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SilentScope001 11-04-2007 11:52 PM

The MetaGame/"Drama"
Er. As much as I hate MMOs, I in one.

Or, once played in one. But I hated the grind, so I quit. I won't name that MMO though, however, I do know of someone else who played in said MMO, so he might understand what's I'm talking about.

But I still remained around the forums and around the MMO community since I quit...and it has since been two years since I quit the game. And I'm still there.

The reason I'm there is not because I like anyone there per se, but because of the "drama" within the game. Not very good storytelling, but rather, flamewars, intrigues, hatred, and petty feuds. Over my term, I have seen several (alleged) powergrabs by the admins of the in-game wiki, a group of vandals organizing themselves into a gurellia force with the sole purpose of overthrowing the current admin staff, a banning by a moderator who was angry at the wiki and was alleged to help vandlize it by aiding the said gurellia force, the overturning of the said banning by a mob of pitch-fork-wielding users, huge mobs of people trying to claim that an event is/is not "important" (never mind that nobody outside of said game actually cares about it), a movement to attempt to try some decency within the wiki and try to make the wiki a bit of a more friendly place, meaning no curse words (it has been shut down either due to cries of free speech and the dubious belief that that insulting other people leads to a better well as to the other extreme, that policies to enforce civility are too WEAK)...Currently, there is looking to be another new event over the idea of if the wiki is becoming too 'democratic' and if they should switch to a consesus system.

Oh, and don't forget the endless turf battles over in the "Suggestions" forums, where players try to pass up suggestions that only benieft their side and nerf the other side tremendously. Strangely enough, the "Suggestion" pages is the only page where the 'drama' of the game may actually affect the MMO.

And before you say I'm werid, many other people in that same game do exactly the same thing as I do. Just watch. It's fun. Some of these 'exiles' even run the wiki! And sometimes, I 'play' in the metagame, altough only to try and calm the situation down.

My point? Could a KOTOR MMO explode so that the 'MMO drama' becomes more important than the actual game? Don't forget, other MMOs suffer the same problem as my MMO. See for instance. I could hear the newbies screaming "Buff Jedi! Sith are too weak!" already.

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