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Ikhnaton 12-31-2007 02:12 PM

The XWA One Year Thread III: Revenge of the Sh*t
Welcome to the 2008 thread!

I realize it is a day early but I'm on the left coast and many of you get here well before I do.

Here's to another year filled with crappy work days, killing innocent animals, unrequited love, curling and, hopefully, dental school acceptance!

Ray Jones 12-31-2007 03:54 PM

Hey; is that like premature ejaculation or sumtin'?


Post #2 nit carnt git wurse.


edlib 12-31-2007 05:31 PM


I'll bite!

Here we are. A New Thread of The Sheer Awesomeness the XWA Stallions are capable of on a daily basis!

Well, once again: I hope that 2008 turns out to be the absolute best that any of us have ever had. I hope we can all look back in a decade and realize that '08 was the turning point that led to each of our personal glories!

And, barring that as an utterly unrealistic pipe-dream... I just certainly hope it isn't completely lousy for anybody.

In other words:

If ecstasy is an unreachable goal,.. then my wish for you all is boredom, instead of tragedy.
Good luck to us all.

I still can't believe that I don't have to work tonight. I'm just waiting for the call that says it was all a prank.

Cmdr. Cracken 12-31-2007 06:57 PM

30 page views and 3 replies and the year hasn't even STARTED yet.

Well.... we're off to a FANTASTIC start! :D

Time to go ring it in. Wish me luck, gents!

Wildstar 12-31-2007 07:26 PM

I'll make my first post to the new "One Year" thread with a greeting I try to give to all of my friends this time of year: "May the new year be everything you want it to be." :joy:

Keyan Farlander 12-31-2007 08:17 PM

Well, the new year is coming up fast. Nothing to do but face it head on. "I'm going in...cover me, Porkins."

edlib 12-31-2007 09:03 PM

P.S. Ike...

You misspelled "Sith".


K_Kinnison 12-31-2007 09:45 PM

Have a happy new year everyone!

And this is the year that has your favorite lensman in the first page, instead of being MIA over at XWAU

I have a few resolutions.. simple ones that only require ME to accomplish them

1. Get a cat this spring
2. Take ballroom dancing lessons
3. Walk across a lake (the one nearest to me is frozen, and about a mile wide)

THe others require a bit more luck, fortune and divine intervention

1. Get a girlfriend
2. get a raise at work

Regardless I know I am going to enjoy myself with a new pad, a good job, and a whole year to look forward to

*puts on helmet and grabs a cricket bat*
I'm ready... bring it on!

Rogue Nine 01-01-2008 12:23 AM


First 2008 post! :3

K_Kinnison 01-01-2008 01:18 AM

happy new year everyone

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days o' auld lang syne

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
well tak a cup o kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

Dick Clark just isn't the same after his stroke, he must have stabbed his portrait.

edlib 01-01-2008 01:27 AM

I'm not sure what I was doing right at midnight. Probably playing either Half Life 2,.. or maybe Portal (****in' awesome, addictive game, BTW... but you probably already know that...) since that's all I've been doing since about 10:30 tonight.

Yeah... I'm party animal. :dozey:

Well, not a great start to '08... but it is a start.

Beats working while watching everybody else have a good time.
And if I remember correctly, last year at this time I was deathly sick with a cold, and depressed.

So... having a good time playing vid games sure beats the hell out of that.

Come to think of it: maybe it isn't such a bad start to the year after all! :)

Happy 2008 everyone!

Cmdr. Cracken 01-01-2008 01:58 AM

Spent the start of '08 with some ol' chums. Good times.

God I hope this year doesn't suck! :D

Ray Jones 01-01-2008 10:08 AM

I think the last two Silvester nights before that one were hardcore enough so I figured so why not do nothing this time. And so I started the year doing ... nothing. :dozey:

Okay that's not quite right, me and the two girls watched some fireworks going on, and lil' Rayston slept like a death stone. :)

Then later I went all into the intarwub and tk102 and I got our asses presented on a silver plate by X server issues. XD

Rogue15 01-01-2008 10:38 AM

copied and pasting my resolution/s:

primary objectives:
1. Build up my credit history
1a. By using credit card to purchase parts so i can build a nice computer
2. Run 2 miles in 15 minutes and run a few times a week

secondary objectives:
1. Enlist in the military
2. Get a girlfriend

bonus objectives:

1. Pay off the car
2. Get married

Last night i kicked ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS in Call of Duty 4. I am getting much better, my kills are higher than my deaths. :) i've been calling in UAVs alot, almost getting good enough to call in more airstrikes.

Apparently we got pounded last night, when i got up this morning, i looked out the window and the vehicles are covered in 4+ inches of snow!!! holy crap. I bet the roads aren't even plowed. 4WD'n it to work i guess. It will probably be so slow there today too, and i've got printer maintenance this month, so i'll have something to do at least!

Tonight I'll be on Xbox Live around 9 or 10pm until whenever i get tired (3am most likely) i was on til 2am last night, didn't even realize it was that late until i checked the time.

Still got a cold, but it's subsiding. I'll need to pick up another thing of medicine to kill it off completely, or i could just drink a gallon of water.

Keyan Farlander 01-01-2008 11:59 AM

Well, I've kicked off the new year by applying some of my l33t producer skillz. Here is a file of two girls singing "Joy to the World":

Joy to the World

And here is what it sounds like after I finished with it:

Joy to the World - Enhanced

edlib 01-01-2008 12:40 PM

That's nice,.. although when you said "l33t producer skillz" I was really expecting something different... such as a full on techno-dance remix. I kept waiting for the phat drum-machine beatz and LFO-filter swept pulsing synth part to kick in.


What effects did you use on that, and how did you do it? Plug-ins?

Did you record the original track also?

Keyan Farlander 01-01-2008 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by edlib
That's nice,.. although when you said "l33t producer skillz" I was really expecting something different... such as a full on techno-dance remix. I kept waiting for the phat drum-machine beatz and LFO-filter swept pulsing synth part to kick in.


What effects did you use on that, and how did you do it? Plug-ins?

Did you record the original track also?

Heh, no, I didn't want to change the actual music. If I had, I would have recorded myself singing the tenor and bass parts, and put a great orchestral arrangement behind it. In fact...nah.

And no, I didn't record the original track. All I had to work with was that original wma file. If I had recorded it, it would have been of significantly higher quality, and the two voices would have been on different tracks, instead of stuck together, which limits your options considerably.

I did this in Cubase, yeah with some plug-ins. First, I duplicated the file and put it on a second track. I panned the original to the left and the copy to right, and also delayed the one on the right by 0.075 seconds. That spread out the sound a little and gave the impression of more voices. Then I applied a little EQ. Then I put a little chorus on both tracks to enhance the effect of there being more voices or at least more sound. Finally, I put some cathedral-style reverb on it. I hate messing around with knobs and finding the right settings for effects, and I'm no good at it anyway, so I just used presets.

Ikhnaton 01-01-2008 02:13 PM

too bad you couldn't fix it so they sang the right pitch ;)

my apologies if these girls were friends of yours...

Rogue Nine 01-01-2008 02:16 PM

The more pertinent question is: Are they hot?

Keyan Farlander 01-01-2008 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by Ikhnaton
too bad you couldn't fix it so they sang the right pitch ;)

my apologies if these girls were friends of yours...

One is. And actually, I probably could have. But come on, they're OK. They were just having a little fun and spreading a little Christmas cheer.

Keyan Farlander 01-01-2008 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
The more pertinent question is: Are they hot?

The one I know is incredibly beautiful. The other girl is her sister, but I have never seen her.

K_Kinnison 01-01-2008 08:52 PM

okay... the new year did not start out good.

Things went fine until I decided to go help my dad play musical cars in his driveway. Currently they have 4 cars in the driveway at night.

Ford F-450 Bucket truck my dad uses for work (Charter Cable)
1996 VW passat (old, worn out, works) my mom drove that out to see a movie
2002 VW Jetta Transmistions out, waiting til he finds a used transmission
1989 VW Fox, found out the battery was dead

Passat was in road. Had to use Ford to pull Fox forward so we could jump it (Did I mention the driveway had packed snow hills on it? so we couldn't push them)

Pull fox out and put it in driveway first, we move Jetta and try to use my car to push it. I get stuck in a drift and when I go check to see how it is stuck, the car decides to lock its doors. It is running, and I have no key with me to unlock the door. after trying to unlock it for 15 minutes in the 10 degree weather I convince my dad to call a locksmith.

Since the fox died while we were fussing with my car, we had to turn around the Ford to jump it again, so we could push the Passat.

The I had to wait an hour for the locksmith... took him about 5 minutes to pop it back open.

I HATE my Buick car .. if you are going to put "Features" in the car, the owner should be able to disable them easily by himself. I mean... to have a car lock while the car is running, and standing still? STUPID!

edlib 01-01-2008 11:35 PM

Huh. Weird.
Keep a spare key on you at all times, I guess. In your wallet, maybe.

First day of new year (and last day of vacation) was pretty chill. Did some reading. Played some games. Me and my buddy finished the Halo Campaign.

(Sorry, 15... we had some issues at first just getting it to run. He couldn't find the save game... By the time that got sorted out, I didn't see you online at the time, so we could send the invite. We could have used you, too: those last couple of levels were tough going! But we might do the whole thing again in a week or 2 on a tougher skill level... and try to get a lot of people in on it. Plus, we are now both itching for some head-to-head death match action. Anything like that we do I'll definitely bring you in on. I'll start the next campaign from my machine too... to make the invites for you guys easier.)

Ikhnaton 01-01-2008 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander
One is. And actually, I probably could have. But come on, they're OK. They were just having a little fun and spreading a little Christmas cheer.

Yeah, I know. Just being hypercritical since I have done a lot of choral singing.

Cmdr. Cracken 01-02-2008 12:24 AM

Ed: Become one with the Battle Rifle, and the Shotgun. They are your friends, your saviors, your best friends!

And learn to keep moving, and slowly move your game pad sensitivity up.

Rogue15 01-02-2008 02:41 AM

i was on Call of Duty most of the time, by the time i sent you the message asking if i could join, you were in the lobby. o well. next time, definitely invite me. I've been playing Call of Duty since since 7:30pm. i can't get enough of it, and just started playing in Hardcore Team Death Match's so awesome. Going to be playing it all day tomorrow as well. :)

Nute Gunray 01-02-2008 03:57 AM

i resolved not to make resolutions

edlib 01-02-2008 05:17 AM

Tried that once. Didn't work. You unconsciously do it anyway. Human nature.

At least it was for me...

Well... the new year is starting to turn on me already: the steam valve on the radiator in my room must have failed overnight, making a racket whenever the heat comes on... which it did at 3:30 am this morning.
Woke me up out a sound dead sleep. Yippee.

Couldn't have done that, say, yesterday (or any morning in the last 10 days, for that matter :rolleyes: ) when it didn't matter if I was up early, because I had nowhere to go, and could have taken a nap in the afternoon if I so wished.

Oh well... I'll just report to work a bit earlier today than I had even planned... that way I'll get home that much earlier.


Yeah... the new year is biting me in the ass.

After I wrote that last bit, my comp starting crashing like crazy. Grooveshellextensions.dll (something to do with MS Office...) is causing errors in every program I tried to run. (A Microsoft program causing issues? God Forbid! :dozey: )
I rebooted 5 or 6 times before I managed to get the system stable.

I have no idea what caused it... or how to fix it. It seems to be running OK at the moment... but I've no guarantee it's going to stay that way.

C'mon Microsoft... you are going to have to do better than this. I'm on the verge of jumping over to Apple as it is. Don't force my hand! (And here I was just singing the praises of the XBox, too...)


Zargon 01-02-2008 10:08 AM

year should be a big change for me

wedding on nov 28th

and a possible HUGE job change soon at work that includes a raise thank god.

my resolutions are

to keep up going to the gym(was 3 times a week till theh week vefore xmas and havent been back)

take my bike to a track day....

pay off some of my small credit card debt ive been hauling around

and have a small dp for a house by 08(assuming the wedding doesnt devour it)

Cmdr. Cracken 01-02-2008 09:28 PM

And now I enter the true retail business.

Slow, boring, and easy. *YAWN*

edlib 01-02-2008 10:52 PM

Work was slow, but steady today. Got a bunch of little things done.

The seats are all out of the hall. Looks really bizarre. Have to remember to bring in my camera tomorrow.

Ate, and then played a spot of Half-Life and Portal for a wee bit after dinner. Too tired to make much progress on either tonight.

Too tired for much of anything... but sleep. So that's what I think I'll do.

Zargon 01-03-2008 09:27 AM

nuthin but hellgate lately, LOTS of farming...

cracken, I'm up to lvl 27 with my engineer Zargazia

lvl 17 with my evoker Skantonia

and like lvl 9 with my marksman Sluet

Rogue15 01-03-2008 10:18 AM

I learned a terrible truth the other day at work. No longer are department managers able to go into the system and edit the schedules that the home office computers dish out. No longer will I have a decent 12-9 schedule. instead, it will be 12-9, 8-5, and they'll cut out my 40 hours and likely give me 30 or less. 3 of my coworkers are quitting, which means i'll be bombarded with new hires and transfers, most likely middle age on up. Looks like one of secondary objectives is going to be fulfilled.

I'm working 12-9 today and tomorrow, then I have to work 2-11 on saturday, 12-9 sunday and monday, then i'm off tuesday and wednesday. This is the kind of schedule that I like. And I'd be getting this schedule more, because nobody really likes to close/work at night, but thanks to the retards at home office, everybody's screwed into working hours they don't like. :joy:

Think i'll take a walk to get the mail this morning.

Zargon 01-03-2008 12:50 PM

yeah that sucks, thats where corps always bite you

Rogue15 01-03-2008 09:21 PM

I accepted the fact that something like that was inevitable before I even finished the application, so I don't really have the right to be angry. it's just the fact that my friends are quitting, and that's the perk of working there, i get to work with people of my age group....the new transfer is one of those that cannot work on sunday, so everyone else will be forced to. :rolleyes: it's just gonna be major suck unless i find something else or just do what i wanted to do 2 and a half years ago. get back in the mil. main thing that is stopping me is that i share an apartment. gotta start getting rid of alot of junk that i haven't touched since i moved in, then find a storage for the rest of it. (not too much other stuff, mostly games, books, and my massive star wars collection)

work has slowed down significantly, and my bosses are gonna start being bitchy, especially once the others put in their 2 weeks notice and everyone else is needing training. i'm trying not to worry too much though. :)

edlib 01-03-2008 10:28 PM

Work was slow again. Sweet. Nice, short, relaxing days of doing little jobs.

Took some pics of the hall with no seats in it. I'll post some later... tonight after I eat, or tomorrow at some point. (For those of you on Facebook, you can see them now in the group I started called "Berklee Performance Center Employees.")

Bought Call of Duty 4. Played the intro and first couple of missions before giving up. I'll need to work on the training level a bit more to get faster with the weapons swapping and the targeting scheme.

Did a couple more levels of Halo 2, as well.

Found another guy at work with Halo 3. Plan on doing an epic multiplayer death-fest at some point this weekend, boys! :D

Time to eat, and get to bed. I have to get up early so I can do a vet's-office run before work to pick up cat medicine so I don't need to worry about driving all the way across town after work only to arrive JUST AFTER they lock the doors at 7... like I did tonight. Grrr... :mad:

Rogue15 01-04-2008 01:43 AM


Originally Posted by edlib

Bought Call of Duty 4. Played the intro and first couple of missions before giving up. I'll need to work on the training level a bit more to get faster with the weapons swapping and the targeting scheme.

goooood!!!!!!!!!!! It's intense, I've been playing on veteran difficulty, very tough fights. Took me a bit to get used to, hell i'm still getting used to the fast-paced single player portion. it's like one minute dead silence, the next guns blazing, grenades going off choppers flying around shooting at everything in sight, then the next minute it's eerily quiet as an enemy sniper puts a round of avenge into your head.

Multiplayer is too addicting. every match is different. There are many ways to play, lots of stuff to unlock. :) I've only been using 1 weapon for a few days in multiplayer, the Russian RPD light machine gun, trying to unlock everything for it. All i need is around 30 more headshots and i'll have completed the challenge to unlock some nice camo for it. I've been playing team deathmatch hardcore, it's the most realistic version of multiplayer, aside from the respawns, and very addicting.

edlib 01-04-2008 06:12 AM

Yeah... I'll have to attack it one of these days for real.

I'm at the point where I think I might have too many games. (Nice problem to have, right? :D )
But I'm having problems concentrating on one long enough to make any real progress through it.
I think I need to prioritize, and figure out an order that I'm going to work on them (at least in single player, that is...) before I go any further.

Thing is: I'm thinking about asking my cousin's husband (the one who just got the PS3) if he still has all his original XBox games... and if he wants to unload any of them to me if he does. ;) Specifically Halo 1... but anything he has that looks interesting that's 360-compatible I'll take.

Then I'll really be swamped: He had a pretty nice library of games for that from what I remember.

If not: I know there's a couple of those classic games for download... And I DO have all that hard-drive space to fill...


Rogue15 01-04-2008 09:22 AM

yeah, go for it. you won't regret it. :)

Ray Jones 01-04-2008 03:06 PM

At this point I will double post extra and due to the fact that this is already the fifth one year thread and not the third so now let's all point at Ike and laugh. *points and laughs*

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