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DarthMaulUK 11-12-2007 03:55 PM

New ships for Chapter 8
New ships for Chapter 8

Space-faring adventurers will have new ships at their disposal in Chapter 8! These gunships, loaded with firepower for supporting the Empire, the Rebel Alliance, or those wishing to remain out of the sight of both, are sure to appeal to all pilots.

Blacksun AEG-77 Vigo

The Black Sun's transports became a common sight in both the underworld and legitimate shipping with the advent of Xizor Transport Systems. This particular transport class became well known as lightly defended. Pirates from a variety of bands began picking off the freighters, particularly those smuggling illegal cargo for Black Sun.

Instead of dedicating fighters to escort transports carrying valuable cargo, Black Sun began modifying some of their transports to carry heavy firepower and act as escorts for the rest of the convoys. Named after Black Sun's lieutenants, the Vigo, this once-merchant class vessel has been elevated to the status of "gunship."

This gunship comes equipped with two forward mounted guns, four top mounted turrets, and two bottom mounted turrets. The gunship, originally a transport ship, is still large enough to hold a number of items and passengers inside.

Imperial Assault Gunship

Although this ship might look similar the Lambda-class shuttle at first glance, don't let appearances deceive you. The Galactic Empire uses the Imperial gunship in situations that call for aggressive firepower.

Two forward mounted guns, three forward mounted turrets, in addition to the two turrets on the top and one at the rear of the gunship, pack quite the punch. This combat-ready vessel can seek out and destroy any unsuspecting Rebels in its path.

Rebel Assault Gunship

The gunships employed by the Rebellion are armed to the teeth for occasions when Imperial entanglements cannot be avoided.

The Incom X4 gunship boasts two forward mounted guns, three mounted turrets on the top, and three mounted turrets on the bottom.

Like the gunships employed by neutral factions and Imperials, the Rebel gunship has a spacious interior with more than enough room to stretch your legs. Each gunship consists of multiple levels that can hold a number of items and cargo. Capable of lightspeed, storage, and combat, these gunships can fulfill a variety of needs for pilots and passengers venturing into space.

If you're new to space or a grizzled veteran pilot, these ships have something for everyone. If it's the pure firepower of a gunship you're looking for, or a fully stocked transport taking a journey across the stars, take a spin in the new ships in Chapter 8.

Tommycat 11-12-2007 11:46 PM

Which one is the Vigo? Is it the ones from around Kashyyyk station? With the blind spot you could fly a star destroyer through?

ImpElite 11-13-2007 08:29 PM

Sounds real cool!

Tommycat 11-18-2007 08:24 AM

The Vigo actually looks pretty cool... Kinda like a large rhyx... I MIGHT have to reactivate my accounts... I love space.... and I have a killer ShipWright on one account hehe.... *starts whistling "I'm in the money"*

Bit of a shame they limited it to 3million mass... 8 Null bolts would be a lot of fun hehe(and a good chunk of change for my SW)....

Dactillion33 01-05-2008 06:32 PM

are these the chapter gifts??

Tommycat 01-06-2008 10:12 PM

No, it seems like the schematics are one use from specific quests... Not sure where you get them yet.

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