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X-wing Rouge 5 11-06-2007 12:02 PM

An allied question
I downloaded the program some time ago and i ended up modifying a couple of missions on my old desktop computer. Then, when im done, some other file showed up and when i read it on word pad, it shows some wiered symbols. I think this is a result of my modifications. Now, my laptop won't run allied (it showed up as a real player file for some weired reason) but it can play x-wing alliance. And when i played the laptop, i found out that the modifications i did will only work on my desktop.

I wonder, if that file is moved to the disk or the laptop, will my modifications work on the laptop?

Wildstar 11-06-2007 07:48 PM

Not might want to ask on the forums @ the XWA Upgrade Project, but you might want to download and install AlliED on your laptop (so it installs properly...just transfering files from your desktop to your laptop usually doesn't work when installing applications). Assuming the mission modifications you made on your desktop machine were saved as .tie files, those can be transfered to your laptop without problems as long as they're still in the XWA mission folder on your laptop, and they will be playable by your laptop's copy of XWA.

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