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DrPhil2501 11-12-2007 04:48 AM

the spirit orb


For centuries, the people of Gaia have been living under peace and serenity away from the forces of evil. Elves, humans and other civilised races have forged together a powerful alliance, which governs the world. Technology has now advanced to another stage, resulting the enhancement of the current age. But will new gadgets and weaponry be enough to stop a new kind of deadly evil?
A new breed of cyborg aliens, the Deth, invade Gaia undetected, and have plotted the domination of the world in secret. Already they have raided many towns and major capital cities. It is only a matter of time before they take entire control of Gaia, unless prevented...

Deep within the sunset sky, the city of Valmarias is shown amongst the clouds. It stood still in its place, as if it was part of the sky. It was basically a floating island, filled with buildings and skyscrapers sitting atop of it. Surrounding the city was a solid, round metalic barrier. But one, very large gap was left, and it looked almost like a beach. Covering the large was a long harbor where Airships were docked or approached for docking.

In the distance, entering the boundries of Valmarias, was an Airship approaching; The Gliding Angel.


Cid lay in the cockpit of the airship, pressing controls and various switched Randon didn't know what. Randon Seer too was in the cockpit, watching the scene of the approaching magnificients of the city.

"We there yet?" he said sarcastically. Cid ignored him. The First Mate pulled at his mouthpiece of his pilot headset.

"We will be approaching Valmarias in t-minus 5 minutes. If we want this heist to go smoothly as planned, I suggest we get ready!"

steven 11-12-2007 12:30 PM

The Angle's captain Solidus watched his ship creep closer to the sky city in the observation deck. After hearing his first mates message over the intercom, Solidus went to his room to collect his weaponry and Libra Device. He then headed to the cockpit where his firstmate and pilot were stationed. "Randon," Solidus said leaning on the back of his chair "You planned this all out. How are we going to get in?"

SkywalkerRules 11-12-2007 05:32 PM

Angel stood on the dock, staring at the beautiful city of Valmarias. She smiled. Being a crew of The Gliding Angel was sweet!

"Beautiful. Just... beautiful." Angel continued to look at the city from the ship.

This, the young girl thought, was going to be an adventurous day.

~This is what I'm afraid of...~FFWM

Meowster 11-12-2007 06:22 PM

Errol stood silently, gazing thoughtfully at the great city of Valmarias, anticipating the city with welcome arms. The city, itself, looked like a giant scatter of gems, luminous light bouncing off of the buildings, with it protected by a magical aqua-like barrier, as it gracefully danced above the clouds, teasing any trace of gravity.

He looked wide eyed at the city, and then tore himself away from the observation deck, ready to get any equipment he may need. After all, he thought, I wouldn't want to go without anything.... Errol left to his tiny, cramped room, where he sat down on his fluffy, bed, and looked across the room. He picked up his eletric-blue Magick staff, entirely wooden crossbow, and tied on the ancient cloak, fitching his fingers across the silky, white exterior.

He stood up and began pacing around the ship, reciting any of the spells he knew.
Land...its been forever.

Empress Padme 11-12-2007 06:23 PM

Suki Hawkeye, a pale girl with brown hair and eyes, walked along the deck. Her white robe blowing from a gust of wind. She looked her fellow crew members passing by , when they saw her they quickly turned away. She was thought of as spooky and weird. Most people thought she was a mute since she rarely spoke. They were shocked when they would hear her husky voice doing spells.

Suki watched the clouds, they were oddly calming considering her horrible past with airships. She spotted Angel and smiled briefly.

SkywalkerRules 11-12-2007 08:12 PM

((Sorry, FFWM. I promise to write longer.))

Angel turned to Suki, and smiled. She came by her side.

"Man, this is great! It's been a while, since we been on land." Angel shook her head, smiling at the city. "Can't wait for the adventure we're gonna have."

She turned to Suki. Although people thought of her as an outcast, Angel thought of Suki as a good friend. She continued to smile, and placed a gentle hand on Suki's shoulder.

"Hey. Don't ever let yourself down. Forget what other people think. You're special for who you are. Don't forget that."

Angel turned, wondering. "I wonder what Errol and the others are up to. Oh well..."

Meowster 11-12-2007 08:27 PM

The boy left silently through his room, to the observation deck. Errol ran up to the dock, looking outward to see the grand city, flying majestically in the sky, and then his attention came to his companions, towards the end of the deck. he first one he saw was Suki, the most latest addition of The Gliding Angel. She was...differant from the rest. Quiet, shy, and somewhat outspoken. Somewhat like me, I guess.. he grinned, and his attention moved to Angel. Angel was always cheery, smart, and pretty. The two developed some kind of bond throughout the few months.

He ran swiftly towards the two, with a small beset on his face. "It looks nice out here...isn't Angel?" Errol said, his hazel eyes gazing into hers. "Suki?" The mage said, looking at his fellow white mage. This area definately had a peaceful aura to it...or so it seemed.

SkywalkerRules 11-13-2007 08:18 AM

Angel smiled at Errol as he came by Suki and her. To her, he was a nice young man. Quiet, kind, and thoughtful. Angel always thought of Suki and Errol as two great friends... along with Randon.

"Oh, yes, Errol! It's nice indeed. Wonder where the Captain and the others are at though." She shrugged. She knew the captain and the others were fine. Besides, Captain Solidus was the best captain ever! If you messed with him... well... it probably wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Angel smelled the fresh air as the three friends stood on the dock of The Gliding Angel. "Gosh, I can't wait to start our journey here! Who knows what adventures we may run into."

The young girl was always excited about going in new and old places. It made her feel like she was a great explorer.

But the thought about losing her friends made her feel worried. If anything happened to them... Angel would be there to help.

Empress Padme 11-13-2007 09:20 AM

Although Suki rarely talked she really did feel like she had a best friend in Angel so she would talk freely in front of her.

" Yes I remember the outcasts here are great fun and rather helpful. The people with authority here however are the least helpful. Complete 'Gods Complex'. They rarely help those beneath them but love to critize and abuse them. I must say that I have not missed but there are a few people I have."

SkywalkerRules 11-13-2007 10:37 AM

It was good that Suki felt comfortable talking around Angel. But the thought of those higher than other people who critize the ones beneath made her feel bad. She always thought of helping others, whether they liked it or not.

She glanced down. "I understand too. People can be so cruel these days. I wish we all could do something about it."

Angel looked at Suki again. "When you say 'There are a few people you have', did you mean you have a family?"

The young girl always wondered if Suki had a family. The thought of her family came to mind. She tried her very best to forget the fire that burned down her farm and home... and the fire that killed her parents.

Meowster 11-13-2007 04:50 PM

Errol merely looked down at the the puffy little wiffs of clouds, watching them support the city, even though it looked like the city would have began crashing into a firey, burning death to the ground below. Despite the fact Valmarias was a giant city, in reality, it looked much smaller than he expected, however the length of the city made up for its width.

The white mage tore his eyes away from the window to look at his companions, when he heard Angel request Suki a question regarding her family. He looked forward at Angel and then to Suki.

"I'd like to know too...of course, only if you feel like talking about it," he said with a reassuring smile, standing next to Angel, with both of they're eyes looking at Suki.

Empress Padme 11-13-2007 06:00 PM

Suki looked down at the clouds. " My parents were killed not far from here. We were on our ship and it was..." Suki sniffled. " Bad guys overtook the ship and that sword , the sword with an emerald handle, was used on both my mother and front of me.I hid until they docked then escaped. A red mage found me. She told me of my 'gift'. I had no home but among the poor there was a sense of family. That was ten years ago. Then a couple years ago I left and met you guys and you guys have become my family. I vowed you guys would not meet the same fate as my parents. So far so good." she gave a weak smile.

Meowster 11-13-2007 06:44 PM

Eroll looked blankly at Suki and merely nodded. Not because he didn't care, but mainly because he didn't exactly know what to say, after all, Errol was known to be quiet. "I-I'm sorry..." with his voice trailing off he looked back down, out the window, with a somewhat expressionless look on his face.

"How much longer, until we can go into the city...?" Errol muttered softly. The mage turned swiftly around and looked into Suki's eyes. "Are you okay?" Errol said, walking over to Suki, taking concern for her.

Empress Padme 11-13-2007 07:21 PM

" I'm good." Suki gave the shy mage a hug and blushed.Truth be told she had a crush on her fellow mage but was to afraid of rejection to act on her feelings.

" You and Angel are my best friends. How can I be sad with such great friends. I have no idea where the Captain is though. Hmmm maybe the Captain's still asleep. Last night was rough. That storm came out of nowhere, luckily the weather is better now."

DrPhil2501 11-13-2007 07:43 PM

"Okay, Solid..." Randon said in responce to his captain. "As we all know, the new years eve is tonight. Meaning there will be a festival. Now, the Royal Family will likely be hosting the festival, thus providing us with a little "diversion". We can enter the citadel using the roof top access, as minimal security is present. You following?

Meowster 11-13-2007 07:54 PM

[[[ Am redoing posts to fit...]]]
The male white mage blushed slightly, and shrugged off the hug, with a tiny smile looking at Suki, and he started to walk off when he heard the Captains gruff voice yell at them to come.

Errol, stalking down the catwalk, meeting with his other companions; entering with a timid smile. It had been a long day, most likely due to the ferocious storm from the other night, and everyone was somewhat tired. "That sounds like a good plan..." He said nervously, his hazel eyes looking into the captain, awaiting his approval, as Errol twiddled his thumbs, silently going over the plan Randon had given them.

It had been a toll on him, this trip, after all he had no prior experience to riding on a airship, and was about as happy as a little child getting a new toy, although, he was sure that most people whom had never been on an airship before would feel the same. He chuckled as he remembered his first days of being on the ship, and always getting confused by the complicated scematics of the Airship. The Gliding Angel itself was truelya marvel, small and sleek, but nearly big enough to host ten people.

Errol sighed, "but my opinion is invalid, I'm only a cleric. What is your thoughts on it, captain?" he grinned sheepishly, blinking at the Captain. Even though it had been a few months, the group themselves were almost like family. All of them were very...distinguished from each other. Errol himself was very timid, and gullible, and somewhat...naive. Or at least that's what Master always reffered to me as

Empress Padme 11-13-2007 08:01 PM

( I'm on the ship ,I'm redoing some of my posts to fit.)

Suki watched Errol walk away. Her heart sank. ' I hear the Captain!' she said to herself and worked her way to were the Captain was.

" Hi Captain ! So sorry I'm late!" she bowed to the Captain. " So sorry! I missed something important didn't I. " she walked over to Errol and bowed her head in shame.

DrPhil2501 11-14-2007 12:55 AM

"Actually, you didn't." Randon replied, as Suki antered the room. "We are just going over the plan again, which i have repeated so many times, I can't even remember..."

Randon looked out the cockpit window, and saw the view of the harbor. He then pulled out from within his jacket a folded piece of paper. As he unfolded it, the paper revealed a what appeared to be schematics of The Royal Citadel, the largest building on Valmarias and home of the Royal Family who governs the city.

"Anyway, the Floor Level is usually tight with security. Most especially around the first balcony, where the Royals are hosting the New Years Eve Festival. But the higher levels howver have less guards. At the very top roof of the Citadel will be a opening of a shaft which runs all the way down the building, where three of us will dive down and reach the 40th floor, where the artifact is likely located."

Randon took a deep breath after saying all of that, then continued. "The only thing we haven't sorted out is the team. As I am highly skilled with thievery, that makes one."

"And I most certainly cannot accompany you..." Cid interupted. "Because we need someone, such as myself, to pilot the ship so we can fly to the top of the Citadel..."

SkywalkerRules 11-14-2007 06:28 AM

((Changed posts too. :D ))

"Sounds good to me." Angel was standing by the door, as she followed Suki to the cockpit.

She sighed. "But Randon's right. We do need teams, and Cid needs to pilot the ship, just in case anything happens."

Angel walked by Suki and Errol's side. Then she whispered to her friends. "Guess Randon got it planned all right."

The young girl giggled. Then brought her attention back to the real situation.

steven 11-14-2007 12:30 PM

"It could work, but knowing our luck something is going to jump out and bite us in the ass so I'll be taking three people down their with me. Randon, as you seem to be the brains behind this heist, you're coming down with me." Solidus said before looking at the plans. "I've heard rumors about the relic vault being guarded by some fat ass robot so I'd better go in case those rumors are true."

Solidus heard childish laughter coming from behind him. He darted a dark look at the giggling teenager. "Angel," Solidus said "It's time to prove your worth. You'll be coming with us. Makes sense to bring along another thief. And Mr. Cleric, you'll be joining us. Perhaps this little mission will give you something we call self confidence."

Solidus walked forward and turned around so he was facing everyone. "Okay, anybody have any objections? Cause if not, then lets go and be bad guys."

Meowster 11-14-2007 04:55 PM

'Mr.Cleric' nodded slightly, embarresed, and looked forth around at the motley crew. Errol sighed, and looked up. "No objections from me, Captain!" He grinned, and looked into the eyes of Randon, Angel, and Suki.

The boy cleared his throat, and silently turned back, into the metallic arch of the doorway. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to get a few potions, remedies, and phoenix downs...just in case." He added cautiously, turning his heel and heading out.

The white mage left to go to the storage section of the airship- basically just basically a giant barren room, save a few barrels and boxes. "Lets see...healing, no...healing? Ugh, some grenades...hea- here they are!" He said, carefully picking out some glass bottles, with a thick blue aquatic element to it.

Empress Padme 11-14-2007 06:11 PM

Ruki followed Errol. " Need help ? I feel like such a burden. I know I'm not the best mage. You are far better at spells than me. Good luck ! I 'm just here to clean up the place. Bit dusty."

She grabbed a feather duster and started cleaning. She also checked if the potions were where they were supposed to be and cataloged how many potions needed to be restocked.

Ctrl Alt Del 11-14-2007 06:47 PM

(Read about my character on the Casting Call)


Valmarias was surely a beautiful place, Souvi though. Even as on that somewhat dirty harbor he could feel the grandiosity of that place. "No wonder they call it 'God's Rest'" he though, "Those skyscrapers looked really amazing from the outside. I can't wait to see in."

It took him several minutes to force his way in the city gates. There were tons of people on the streets. But that was expected, after all it was the day of the new year festival. "And the Royal Palace is going to host it, as usual." Souvi chuckled. That would surely make his work, otherwise impossible, child's play. After showing his ID to the gate guard, he finally made into downtown. He whistled as he looked at the buildings, "Now THAT'S beautiful". The Royal Palace shined as a gem before him. Surrounded by walls and guards and by many carts that undoubtedly were full of provisions for the festival. Souvi chuckled again.

He took a last gaze at the Royal Palace and turned back, looking for the Rim Tavern, as planned.

Meowster 11-14-2007 07:13 PM


Errol smiled sheepishly, as his cheeks turned into a slight shade of crimson. "N-no, a-actually, I think I have...everything. Don't say such things about yourself, with the amount of progress I've taken throughout this year, my master probablly would've disowned me," The mage said, with a chuckle from his velvet-like voice.

"You'll catch up- hey, maybe even surpass me." He said, tying each of the bottles onto his belt, and bowed. "I-I suppose the...the Captain would want me back now..." He said, itching away nervously.

SkywalkerRules 11-14-2007 07:24 PM

Angel looked at Errol and Suki as they left. Then she turned back to Solidus, smiling. "I'm ready for anything, captain!"

Solidus was like a father to her. He always knew what to do and how things could be done. It was always great being a Sky pirate with Captain Solidus.

The young girl clapped her hands together. "Well'p... better go get my things too. Gotta be prepared for anything. Yep!"

Angel cheerfully went to her room, making sure that she had everything she needed for the mission.

Ctrl Alt Del 11-14-2007 07:50 PM

*Rim's Tavern, Valamarias*

"Another bottle, boy?" said the barman to Souvi, "Ya sure got guts, not all kids can take a cup of my cider!"

"That'll be enough, Bouel" a blushed Souvi answered, "My stomach is aching". The barbarman laughed loudly and drank of the bottle he was holding. He sat on Souvi's table, his face all blushed.

"Into business already, Bouel." said Souvi, his face turning serious "I find intriguing that Rim isn't here yet". Bouel smile stretched. "M'boy! M'boy! You're too rash. The Souvi I know would first talk to the ladies, tell a story or two to his friends and then talk to the ladies again!" Souvi was still serious, though his voice seemed calmer. "I know that. Sorry for my abnormal behavior, but I really don't have time to spare".
The barman smile faded slowly. He sighted. "I see... Well, don't worry, him will come over late today, with the provisions for the festival". Souvi laid down on his chair and inspired deeply. So Rim was coming for the feast, deep inside he always knew that he wouldn't give up just like that.

Finally smiling, Souvi took the bottle and took a drink and said to the young woman that had just passed.

"Hey there, beautiful..."

DrPhil2501 11-15-2007 02:51 AM

"Just so I clarify, we won't be doing it right now! Not when there is still light..." Cid comented. He appraoched the dock, and parked the Airship beside a metal catwalk connecting to the large harbor. "I suggest we wait till night, when the festival running..."

"Ch...." Randon smirked. "And the Captain called me the "brains"..." he thought.

"Meantime, we can hang low for a while, gather some food and supplies."

"True..." Randon aggreed, as he leaned against the co-pilot seat. "We're running short on supplies at the moment. While we're at it, I could duck down to I-Booth and download some maps. Maybe we could learn something..."

He left the cockpit.

"You okay with this Captain? Sticking around a few hours until night time?"


Randon passed by the Storage, just in time to see Errol holding what appeared to be a grenade. He also saw Ruki in the room as well, the new recruit of the Gliding Angel.

He entered the storage, waving his hands in a way telling Errol it was a bad idea.

"Woah-woah-woah... Grenades?" he snatched the grenade from the Mage's hand. "This heist is all about stealth? Are you trying to give away our position by setting off loud bangs? At least use flash bombs, or gas grenades... or something less lethal..."

Empress Padme 11-15-2007 04:20 AM

Suki let out a giggle . " Your right when I think stealthy I don't think of things that go BOOM. Umm Sir we are majorly low on healing potions and those gas grenades. "
Suki pointed to the nearly empty last bottle of healing potion.
" I know some people who know people that can give a discount on potions. It pays to have a native of Valamarias on board doesn't it. Their reliable or my name isn't Suki Hawkeye...oh scratch that real name isn't actually..well nevermind." Suki said nervously." So we have a few hours to kill. I think I'll go see Angel. Bye!" Suki ran off before they could reply.

Darth Kalverys 11-15-2007 06:40 AM

*Outside Rim's Tavern, Valamarias*

Rueben sighed and looked around. It felt like something big was about to happen, he just didn't know why.

"Oh well," He told himself. "I guess I'll know what's gonna happen when it happens. I can't stand not knowing though."

He turned and walked into the Tavern. When he got inside, he had to put his hands over his ears. Why are they so loud? Could they not deal with a little peace and quiet? Rueben asked himself, as he walked to the bartender's counter.

"Well, well, well... if it isn't our Black Mage." The bartender said, teasingly.

"Hey..." Rueben said. "I'll take a glass of water, as you can probably tell, I don't drink."

"Of course, of course." The bartender said, handing Rueben the water. "Hey... here's your water."

"Huh? Oh, sorry... I'm a little distant today, I keep feeling like something's gonna happen." Rueben said, slowly turning back to face the bartender. "So, had any problems with your patrons recently?" Rueben and the bartender both grinned.

"Not really... just a few, like Souvi over there stalking some of my others." The bartender sighed.

Rueben looked up, and for the first time he saw Souvi chasing after a pretty blonde girl. "Poor girl..." Rueben said. "I guess I'd better go stop him before it gets outta hand... he's drunk anyway, why'd you let him drink so much?"

"He asked for it... otherwise I wouldn't have given it..." The bartender started.

"Yeah, but I'm always the one that has to deal with it..." Rueben said, grimacing. "HEY SOUVI!" Rueben ran over to where Souvi was chasing the girl and grabbed a hold of him. "Snap out of it..." Rueben said, shaking Souvi. "Leave the poor girl alone... you're scaring her."

SkywalkerRules 11-15-2007 08:00 AM

Angel sat on her bed of the room, packing her handgun in her small purple bag. As she packed, thoughts came into her mind.

She remembered that a old and wise White Wizard gave her Blast Powers to protect herself and others. It was a gift, because she helped the wizard who was hurt. He was dressed like a poor man.

The young girl grinned. Then she took a picture from her desk. When she looked at it, there were her parents... and her, as a little girl. The thought of losing her parents made her feel hurt badly.

Angel closed her eyes, as tears twinkled from her eyes.

Ctrl Alt Del 11-15-2007 01:27 PM

*Rim's Tavern, Valmarias*

Souvi shook his arm of whatever was holding him. He expected an angry boyfriend of sorts, but it was just Rueben, with a glass of - he chuckled when he saw it - water.

"Rueben... How can we we merge in the crowd if we don't meddle with the locals?" Said Souvi "Besides, she seemed to like me."

Rueben shook his head on disapproval. He was about to say something when Souvi began to talk again. "But maybe you can explain me why aren't you on..." His voice turning into a whisper, "the ship. Still worried about our plans?"

Darth Kalverys 11-15-2007 04:55 PM

"Laughing at me? Hey... at least I'm sober right now... besides you know I don't drink. But to answer your question... I'm very worried..." Rueben said. "Plus... eh... naw... I'll tell you later."

Rueben's red eyes grew wide...

"Something tells me we're in for a bumpy ride, my friend." Rueben said. "Something is going to happen to the two of us... but what could it be..."

Rueben's face contorted... it looked as though Souvi was about to barf. Hold it in till you get to the bathroom... please. Rueben wanted to say... but he couldn't, he was gagging at the thought of it. Rueben closed his eyes, to block the image, but then remembered that it was in his mind. Rueben took three deep breaths and blocked the image from his mind. When he opened his eyes... he saw something he didn't expect...

Ctrl Alt Del 11-15-2007 06:44 PM

"Master Rim!" said the bartender, "you're here! already!"

The tall figure was standing by the tavern doors. A strange vision to anyone for sure, but a very respectful one. He was holding a wooden cane, but he did looked perfectly capable of walking. He had a very wide gray hat on his head, on top of his silver hair and was in a black coat.

"Yes, Bouel. I've decided to come earlier to make sure all the preparations for the festival tonight were working perfectly, and..." Rim looked at Souvi and Rueben, "to greet our very dear friend, of course".

Souvi looked steady, like he had never seen any cider that day. Rueben was in position too, though he looked a little disoriented.

"Mr. Rim..." Souvi said, "I'm grateful you've chosen to come by earlier to meet us".

Rim nodded. Then looked at Shan. "Friend of yours?" Souvi gasped. He totally forgot to introduce them one to the other. Rueben knew Bouel from Rim' Tavern on the Goliath Colony, but never met Rim in person. Despite his young age, Souvi knew lots of people. And the right people.

"Yes, I picked him up some years ago. A good, but overzealous bud." Souvi lowered his voice "and is of total trust. And a vital part of the plan". Rim smiled. If Souvi trusted him, then he too would.

"Okay, gentleman, I think we should begin the preparations."

Darth Kalverys 11-15-2007 06:56 PM

((Hey Ctrl_Alt_Del... what is your "plan"?))

Rueben bit his lip...

"I'm Rueben Shan... I'm a Black Mage..." Rueben said. "Although you probably already know that because of my dark robes. Look... before we do anything... there is something you probably need to know."

Rueben took a deep breath, but stayed silent... awaiting their response. How should I say this? This plan ain't gonna work... Rueben told himself.

Ctrl Alt Del 11-15-2007 07:26 PM

The same objective as the Gliding Angel crew.

Souvi raised an eyebrow. "With that feeling yet? Don't worry we're going to get the palace clean tonight. I promise it won't be as the slums on Goliath".

Rim watched, amused. "I suppose he isn't used to this kind of action." This time, Souvi smiled. "As I said, he's overzealous, but don't get him wrong, his skills are unparalleled and, when it comes to a fiery fight, he's of more use than your right arm". Rim seemed convinced.

Souvi did recognize that the plan wouldn't be easy: Even as the dispersed Royal Guards would be looking after the feast, it would be difficult still to infiltrate the palace.

Darth Kalverys 11-15-2007 07:53 PM

"Well..." Rueben said. "It's actually not that feeling... that's got me... worried... it's something else. You remember when I looked rather... quezy? Well when I opened my eyes, I saw something... something magnificent, yet terrible. I... I think I forsaw the battle... and we lost to another group of people. I'm not sure who they are, or where they come from for that matter... I've never seen them in my life."

Rueben looked at his feet... he didn't want to say the rest of his... "vision" but he knew he had to. "I also forsaw the death of... of... Mr. Rim." Rueben said, in almost a whisper. "But I won't let that come true... I'll protect him at all costs... even my own life. This won't be easy let me tell you... even if we do defeat the 'mystery' people... we'll still have to get through the guards... which is gonna be tough. You know how much this feast means for the Royal Family... they had their guards train for over 6 months... I can get in with no trouble... remember the past six months Souri? I inflitrated the palace, and pretended to be a teacher/scholar... the guards will recognize me and assume that I'm here for the feast. But they will attack you... even if your with me... the feast is by invitation only..."

STOP! Rueben told himself. QUIT TRYING TO TALK YOURSELF OUT OF IT! Souri needs your help and your gonna give it! Rueben inhaled deeply, then let the air out with a sigh, gathering himself.

Ctrl Alt Del 11-16-2007 04:56 AM

As Souvi grimace, Rim eyes were unfocused. But he didn't looked in fear at all. "I do believe in what you said to have seen, Shan." Rim said, "but you two are going to need my help for a successful infiltration on the Palace and I won't let Souvi down". Rueben still seemed unconvinced.

"Rueben, you have your entrance on the Palace, but I don't." Souvi grimace turning into a half smile. "And that's where my dear friend Rim comes in".

Rueben blinked as Souvi asked Rim where the "crates" were. Rim aimed his finger to six barrels standing together on the corner of the hall. They had a label on them that said: "Wine - Palace - Festival"

Souvi turned to Rueben. "So, you see... That's my way in".

Darth Kalverys 11-16-2007 05:38 AM

"You do know that they check inside those crates right? Oh well... I'll distract the guards while these crates are being brought in." Rueben said, frowning.

Rueben nodded, mostly to himself. This is gonna be hard... Rueben told himself. Maybe if I could cast Blizzarga on the palace... hmmmm... that might work. But what if they realize what's going on when a sudden snow storm just pops up over the palace. No, they wouldn't suspect me... their son maybe, trying to test out his new powers. Rueben went over the plan again in his head, the only part he didn't like is when his friend and his... accomplise were to be smuggled into the palace, but he had no choice about that. Rueben looked into both of their eyes, trying to see what plan they were forming.

"Let's go..." Rueben said. "The festival starts in about two hours... gives you just enough time to get comfortable in the crates, and to get to the festival. I will warn you however... once you get to the palace... it will be cold, so be prepared for that."

Rueben grinned at Souvi, he knew that Souvi knew what that meant.

Ctrl Alt Del 11-16-2007 05:59 AM

"You are really a mage of heart and soul, Rueben." Souvi smiled back. "Rim here is a trusted fellow of the palace and he will be on the cart that will take me in. You, as always, got the easy part. Front door, through the first checkpoint, down in the stairs and then to the Palace cellar. I'll be there, and I hope you'll too."

The bartender called Rim, he excused himself and left to attend to whatever he was called for. Souvi stepped close to Rueben. "Blizzard, eh? Listen, this is a covert mission, I don't want to lose you nor my own life, in fact, I want everyone out of this without a scratch, as Utopian as it may sounds".

Darth Kalverys 11-16-2007 06:40 AM

"Don't worry..." Rueben said. "The Royal family will just think that it's their son testing out his new powers... no one is gonna get hurt."

The grin on Rueben's face grew wider, more prominent. With Blizzard goin... this will be cake walk.

"Hmmm..." Wonderbread said. "I think... I think I'll wear this one. It says Black Mage, but it also says royalty. What do you think?"

Wonderbread turned to his servant.

"Ummm... I say it'll look like it was fit for a king... and not a prince." The servant said, trying not to offend the prince.

Wonderbread smiled... he could hear the attempt, but pretended like he didn't.

"Go watch for Master Shan, will you? Tell me when he gets here." Wonderbread said.

"Right away, your majestay!" The servant said, relieved to finally being able to leave the room.

The servant ran out the door, and Wonderbread laughed. He put on the clothes he had picked out and walked out of the room, composed in what seemed like arrogance.
Now... the arrogance that was eminating from him was just a show... he was more or less a kind hearted person with the will for his kingdom to prosper.

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