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superlordslaser 11-09-2007 04:21 PM

Coding Ventures (ui troubles!)
I downloaded Dumbledores DevCPP version of the SDK due to my inability to get a version working with VS2K5 (compiled and run, but was buggy beyond belief). The game and cgame compile and run flawless, but the UI is another beast completely. It compiled without error (or even warning), but when I try to play with it it gives me a "vm_create on cgame failed." error. I tried searching through the code for this vm_create to no avail, perhaps that's just my ineptitude. Though I am hoping perhaps someone else had this issue and could offer their insight on a way to remedy it?
For clarification I can start the game up just fine, it's when I actually try to create / join a game that I get this error.

superlordslaser 11-09-2007 04:33 PM

It seems this file builds (and seems to run) with VS2K5 (I knew one of them did!!), but I would still prefer it if it would work with devcpp, purely for the fact that I wouldn't have to even fuss with VS2K5 at all.

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