ferc said, threateningly.
"Watch that temper; It's going to get you in more trouble than you can handle one day." Darth Balatro replied.

Ferc drew out his lightsaber, keeping it unactivated for a moment. He then activated it and swung towards the Sith; But, it was blocked by the Sith's red lightsaber. Darth Balatro kept attacking Ferc, barely getting Ferc hurt. Ferc blocked every stroke with undeniable prowess. But after hours of dueling, Darth Balatro cut off Ferc's right hand.

"There is no escape. Don't make me destroy you as you thought that you destroyed Traya." warned Darth Balatro.

As Darth Balatro made his death blow intended for Ferc, Atton jump out of nowhere to sacrifice himself for the greater good. While Darth Balatro watched Atton fall down to the ground, Ferc stabbed his lightsaber into Darth Balatro. Darth Balatro had failed to follow his orders from Traya.

"Did I save you, yet?" Atton asked, weakly.

Ferc only looked at Atton, unable to reply.

"Your eyes...That bad, huh? Always was ugly...Now the outside matches." Atton said.

Atton then became one with the Force. Ferc mourned Atton's death while he rescued Padmé; He set their ship's course for Mandalore Prime...

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:42 PM

Chapter 14: A Dying Race
There were Mandalorians all around this planet. And, recruits from the Unknown Regions were arriving constantly. Ferc recognized some of them as the leaders of the Unknown Region resistance. He remembered those 3 years of fight side by side with them. How unfortunate that it wasn't enought to defeat the True Sith once and for all. Ferc and Padmé boarded aship bound for Androus V, a planet on the other side of the galaxy.
Ferc constructed a mechanical hand, which looked exactly as the hand hand he'd lost in the duel with Darth Balatro, for himself.

"Atton, your sacrifice won't be in vain." Ferc had said said weeks ago at Atton's funeral.
"Ferc, come follow me." Padmé said, taking hime to a hidden room.

There was only a bed in the room. She lay with him & he kissed her. She went with him everywhere, obeying his every whim.
All was right with Ferc until he realized it is but a dream. He was lying with Padmé as a guardian only, but nothing more. She was only inches away. What is stopping me from truly lying with her? he wondered to himself. He left the room to meditate. He felt her approach from behind. She turned to go back into the room.

"Don't go. Your presence is soothing." Ferc said.
"I didn't want to dusturb you." she replied. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing; Only a dream." Ferc said.

The rest of the day, he shut himself up in the room alone. Ferc couldn't understand Atton's death. Why did he sacrifice himself? He could've prevented that lethal blow; Yet, he chose not to. Why? he pondered to himself.
Mandalorians were fighting all around the planet. The True Sith had taken the bait. Their ships were starting to get out of hyperspace.

"Quickly, man the turrets to blast them through the planet's shield." Ferc said.
"But, sir, one of our fighter is headed straight at them." One Mandalorian said, urgently.
"How could thi...Padmé." Ferc replied. "Padmé, get out of there."
"And, what of the Sith fighters?" Padmé replied.
"Good point; Although, I'm sending more fighters to help." Ferc said
"Very well." Padmé responded.

Within the hour, she was getting out of her starfighter. She bore scars from the battle above the planet. Ferc ran up & hugged her. She lay her head upon his shoulders and cried.
Later, she sneaked aboard her starfighter to a garden on Telos' surface. Ferc arrived there minutes later. He found her possessions outside of the garden. He grabbed her hands before she could stab herself with the dagger she had with her.

"I can't bear this grief anymore." Padmé said, attempting to rationalize.
"You didn't truly know him as I did. So, you have no reason for this action." Ferc countered.

That evening, Ferc watched her with Bastila and Revan's help. They avoided the subject of Atton all that night. Padmé retired to her room hours later.

"Are you going to be fine overnight, Ferc?" Bastila asked, the green dots on her cheek gleaming in the available lights.
"I should be." Ferc said.
"Considering all, I'd say that you should go for your target after we leave. Sooner would probably be better at this point." Revan said.

The next day, Padmé could control her emotions. The two went through a park. As they were flying towards Duxn, Ferc, holding Padmé's hand in his, decided to go for his target another day...

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:43 PM

Chapter 15: March of the Mandalorians
The duo did many things together while following Revan's orders. They were on Duxn. All was quiet; Everyone was was quiet as Sith surrounded them. The shield went up after all the Basillisk War Droids were launched towards the Sith ships in the area. There came a call from among the Mandalorians: "Charge!!!" Ferc looked for the source of the call. To his great astonishment, it was Atton. Atton wore a white Jedi robe, wielding a silver lightsaber. And, charge they did. The Mandalorians & Republic soldiers and Jedi stationed therestarted attacking these Sith. The Sith soon gained the upper hand. Upon realizing this, Ferc used his Master Battle Meditation power. The tide began to turn; The Mandalorians fought perfectly, making their deaths more honorable and blows more lethal. Every blade reached its' mark. There were still losses for the Republic, just mostly these True Sith were dying and losing. The Republic later forgot that through Ferc, they had won this victory against the True Sith.
Bodies lay everywhere within 2 days of the tide's turn. The Mandalorians made their stand and won, barely. Only a handful of Mandalorians, including Mandalore himself, survived the battle. Padmé was heavily wounded during this battle. Ferc looked for Padmé for 1.5 days before finding her, by which time she had fainted from loss of blodd.

"Atton, get over here!!" Ferc shouted.
"What happened? More Sith?" Atton asked.
"No; It's Padmé." Ferc replied. "If you don't get here soon, she will be listed among the deceased."
She thought she heard a voice speaking to her in the midst of darkness from her fainting. She felt warm, yet not entirely warm. There was nothing more or less than a quilt over her. A door was opened & one set of feetsteps left as another entered.
Padmé's eyes opened as Ferc entered the room. There was something different about him that she couldn't place. He looked a bit uncomfortable in this room. He appearaed as if he had slept in a while. There was a tense silence between the two for a few minutes.

"You said something to me while I was out of it; Of life...of being. Faint." Padmé said, remembering vaguely.
"I did indeed.. And, what of it?" Ferc replied.
"What did you say? And, please, be honest with me." She requested.
"I said...You sure you want to know?" He asked.
Padmé nodded. "Yes."
"It was something along the lines of...'I would stand in death's door for you before I would let this happen again. My caring for you exceeds the instensity of 9 billion suns. My target is and has always been...'" Ferc started...

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:44 PM

Chapter 16: The Prophecy and Death of Jinn
"It was something along the lines of...'I would stand in death's door for you before I would let this happen again. My caring for you exceeds the instensity of 9 billion suns. My target is and has always been...'" Ferc started.

Ferc had almost finished his sentence when Zhar-Das Jinn rushed into the room; He spoke like never before.

"The one who will bring balance to the Force will be born unto she who is without husband. He will be found by one called...Jinn, who shall...fight a Sith Lord...die upon his enemy's lightsaber. Chosen One...Sith...will defeat...Jedi...Balance will be brought by through the Chosen One." Zhar-Das said.

The duo stared at him; Had a prophecy truly been made? they pondered to themselves.
A Sith Lord aproached Jinn from being. The Sith activated his lightsaber & stabbed Jinn.

"Sorry; Can't have Jedi Seers roaming the glaxy." the Sith said.

Before anyone could see, the Sith hid himself. Zhar-Das Jinn lay on the ground, dead.
Ferc & Padmé ran toward Jinn when they felt a disturbance in the Force. Upon seeing him dead, Padmé remembered his words when he agreed to join her: ...Don't cry when I die. So, she mourned his death with silent tars. Tears that didn't even leave her eyes. Ferc held her in his arms. The sunset rested on Jinn's body. The Sith sneaked up on them. Padmé, instictively, threw herself in front of a killing stroke intended for Ferc. She was dead before she hit the ground. The hope of this war vanished from before Ferc. 'Twas over...

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:45 PM

Chapter 17: The Power to Conquer
Padmé woke on board the Cessation. Only one other person was with her on this empty Republic cruiser. Zhar-Das Jinn.

"Am I dead? Are you dead?" Padmé asked, immediately.
"On the contrary, you are alive. I, on the other hand, am completely dead." Zhar-Das replied.
"But how? I meant to die for Ferc when I jumped between the deadly blow and him." Padmé asked, utterly confused.
"That made all the difference. You were Ferc's last unresolved conflict from the Mandalorian Wars. Hence, he lives. And, you live through him now by means of your sacrifice." Jinn explained.

Padmé looked around.

"Where is this ship taking us? And, how am I to return to end this great war?" Padmé asked.
"This ship is heading for the galaxy far, far away. To the beyond. The latter question is simple. Just open your eyes." Jinn answered.
"Open my...Wait a second. Aren't my eyes open? Which makes this, by definition, a dream yet reality?" Padmé asked.
"Yes." Jinn replied.
"How did Atton come back? He was dead." Padmé asked, perplexed still.
"He never died; He willed that blow to not kill him." Jinn explained.
"He influenced the midichlorians?" Padmé asked, amazed.
"'Tis not the time to stop and chat. 'Tis the time to ensure the victory of the Republic. May the Force be with you." Jinn replied.
She opened her eyes once more as the Sith brought body before the Republic and Unknown Region resistance on Duxn.

"This is what will happen to those who oppose us. There are none who can escape death." the True Sith said, lying Padmé's body on the ground.
"The resistance will fight you until the end." Ferc said, defiantly.
"You're the first to go. This time, there's no girl to die for you." the True Sith said, matter-of-factly.
"You're clearly forgetting me!" Padmé suddenly cried out, getting up off the ground and activating her lightsaber.
"Impossible! You were killed when he ought to have died." the True Sith said, in unbelief.

A great battle followed across Duxn's surface & skies. Stroke after stroke, the resistance fought against the True Sith. Revan jumped out of his custom Sith fighter, which was in mid-air. He led the resistance into brilliant combat. Resistance members fell every so often while True Sith fell more frequently. Hours passed during this conflict. Finally, Revan sliced the last True Sith's head. There was blood all across Duxn's surface. Revan looked among the casualties. His former Master was not among the deceased. So, he gathered the leaders of the resistance for one last grand council...

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:46 PM

Chapter 18: The Last Council
Revan paced back and forth. Like the others, he was pondering the status of the Republic. There were a few moments of silence until Bastila broke the immense silence.

"If Darth Traya had already won, we would be aware of it." Bastila said.
"There was one last planet outlined on her Star Map: Malachor VI." Ferc said.
Revan, sensing the planet being inhabitated by the True Sith, spoke finally. "It is finished. The Republic and Unknown Region resistance has failed." he said.
"No; Not as long as we get there quickly in our starfighters and army. We can bait them into fighting us." Padmé replied.
"There's but one ship large enough for the army: the Ebon Hawk. And, I would not wish its' destruction." Revan noted.
"But, if we don't go, then Traya has already won. We might as well be planning our exile, if that were the case." Padmé responded. "But, 'tis not the case. What's it going to take to o'erthrow them? Can we do it?"
"Yes!" the majority of the council cried.
"Then, we must go..." Padmé declared. "...regardless of any risks."

The Republic troops and Unknown Region resistance forces boarded the Ebon Hawk to challenge the True Sith for the last time.
Meanwhile, Darth Traya laughed at every word of the council.

"So, Revan, it is a fight you want? Then, it shall be a fight like none you have fought before. None who travel with you shall survive the encounter." Darth Traya said. "If the Galaxy puts you away like a book is put on a shelf never to be read again, will you take the victory or accept the defeat?"

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:48 PM

Chapter 19: The Battle of Malachor VI
The Republic troops and Unknown Region resistance forces got off the Ebon Hawk and waited at the site of the upcoming battle. There was an intense silence as they waited.

"Perhaps, they're not taking the bait?" Ferc suggested, to answer the unasked question of all.
"Then, we must make them come to us like a Gizka comes to a Rancor." Revan replied.

Revan ran forward, his white robe catching the limited movement of the wind. Ferc, Padmé, Bastila and Atton followed him.

"Let the Lord of the True Sith come forth! Let justice be done upon her!" Revan shouted, loud enough to be heard by everyone & everything on the planet.

The True Sith answered the call of justice by gathering their army for one last fight against the Republic and Unknown Regions. The resistance and Republic army was being surrounded by hundreds of thousands True Sith. Revan, Bastila, Atton, Ferc and Padmé fell back closer to their army. The combined armies started to fall back.

"Hold your ground! Hold your ground." Revan shouted.

Revan went in front of the combined armies in order to raise their morale and spirits.

"Heroes of the Republic! Of the Unknown Regions! My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Jedi fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of Sith and shattered lightsabers when the Age of Jedi comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear in this good galaxy, I bid you stand Knights of the Republic!" Revan declared loudly.

They were soon outnumbered by the remainder of the True Sith. Darth Traya stood far off from the other True Sith.

"Never thought I'd die fighting side by side with an exile." Padmé said.
"What about side by side with a friend?" Ferc asked.
"Aye, I could do that." she finally said, giving into her heart's desire somewhat.

Revan was remaining still as he heard Darth Traya speak provoking words to him.

"Revan..Force's Heart..." Darth Traya said, loud enough only for Revan and Bastila to hear.

Revan remained motionless as he stared straight at Darth Traya. Revan turned to face his army.

"For the Republic..." Revan said, charging forward.

Those fighting for the Republic charged forward at the same time. Thus, began the last battle. Bastila used her Battle Meditation. The Republic and Unknown Region army, under Revan's command, fought so perfectly against the True Sith. For every dead person fighting for the Republic, there were 30 dead True Sith. Yet, somehow the True Sith started to gain the victory; They would have won were it not for Revan's brillant military leadership. For, he lead troops to the areas where the True Sith were breaking through. Then, Revan openly attacked Darth Traya; He blocked stroke after stroke, striking back against her. After many hours of fighting, only 5 remained fighting for the Republic: Revan, Bastila, Atton, Ferc Kast and Padmé Starkiller. There were a hundred left of the True Sith. Soon, Revan held his lightsaber at Darth Traya's throat.

"Well done, Revan. Now, finish me as the Exile thought he killed me 3 years ago." Darth Traya said.
"You asked for this, my former Master." Revan said, cutting down Darth Traya forever.

There was a might wind and earthquake finishing off the last of the True Sith. The Republic had won; Yet, the five heroes were temporary knocked out by the earthquake.

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:50 PM

Chapter 20: At War's End
There were only five living people upon the planet: Revan and Bastila Starkiller, Atton Rand, Ferc Kast and Padmé Starkiller. The Ebon Hawk lay beaten, much as it was when it landed on Peragus 3 years ago. When they woke, the five surveyed the damage that had been done on/to the planet's surface. Before, it had looked much like Korriban when Revan went to the Star Map for the second time; Now, it mirrored Malachor V entirely. There was a small ship on the surface with room enough for 3, but two more could fit in the cargo hold.

"I wish we had not taken the Ebon Hawk here. Now, it will fly no more." Revan said, mournfully.
"Or won't it?" Ferc asked, looking at most of the broken areas. "You three, go head to Dantooine. We'll be there shortly afterwards."
"It's your choice." Revan replied. "May the Force be with you."
"May the Force be with you." Ferc and Padmé replied, in perfect unison with each other.

Atton, Revan and Bastila took off in the small ship. Ferc looked at Padmé's expression for a minute. He could see it was the perfect time to corner his target. Now was the time to seize the day.

"Padmé, would you that we two should be made one in marriage?" Ferc asked.
"Ferc, you know my answer already." Padmé replied.
"I do?" Ferc asked, perplexed.
"Yes." she replied.
"Oh; What a joker you are!" Ferc said, while starting to laugh.

They repaired the ship, while kissing every few minutes. When it was repaired, they punched in the coordinates for Dantooine.
As the dawn's early light rose, crowds gathered to greet and celebrate the heroes of the 'Hidden War', as they would call it for years to come. They were presented with medals for their service to the Republic, which should have been remembered for all time and enternity. However, 'twas not the case...

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:52 PM

Chapter 21: The Arrogant Republic
Padmé and Ferc's wedding was but a small one. Only their closest friends came. Although, the entire Republic was aware of it. They went to Naboo for their honeymoon. They then returned to the Jedi Temple.
Eventually, the Republic forgot all about what the five victors had done for them. The Republic now treated the five victors as common peasants. Revan and Bastila had a small family of their own. Revan would always look towards the sunset at night, remembering how he had once held the galaxy within his grasp. Yet, now he was no better than Aubrey Sunrider, whose entire story only Revan and Ferc knew. Yet, she was widely known during her reign as Dark Lord of the Sith. The galaxy had shut him out as they had with her. Revan's name commanded no more attention, except to a few historians. He kept in touch with his former allies from the war.
After the day when the Republic paid no heed to the 5 heroes, Padmé and Ferc Kast changed their last name to Skywalker and abandoned the Jedi Order. They settled down on Naboo for a few years before they finally settled down on Tatooine. Little did they know that through their lineage would come the Chosen One in thousands of years...

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:53 PM

Epilogue: The Beginning of the Beginning
Ferc and Padmé were trying to get their kids to sleep. Ferc was having dificulties with their youngest son, Ben.

"Dad, tell me the story of Aubrey Sunrider." Ben Kast asked.
"Ask your mother; She tells stories better than I. And, in any case, it is time for you to go to sleep." Ferc replied.
"Please..." Ben requested.
"Fine. Anything to get you to sleep." Ferc began. "A long time ago in a galaxy not-so-far away..."

Ferc Kast 11-02-2007 07:55 PM

The End!!

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