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apettaja 12-09-2007 01:09 PM

Enable cheats
How i can enable cheats in my server? I'm running forcemod 3.

Tx606 12-10-2007 01:38 AM

Just enter devmapall <map> in ur server console

apettaja 12-10-2007 07:13 AM

No i mean cheats to all. I and my frend want god mode on because we are making movie and if we die we must reply the seen all over agen.

acdcfanbill 12-10-2007 10:26 AM

in the server console do devmap mapname
or rcon devmap mapname if you are using rcon

then each client has to type god when they come in for god mode.

Darth Xander 12-10-2007 01:16 PM

Would "helpusobi1" only work in single-player?

acdcfanbill 12-10-2007 11:10 PM

yes, that is a single player only command.

apettaja 12-11-2007 09:33 AM

ty agen

Kurgan 10-07-2010 09:51 PM

Yeah, "devmapall" doesn't work anymore. It was part of Jedi Outcast, but they changed it to "helpusobi 1" for JA. But that's single player anyhow.

devmap <map name> is the proper way to do it in multiplayer. The admin loads the map with cheats enabled and then you can type in the cheats (note that not all single player cheats work or are the same in multiplayer, and some can cause the server to become unstable or crash). You may also need to use map_restart after entering it for the cheats to be properly loaded. Remember, when they're on, ANYBODY can use 'em. Reload the map with the map <mapname> command (and map_restart if necessary) to go back to normal.

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