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Black Knight of Keno 12-06-2007 02:14 PM

Tides of Change
The Galaxy is in turmoil as the new Sith Order fights a ruthless war against the Empire and the Galactic Alliance Core Forces. This triangle of fighting is a situation of restricted chaos with people of ambition and power gaining much foothold in the Galaxy. The remaining Jedi are spread thin, most fighting with the GACF or hiding while the Imperial Knights become the new force to step against the darkness of the Sith. Many things go unseen while the three sides fight, one being that the forces of the Mandalorians are growing in number and strength after finding a new, strong leader to reclaim the old might of the Mandalorians.

Before the Sith attack on the Jedi, the council had been discussing of strange occurrings on Mandalore and it's nearby systems. They hat sent a team of Jedi to find out what was causing the disappearance of equipment and people, harrassing of legit trade and sightings of previously unknown creatures and ships. The team numbered four jedi of varying degrees of teaching.


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The white-robed man peeked from behind the corner, checking for patrols befoe silently slipping through the main road and entering a small house attatched to the side of a landing pad. As he rushed inside and shut the door behind him, he drew his hood back to release his cat-like head to open view in the closed space. The Cathar Jedi had come on Mandalore in order to secure a landing pad for the main group's transport. The deal had been made as well as a contract for the lease of the house for a few days so they could investigate with a roof over their heads. The house wasn't too large but they could adjust, since most of the jedi had been in worse places by now. Frall activated a holocomm with the transport.

"I have managed to get us a landing pad for three days. Captain, you're free to land on pad N-3110-LO" Frall said and shut the comm before taking off the nearly pure white robe and taking the vibrating jedi signal from his belt. The signal was from Ossus. The Cathar gasped and sat down on a chair near a window. The temple had been attacked by the Sith, a move which was a horrible blow for the Jedi Order. He needed to meditate while waiting for his fellows.

Writer 12-07-2007 06:29 PM

Ace Cole was slouched in the pilot's seat, staring out at the tunnel of hyperspace before him. He had to admit it; he was bored. Deitra had locked herself away in a supply closet to 'meditate', and so Ace had no one to talk to. Not that it would have mattered, really. Deitra had little to no interest in anything Ace knew something about.

He heard the closet door open and immediately straightened up... not so much that he was fully upright, just enough that it looked like he was paying full attention to the controls before him. Then, Deitra Starr entered the cockpit.

"How long?" she asked simply. As usual, Ace chose to complicate things.

"How long were you locked away in a closet?" he speculated. "Four hours. How long was I sitting outside, waiting for you? Two hours." Deitra arched an eyebrow at that, but Ace went on, hardly caring. "How long have I been sitting here, monitoring our hyperspace trip? One hour. How long did I..."

"How long before we reach our destination?" Deitra finally cut in. Ace grinned. He wasn't going to make it that easy.

"How long did I do random other things, tinkering with the ship's capabilities..." he began. Deitra frowned.

"In hyperspace?" she cut in.

"Hey!" Ace objected. "It ain't like I'm messing with the hyperdrive. Just little things. How long? Half an hour." Deitra dropped lightly into the chair beside him, resigned to listening to his babbling. "How long 'till we make it to our destination?" He paused, causing Deitra to look over at him.

"Well?" she asked. He grinned.

"Aren't Jedi supposed to be patient?" he wondered.

"Even the greatest of Jedi can have their patience tried by a hotshot pilot who won't stop rambling," Deitra replied. "And I am by no means the greatest of Jedi."

Ace laughed. "So patience is something you need to work on, then. Maybe it was the will of the Force you got stuck with me."

"And perhaps you need to work on your straightforwardness," Deitra shot back. "Time!"

Ace merely grinned and brought them out of hyperspace. "Right about now," he answered. "Anyone you gotta contact? Let 'em know you're here?"

Deitra frowned thoughtfully. "I was not informed who I'll be working with," she said. "Inform the..." She sensed another Jedi mind, a strong one at that. She closed her eyes for a moment, reaching out with a gentle touch to inform the waiting Jedi that she was there.

"Eh?" Ace wondered aloud. "Dee? What's... oh... you found a Jedi, didn't you?"

"You know, for one who claims to have been sent away from the Jedi as a child for your lack of Force sensitivity, you seem to know a decent amount about Jedi as a whole," Deitra observed. Ace grinned.

"That's 'cuz I've been around Jedi so much," he answered. "As a pilot and such. I'll contact the docking authorities and we'll be down in no time."

The little ship skimmed over the planet and was soon given permission to land. Ace began the descent.

steven 12-07-2007 11:59 PM

Hyde walked through the streets of Keldabe, the only place of importance in the Mandalorian community that didn't hold the name of Mandalore. This planet was called Mandalore, the solar system was called Mandalore, the sector was called Mandalore, their leader was called Mandalore. Everything of great importance to the Mandalorians was dubbed Mandalore. One of those strange things that ignored Hyde. He was an admirer of creativity and that was something Mandlorian's didn't have. He on the other hand had plenty of the stuff. Who's else even consider crashing a cruiser onto a planet, just to escape a patrol. Well it was either creativity or balls... or stupidity. Either way, Hyde enjoyed doing what he done and that's all that matters... and getting off this rock so he could more stuff like that. Unfortunately getting off Mandalore wasn't that easy due to strict docking/embankment rules

Hyde needed something to help him get around, he thought a speeder would be best for the job, however he'd have to get his hands on some Mandalorian dosh. Something he needed to steal for the Mandalore's answer to the ATM machine. Using devices he stolen from picket pocketing and breaking & entering, he was able to construct a small gismo which, he hoped would allow him to hack the ATM and give him the money he needed to purchase a speeder.

(Sorry if this seems unfinished however I choose the worst time to start working on my opening post. Next post will be better.)

mur'phon 12-08-2007 04:36 PM

"Being a soldier in a warrior culture had its advantages" Mirar thought as he passed the queue to the race track.
"Then again, it has it's disadvantages". Flicking a switch, he hoped desperately he wasn't going to have to "guard" another of the incredibly longish seremonies.

"M, Arnie drank enough ale to kill a rancor, you'll have to be ready to patroll the main road in 40 mins"

"Can't you have Des do it? I have been stepping inn for other people the whole month" True enough, but it had been because of loosing bets, and the captain knew it.

"Des is guarding a wedding, though you could probably take his place if you want."

"Alright, I'll be there after I pick up my pea shooter. Anything happening that I should know off?"

"The com has instructed patrolls to investigate possible smuglig dens, though I have no idea why"

"What! The smuglers have been groving more and more powerfull for years, and now he want us to investigate? Anyone trying to investigate without an army will be blasted into orbit, and he knows it!"

"Some decorated christmas tree went to see the com right before the order came, so he probably didn't have a say in the matter. He did not say anything about how we investigate, so if you where to keep watch of a building from a nearby bar............"

"Got it, I'll let you know if I find something" Flicking a switch, Mirar headed for his favorite bar.

Black Knight of Keno 12-09-2007 03:56 AM

Frall raised an eyebrow as he heard a call in the force. It would seem there was another jedi arriving to the planet, one that was not a part of his mission. Although the council had said that there were other jedi going about, he hadn't believed there was a possibility of finding some of them here on Mandalore. He snapped out of his meditation and looked around the silent house, noticing the rumble of a ship landing outside. His companions had arrived without much ado, so he left a note for them that he was going to check the surroundings. The man also left a line about the other jedi.

Only seconds after releasing hold of the note, the Cathar jedi was outside, rushing across the main street and into the alleyways in order to evade Mandalorian patrols. He was quite sure that the Mandalorians wouldn't be too happy to see the Jedi snooping around, especially now that they were once again expanding and history told them that the Jedi brought only misery and failure to their plans. Frall traced the strong Jedi signature in the force to a small landing pad on the side of the market district and stood waiting on the alleyway across it's entrance in order to catch a glimpse of the Jedi when she came out.

Writer 12-09-2007 02:06 PM

Deitra left the little ship, with Ace not far behind. Almost immediately, she singled out the alleyway in which Frall was waiting. After a moment of examining her surroundings, Deitra headed in that direction.

"So, what's up?" Ace asked as they walked. Deitra shook her head.

"I'm uncertain," she answered. "Perhaps we can find some answers..."

"In an alley?" Ace wondered doubtfully. Deitra didn't answer him, walking up to the Jedi waiting there. She bowed slightly in greeting.

"My name is Deitra Starr," she said. Gesturing to Ace, she added, "And this is my pilot, Ace Cole." She paused for a moment, and then said, "The Council said I would be given further details of my mission once I arrived."

Ace rolled his eyes. "Jedi boy, if you don't have more details on her mission..."

"Ace!" Deitra hissed sharply. Ace grinned.

"Sorry, Dee," he muttered.

Black Knight of Keno 12-09-2007 02:56 PM

Frall had drawn his hood back up to cover his facial features and only nodded at Deitra when she bowed. His white robes were easily seen in even in the dark alleyway as the color caused them to gleam even in the slightest of lights. He was slightly taken back by the point that the Council had sent her there without notifying him or the other Jedi who were in the initial group, but with everything going on, he couldn't question the message being lost somewhere. Especially now that the Temple had been attacked.

The Cathar gave a growl as Ace was silenced and the large man raised his hands to draw back his hood and let them see his face. As he lowered his arms, the one closer to Ace suddenly swung forwards and drew him closer by the shoulder.
"And if I don't, what will you do?" he asked with a deep growl as his cat-like face stared at Ace's. Before the man could answer, Frall let him go and pushed him back behind Deitra.
"Keep your boytoy in a better leash, if you are to have him accompany us" Frall noted and looked around.
"Let us walk to my humble abode. I shall answer all your questions on the way. I am Master Frall... Or rather only Frall now that the Jedi Order is once again in hiding. Nonetheless, my orders are the same as before. Me and my companions are to investigate why the Mandalorians are building up and expanding. And you would be one of my companions, I believe"

Writer 12-09-2007 03:18 PM

Deitra suppressed a smile as Frall confronted Ace. The cocky pilot needed someone to do that every once in a while and he scarcely paid attention to Deitra when she tried. She gestured for Frall to lead the way and fell in behind him as he turned to do so. Ace followed, still a little shaken by being forced face to face with a cat... Cathar, he corrected himself, and he briefly wondered if Cathar took offense at being called 'cats'.

"You believe I am to be one of your companions?" Deitra asked softly. "Then, the Council gave you no more information regarding my tasking as they did me?" She sighed, a faint trace of worry lining her face.

Black Knight of Keno 12-09-2007 03:42 PM

"They said nothing of you coming here. Only that there may be other Jedi investigating other things in the area who could help if need be. However, since you are to receve further instructions here, I can only presume that you are to join our mission" Frall said and looked slightly behind himself as they walked down the alleyways, taking the same route Frall took when approaching their landing pad.

"You have not received any word from the Temple?" the Cathar asked suddenly and turned around right in the middle of one of the alleyways.
"I recieved an emergency message from the Temple only moments ago in the crypted lines" he noted and handed Deitra his comm, tuned ready to play back the encrypted message from the Order telling all Jedi to hide.
"The Temple has been attacked by Sith. All Jedi are to be wary and keep a low key"

steven 12-09-2007 03:46 PM

Hyde smiled at the currency datapad in his hand that claimed he 50,000 Mandalorian credits, which was more than enough to buy him a decent five person speeder. His device had worked wonders and he had taken a reasonable sized sum. He wasn't exactly sure why he'd need a five person speeder, after all he wasn't five people. He just had a gut feeling that it would come in use in the near future. These sort of gut feelings often got him out of a lot of trouble, so Hyde tended to stick with them.

He entered a garage called Greedo's Speeders, and was met by a machine legged Rodian, something he didn't expect due to the Mandalorians dislike of aliens. He assumed this Rodin did something to earn the Mandalorians respects and it wasn't worth wondering about. The two talked for an hour and Hyde was able to convince the Rodian to show some of his "hidden models". Hyde was brought into an underground room which held several speeders, all of which contained features that were deemed illegal by the ruling government. After a quick talk and explanation, Hyde purchased a speeder with build in rockets and a chaingun hidden underneath the backseats. After the credits were exchanged, the rodian filled out a few papers and Hyde was soon driving his speeder amongst the traffic of Keldabe, Whilst he thought what his next plan of action should be.

Writer 12-09-2007 03:47 PM

Deitra paled. "I'd heard nothing," she murmured. "Attacked?"

For once, Ace was deathly serious. "When did it happen?" he asked slowly. Deitra glanced at him for a moment, wondering if perhaps he was beginning to see the world beyond himself.

"Be wary and keep a low key," Deitra whispered thoughtfully. Ace glanced at her, and then looked back to Frall, waiting for his answer.

Black Knight of Keno 12-09-2007 04:13 PM

"A Jedi must always have his or her designated comm by his or her side. No exceptions" the Jedi noted to Deitra, taking she would've gotten a message if her comm was registered on the Jedi Temple computers. After that he took notice of Ace's question and shook his head.
"The message doesn't say, but the message is usually sent out when the second line of defence is broken. That in turn were no less than half an hour ago" the Cathar said and raised his hood on his head. He looked at Ace and by the look on his face took it that he should explain a bit further.

"The emergency message sequence is engaged after the enemy makes planetfall and gets past the turrets and militia, which is the second line of defence. The first line of defence is a space battle and the third through fifth are different set positions within the Temple which are used in order to buy time for evacuation. Once the emergency message sequence begins, it sends at once a message to stay low. Then the computer will wait for two hours before sending the second message which will order all Jedi underground. After that there is no easy way to gather the Jedi again, as you will have to use Force, and Jedi know if it is a good or a bad person seeking them" Frall said to Ace and

mur'phon 12-09-2007 06:01 PM

The bar Mirar had chosen lay close to the least likely place for a smugling den on his list, a small house with its own landing pad lying by the main road.
The bar also had the nice benefit of being a popular place for off duty soldiers. All in all, Mirar enjoyed himself. The alchohol was cheap, strong, and tasty, and before long he had forgotten his own name.


"Nufink to repart cap, tho I'm lookeyng if any suchi, shasi, shuperstishious things 'n people comes out." Why couldn't the damned ground lie still?

"M, if you value your life swallow the the green goo from your med kit, the com is getting jumpy and he wants to make sure everyone is doing their best"

What was he that thing about jumping about? Though he saw no reason not to eat the goo, provided he managed to get it out. Three needle stings, two smashed vials, one unconsious patron and half a bilion curses later he finaly managed to swallow the goo. Feeling his mind clearing, he flicked his com.

"Thank you, though I wonder why they use precious space in the med kit, for a cure for drunkness"

"Because we know what you grunts are likely to die from. Now listen up, the com has sent some guys to make sure we are working hard enough, some are aproching where you are, so get creative"

"Got any ideas? I can't really see anything usefull for me to do." He was getting desperate, getting caught for skipping work had only a few punishments, none of them soft. Looking up he saw a trio moving towards the building he was "watching". The one who apeared to be the leader, wore a rather unusual white robe. Mirar got up, and started walking slowly towards the building, hoping neither the trio or the com's guards noticed.

Writer 12-13-2007 07:07 PM

Ace nodded, choosing wisely not to make some sarcastic comment about having never been around Jedi before and how it was lucky he had two such fine specimens from which to learn. He felt uncomfortable with Frall around, especially after the Cathar had bluntly stated his opinion that Ace was nothing more than a 'boy toy'.

"Lay low, then," Deitra murmured. She shot a scolding glare at Ace, as she was fairly certain he was responsible for the absence of her comm. His mind seemed to be elsewhere, as he toyed with the grip of his blaster, secured on his belt.

"Master Frall," Deitra said softly, urgently. Through the Force, she directed his attention to a man who seemed to be taking an interest in them. Ace heard the urgency in her tone and his hand settled on his blaster, deftly and subtly unclasping the strap of leather that held it down in its holster.

Black Knight of Keno 12-14-2007 03:49 PM

"That's a Mandalorian soldier. No doubt some sort of patrol" Frall said without looking at the Mandalorian more than what he could see with the corner of his eye. He looked at Ace getting ready to draw his pistol and with the force moved the strap back on with a smirk.
"The smuggler way is not the way out of this. They're no doubt looking for smugglers or bounty hunters. They are plenty around here" the jedi noted and took his comm, contacting his fellow jedi inside the house when he noticed a lot more Mandalorians nearby.
"Get out of the house. No matter how you gt out or where you go. Just get out of the house and go into hiding. Now. I'll contact you when I need you to resurface" he said and pushed Ace and Deitra further into the alleyway.

"We need to get going. Now" the Cathar said, removing his robes and stashing them behind a large metal crate where it was dark enough that even the white robes didn't shine though noticeably. The light brown tunic was now the only thing covering his hairy body as he rushed them further down the alleyway. The man was armed to the teeth it seemed with a vibroblade in his boot, a lightsaber and a blaster on his belt as well as his muscular arms

mur'phon 12-14-2007 04:52 PM

This was the text book example of not good, Mirar thought as he saw one in the trio reach for a blaster. His plan had been simple, walk in roughly the same direction as the trio looking bussy untill the soldiers passed before going back to "watching" the place.

Now, for the first time in his life, he hoped those guards would hurry getting here before he ended up as wormfood. He didn't see any of the others reach for their weapons though, maybe this would end alright after all.

"How long till the guards show up?" That was when the big one started moving while removing his cloack revealing a nice section of weapons, including a lightsaber. Thinking of his probable death after a close encounter with the trio, he looked for somewhere to busy himself.

"You should see them any sec now, you better be busy unless you want to see proof of an afterlife"

Then again, probable death was better than certain. Grabing his pea shooter he gave chase.

Writer 12-15-2007 12:34 AM

At first, Ace was a little resistant to Frall's shove, but in his attempt to stay where he was, he nearly lost his balance. Deitra's light tug on his hand made the problem worse and he staggered after the young Jedi woman into the alleyway. Frall was close behind and that alone was enough to keep Ace moving. Deitra, on the other hand, had barely needed Frall's first push. The fact that the whole Jedi Order was now being ordered to scatter and vanish was more than enough to get her running. Truth be told, she was scared. Deitra had always looked to the Jedi Order as a place of comfort and control. To have that stripped away was unimaginable... and terrifying.

For once in her life, Deitra Starr had no idea what she was supposed to do. And that fact more than anything was what compelled her to run, even without any idea of where she was supposed to be going.

Black Knight of Keno 12-17-2007 04:25 AM

"Damned... That's exactly what I hoped would not happen" Frall grunted as he noticed the soldier running after them. He led Ace and Deitra towards the landing pads where also many warehouses were situated. That would be the perfect place to ambush the soldier in. They ran and ran, Frall knowing that they could lose the soldier just as well with using the force, but the problem being that Ace was there as well.
"Slip in through that door" Frall said and pointed at a slightly open warehouse door. He waited outside while they went in and looked for the soldier coming. Once he was sure the soldier had noticed him, he slipped inside the warehouse as well, but instead of running across the warehouse or something like that, he pressed against the wall and took out his lightsaber. He backed away enough that if he extended his arms towards the opening, he would still stay hidden and then waited with his arm and lightsaber raised to the point at where he thought the soldier's head would pop through.

The Cathar had no intentions of killing the soldier, but seeing a lightsaber pointed at your head sure wasn't too much of a comfortable sight, even if it were turned off. Frall waited silently, wishing his plan would work like he planned it. Nonetheless, he had his lightsaber out, which would possibly enable him to activate it and counter a blaster bolt swiftly enough so he wouldn't die in the attempt.

mur'phon 12-17-2007 10:29 AM

"This is madnes" Mirar thought as he folowed the trio.
"As soon as they realize I'm alone, I'll end up painting the entire street red"
He hadn't called for backup yet, afraid of what would happen if they discovered he had been lazing. Now however, he was worried that others had seen the trio and would punish him for not rewuesting backup.

"Requesting backup to cordinates 33,78, I'm chasing three people at least one who is a jedi"

"Couple of squads only a few clicks away, deathwatch on standby should things go out of controll. Seems like you found the cristmas tree shakers"

"I'll update their possitions every few minutes, see ya"

Seeing the biggy enter a warehouse, he was about to folow, but thought better of it and instead lobbed a couple of grenades.

Writer 12-25-2007 06:37 PM

Deitra scurried across the warehouse floor, darting between crates in the warehouse, stacked up ridiculously high and yet amazingly stable. Ace followed more slowly, keeping his eyes alert for any unexpected movement from any direction. He finally caught up to Deitra and found that she had seated herself against the wall of the warehouse and had her legs curled up to her chest.

"Dee, this isn't you," he said sorrowfully. "You don't cower from a fight. You stand up to your challengers, look them right in the eyes."

"Gone," Deitra murmured. "All is lost..."

"If you go baby on me, then everything is lost," Ace snapped. He reached down and hauled her to her feet, smacking her cheek twice with his right hand. "Snap out of it."

But Deitra was barely conscious of his words. Even in his arms, she continued to shiver uncontrollably. Finally, he threw her to the ground and returned to Frall.

"She's lost it," he said darkly. "I can't get her to..."

At that moment, the first grenade bounced into the warehouse and Ace dove for cover behind a crate to his left.

"What the kriffin' hell happened to the 'surrender and we'll let you live' speech soldiers used to give?" he grumbled. "Or was that police?" He grunted. "Not Mandalorians at any rate..."

Black Knight of Keno 12-26-2007 04:50 AM

Frall looked at Ace and then at the grenades, placing his lightsaber back on his belt. He walked behind the crates without any rush and once he was behind them, the grenades exploded, the shockwave dropping some of the crates from the top of their stacks. As the fell, he raised his hands and stopped them with the force, lead them to the door and then lobbed them out, hopefully hitting the Mandalorian outside. His hand then grabbed Ace and raised him up forcefully.

"We need to continue onwards" he grunted and rushed through the warehouse, hopefully being followed by Ace. As he approached Deitra, he growled under his breath, first kneeling in front of the girl and then taking a hold of her and raising her up.
"You get up, Jedi. You've taken an oath and it hasn't changed to anything different. Snap out of it!" he screamed at her from the top of his lungs, hoping that it could do the trick. Nonetheless, he took her lightsaber into his hand and showed it to her, ready to crush it with his hand.
"Or are you ready to denounce your Knighthood and join the lost?"

steven 12-26-2007 06:44 AM

Another one of those nice toys given to Hyde when he purchased the speeder, was a radio that could intercept other radio communications and allow Hyde to listen in. In this instants, he connected into the Mandalorian police radio channel, and heard them mention one word that struck hope into Hyde's heart. He knew that one word would take him off this planet and allow him to continue his way of living. That one word would save his life, and all he had to do was save its. That one word was Jedi.

After listening more to the Mandalorian chatter, they learned that a group of Jedi had been spotted and were been chased. They're last known location was a warehouse. He listened to the location of the warehouse and was delightfully surprised when he discovered this warehouse was actually not that far from him. In fact the nearest large Mandalorian patrol party was five minutes away when he was only one.

Using a navigation system installed into the speeder, Hyde drove towards the ware, noticing an small party of Mandalorian soldiers entering the warehouse as approached. He activated the speeders boost before crashing through a large, yet weak warehouse door. As he skidded to a stop inside the warehouse, he draw his blaster and shot at any Mandalorian's he could see, however he had little luck because his concentration was too busy finding the jedi. "Hey, Jedi people, get your ass in here. We have two Basilisk war droids heading this way and they've been ordered to blow this warehouse to rubble." Hyde shouted, relaying what he heard through the intercom.

Writer 12-26-2007 09:13 PM

At first, Deitra stared at Frall, wide eyed and open mouthed. Slowly, her mouth closed. Then, she blinked. "The Jedi Order may be fractured," she murmured, "but I am still a Jedi." She reached out and took her lightsaber from Frall. Then, she came fully to her senses and nodded.

"We have to move..." she said. She turned and moved through the warehouse. Just as the trio reached the other side, they heard someone shouting to Jedi. Almost immediately, one of the warehouse doors burst inward. Reacting more on instinct than anything else, Deitra spun, thrusting herself and Ace out of the speeder's way, trusting that Frall could take care of himself where Ace might not necessarily be able to.

"We have two Basilisk war droids heading this way and they've been ordered to blow this warehouse to rubble!" the pilot shouted. Deitra shot an incredulous look across to Frall, but Ace stood immediately and bounded for the speeder.

"Hyde!" he exclaimed, catching the former GACF pilot's eyes. "Hyde, it's me, Ace Cole... GACF, yeah?" He turned to the Jedi. "It's alright. I know him."

Deitra shot a dubious glance at Frall as if to say, "Well if Ace knows him, he must be trustworthy."

But she moved to board the speeder as well. As she did, Ace did some quick introductions.

"That's Deitra, attractive, but presently mopey," he said. "And the big hairy one's Frall. I've only just met him, or maybe I'd wise-crack something about him too... as it is, I kinda like my current physical form and I'd like to keep it, if you know what I mean..."

"Jedi peoples, my friend is Hyde," Ace concluded. "We were pilots for GACF for a while... think I left before he did though..." At this, he shot a questioning glance to Hyde, but shrugged.

"That's wonderful," Deitra said, "but in case you hadn't noticed, we were being shot at... a swift getaway would be ideal at this moment."

"Ah," Ace said thoughtfully, ducking as a shot narrowly missed him. "The fine lady has a point. Hyde, if you will?"

steven 12-27-2007 11:05 AM

"A swift getaway? That's what you wanted? Geez, you guys could of said earlier, I had planned a nice slow and relaxing getaway," Hyde replied sarcastically as two Jedi jumped inside his speeder, one of them were accompanied by Ace, a guy he remembered from his GACF piloting days, back when Hyde was a different person, though his sense of humor has remained same, he morals changed. When he served the GACF, he was a man of honor who'd fight any army to protect the innocent, and sacrifice his life to save another thought a moments thought or regret, now he was more about survival.

Ace introduced his companions, as Hyde turned the speeder to face the smashed down door. "Oh so you travel with Jedi, not bad for a man who was voted the first to die by friendly fire by his team mates." Hyde said to his speeders new companions before he pulled a lever which caused the speeder to move forward. Hyde then activated the boost as the speeder left the warehouse as his headed as fast as the speeder could go. His goal was the road where he could blend in with the traffic before the Basilisk War droids bombarded the warehouse and believe them to die inside, however that idea was ruined when he saw the two War droids appear over the city skyline. They spotted the speeder and began to fire their blaster cannons. The speed Hyde was pushing the speeder too allowed them to dodge most of cannon blasts, however as he moved onto the road and into the outer part of the city, the war droids moved behind them and began to trail.

Despite a few fancy maneuvers pulled off my Hyde, the war droids continued to follow and fired recklessly, often hitting other passing speeders or buildings. "Someone grab the chain gun under the back seats and use it to take out the War Droids, I can't loose detection with them following us. If I know Mandalorian tactics, their not going to send any more war droids after us whilst these two are still up in the air."

mur'phon 12-27-2007 12:58 PM

"They are moving out of the city, get your arse to the nearby LZ, you'll be joining a squad of last chancers"

"Last chancers? what did I do to deserve that, and what sort of suicide mission is this?"
Mirar was terrified, last chancers was where those who instead of recieving execution or exile where given a second chance. If they survived the mission, they where set free. However the ods for surviving a mission where about as good as those for surviving a rancor hug.

"Com says it's cause you have failed to asimilate, thinking to much about surviving and such. The mision is dropping into the speeder and try to stop it without killing the people inside, should you fail to arive at the LZ you'll be public enemy numero uno."

Sitting inside the ship, Mirar checked his gear before moving towards the ramp as it opened. Below he could see the speeder, exchanging fire with some war droids. Prentending to stumble, he threw a det pack towards one basilisk and another towards the back of the ship. Jumping out of the ship he hoped the jedi had the decency to not kill him outright, then he flicked the detonator.

steven 12-27-2007 06:40 PM

Surprised by the Mandalorian's actions sudden action, Hyde quickly pulled out his blaster was about to shoot him if he hadn't flicked the detonator. He coughed before putting away his blaster and giving the man a strange look. "I'm guessing you have a perfectly good reason for doing that," But as the man opened his mouth to speak, Hyde interrupted him by saying "Tell us later. Before we get started I'm Hyde, this is Ace, Deitra and Frall." The speeder shook for a moment as they ran over over. "Geez, who the hell is driving this thing? Oh wait, that would be me." Hyde said as he turned around and continued driving, trying to avoid the fire of the remaining basilisk.

mur'phon 12-27-2007 07:34 PM

"Any of you mind threatening me with a blaster or something? I only changed sides because I didn't feel like landing on a lightsaber, and since our chances of getting away are not excactly great, I would prefer if they think me a prissoner."

Writer 12-28-2007 01:42 AM

"I'll do you one better," Ace announced, grandly plucking Deitra's lightsaber from her belt and switching it on. Startled, Deitra protested and Ace thrust the saber's hilt back into her hand. Ace chuckled and said, "Can't stand the feel of that thing... no counterweight from the blade..."

Deitra held her saber straight up for a brief moment, and then reached forward, drawing the Mandalorian up against her body and leveling her saber across his neck. "This isn't entirely an act," she warned him. "We don't know anything about you... best safe than sorry..." At that moment the detonator he'd flicked back into the ship exploded, tearing the ship apart. Ace's eyes widened.

"Hyde!" he exclaimed. "If we're trying for a complete getaway, I think off-world's going to be our best bet... we've got a ship..."

"No!" Deitra exclaimed forcefully. "If they've caught any sight whatsoever of you or I, that ship will be blocked off..."

"Hey, Kamikaze kid," Ace said, turning on the Mandalorian who'd jumped aboard their speeder. "Any news on your friends seizing our ship?"

"And we still have to hear if Frall's got an idea," Deitra added hurriedly. She glanced at Frall, still keeping her lightsaber at the Mandalorian's neck. "Frall? Stay or go? You're in charge here..."

mur'phon 12-28-2007 04:43 AM

"Blaster! I said blaster! After what I have survived today, I dont want to be killed by the next bumb in the road" While Mirar didn't excatly mind bing this close to the girl, the lightsaber was a diferent matter.

"And right now, I have nothing to gain by betraying you, certain death by execution is worse than almost certain death by whatever they send against us"

"As for the ship, they haven't seized it yet, I sorta forgott to tell them about what building I was watching. But if you want to try and get trough an alerted defence grid, leave me behind."

Black Knight of Keno 12-28-2007 05:01 AM

Frall grunted and looked at the Mandalorian.
"We're going through the defence grid allright, but not to the hangars" he said and leaned forwards to Hyde , taking a light hold of his shoulder to get his attention.
"To the Mandalorian base. And no objections" he said and leaned back, staring at the Mandalorian.
"You, what's the least guarded entrance, if you include air vents to the category?" he asked and drew his blaster, pointing it at his head as he requested. His index finger was seemingly already itching on the trigger finger and a light glow could be seen deep in the barrel, meaning that he was loading a more powerful shot.

mur'phon 12-28-2007 06:01 AM

"If I am to show you the *easy* way in, I need to know which base are we heading towards. And we must get rid of my mates before we do anything, otherwise they'll simply initiate lockdown." Seeing that the biggy apparently was quite ready to decorate the speeder with his squishy parts, he added. "And you might want to rethink the whole *shoot him if he acts funny* thing, unless you want to know how it felt to be in the dropship."

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