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krisno 01-04-2008 11:36 AM

Grim Fandango Soundtrack CD !! Request
Dear forum users.

I have one big request.

I live in scandinavia, and I try to get hold of the Grim Fandango Soundtrack as it is immensly good.

I allready got the .mp3 version, but I am kinda a hifi guy, so I want this in full quality. It is very expensive/hard to get hold of this CD now.

Is there anyone here who have the original Grim Fandango soundtrack CD and either:

1: Sell me their CD, i will pay with paypal for everything + a price we can agree on for the cd

2: (this probably is the one people would like), if any of you can make a complete 1:1 copy of the GF soundtrack audio CD, and send to me in scandinavia. I will pay for everything, preferbly via paypal also here.

Thanks!! hope for reply'es.


ZaXeriaw 01-04-2008 02:29 PM

Hey there fellow scandinavian. I've tried to get the soundtrack the last two years, and it seems almost impossible to get, if you don't wanna buy it on ebay.

VampireNaomi 01-06-2008 06:03 AM

Another Scandinavian here. I don't have the soundtrack either and I don't really need it, but I wish you luck at getting it. Hopefully you can find someone who doesn't know what a treasure they have in their hands and is willing to sell it for a few bucks. :)

King Dando 01-06-2008 12:01 PM

Hello there, welcome to the forums :) I don't have the soundtrack, but I did spend quite a sizeable amount of time searching for a copy, it seems near impossible to find though. Maybe I gave up to quickly, or easily =/ I have all the mp3 files, which I did burn onto a CD so I could listen to it on a stereo, that's good enough for me I suppose.

Thrik 01-06-2008 02:21 PM

Yeah, I wouldn't mind the CD rips either. The mp3s we have on the site are of the highest quality I believe, but naturally no substitute for the very best.

I think I know someone with the soundtrack CD so I'll try asking him if he can sort me out.

krisno 01-07-2008 11:58 AM

If you could ask your friend to make a digital 1:1 copy on that cd I would be very happy. it's not that far from england to norway. I will of course cover any expense :-)

krisno 01-10-2008 06:22 PM

No hope to get the original CD, atleast a copy of it??

Baja 01-11-2008 11:04 AM

I have ripped it as FLAC, if you'd be interested in that.

krisno 01-11-2008 01:54 PM


You have it ripped directly from CD to .flac? Did you use a quality ripper?

Yes, I would like that the utter most. Then you don't have to burn it etc... Can I download it from you or how can we do this?


CHAOSMAN 01-11-2008 07:16 PM

i have the original copy of the cd if you still want it and i can scan the covers, cd and make it like the real one if you want although it makes no difference really. email me at djnick [at] and we can go from there

krisno 01-12-2008 03:55 PM

I have send you an email.

Thrik 01-12-2008 06:27 PM

It'd be nice if you could get me a copy of the uncompressed music, CHAOSMAN. I'm not too bothered about getting a physical copy, but if uploading such a huge amount is a problem for you (I can provide the FTP) then perhaps that's not ideal.

I'm not so much thinking for myself as providing better quality .mp3s on, offering it in some other formats like .ogg and .wma, and also possibly hosting the uncompressed versions in the future once bandwidth is less expensive. :)

CHAOSMAN 01-14-2008 03:44 AM

what format do you guys want it? I can rip it no problem, FLAC, OGG, WMA, Disc dump...whatever. Rapidshare ok for you guys?

krisno 01-14-2008 08:32 AM

What is rapidshare?

I would prefer WMA lossless, i have send you an email (and lets hope that Wmedia player finds the names of those files, it's 'alot' of them ;-)..

Can you convert .wma back to cd/mp3 later on by the way?

I have send you a mail.

Sallim 01-14-2008 10:07 AM

Flac or OGG would be nice for me.
Rapidshare is a *free upload portal, where you can upload files and other users can download them, mostly for free with small restrictions. or would be ok aswell.
thanks so far chaosman

Thrik 01-14-2008 02:45 PM

I can't speak for everyone else, but I think providing it in a format that's easy to work with such as an uncompressed dump (WAV?) would be the best.

WMA, for example, is actively protected by Microsoft who try to shut down any programs that allow you to open/convert them. FLAC can be a bit tricky for people to work with if they're not familiar with it. OGG will be compressed. Etc!

I could feasibly mirror it in smaller formats on such as OGG and WMA once I've got the original rips.

CHAOSMAN 01-15-2008 12:23 AM

ok will rip it in WAV for thrik, flac for krisno and, OGG and WMA for the others, give me a few days so i can rip it and up it onto my server, then it will only be a few days on my server and then i will take them off because of bandwith. i request that the rips i do you guys mirror them onto free sharing hosts so that everyone can get them

Thrik 01-15-2008 05:56 AM

Thankye. :)

Silvek 01-15-2008 06:49 AM

Great, I've been looking everywhere for the CD as well!

It would be great to get a hold of the uncompressed wav-files, will you make them available for everyone?

CHAOSMAN 01-15-2008 06:10 PM

WAV, FLAC, and OGG all ripped, raring them now and uploading to my server, should be another day or so. If you want any other formats i recommend you download the WAV files and do whatever you want, i dont have time to learn to rip it in every possible format

James Isaac 01-16-2008 04:40 AM

This is really helpful, thanks a lot for doing this :). The uncompressed WAV files would be very useful

CHAOSMAN 01-16-2008 07:21 PM

ok friends as requested here are the files, please download them soon as i will remove them off my server at the end of the month, please mirror these as well. Thanks.

**Cover scans have been included as well but they are not mine, credit to whoever scanned them

** Log file and cue sheet for each rip included as well. Please give me credit if you use these anywhere. Thanks

**Hot linking is disabled so copy paste link into fresh browser window




krisno 01-16-2008 07:58 PM

Excellent! Great work... :-)

Silvek 01-17-2008 07:34 AM

Thanks for your effort CHAOSMAN :D

Colossal 01-17-2008 04:16 PM


lipton 01-17-2008 05:43 PM

Tak for satan!

Du Man 01-17-2008 08:11 PM

what's the password?

DeadYorick 01-17-2008 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by CHAOSMAN
ok friends as requested here are the files, please download them soon as i will remove them off my server at the end of the month, please mirror these as well. Thanks.

CHAOSMAN. Why not just link them on They stay there for practically forever. Plus you don't need to register or pay to do it

CHAOSMAN 01-18-2008 03:49 PM


Originally Posted by Du Man
what's the password?

there is no password


Originally Posted by Terracentral
CHAOSMAN. Why not just link them on They stay there for practically forever. Plus you don't need to register or pay to do it

thats your guys' job, i dont have time to be trying all different upload sites and ppl complain about speeds or not being able to download certain size archives. this way is easiest for me

Thrik 01-18-2008 04:16 PM

Thanks a lot. It'll be nice being able to provide better quality versions to those we already have on :)

Great work!

B.A.T. 01-19-2008 07:03 AM

Thanks Chaosman! downloading OGG rite now

kakuzawa 04-28-2008 11:53 AM

I know it has been a while, but is it possbile to upload OST (in FLAC) once again??
I am looking for this soundtrack for a while, and whenever I find it, its in mp3 ~160kb/s.

It's still working! When I first clicked the link to the file it redirected me to but accidentaly I pushed the link with sfv and it worked, so I gave a try to flashget and this was it...
thank you very much for this upload

Du Man 04-28-2008 01:29 PM

provide me the links of three file sharing sites that actually work, require only an email address to sign up, have minimum advertisements, and that are not shady. Bonus points if you can provide me one with a 200mb single file upload limit. Otherwise you're just going to have to wait until Thrik updates

Also not to complain, but Chaosman's .ogg files are missing Companeros and Ninth Heaven, but he still has a copy of each in flac format.

kakuzawa 04-28-2008 01:43 PM gives 300mb per file :-)

stewlil 04-28-2008 01:52 PM

I swear to god i saw it in a bargain bin in a shop once..
Wish i knew then what i know now.

sinus 07-28-2010 04:12 AM

Woohoo, the download still works! Thanks for the flashget tip! FINALLY!!! And I don't have to pay 100 dollars for it!

You folks made my day!

hk007 09-30-2012 04:03 PM

Many Thanks!

Originally Posted by CHAOSMAN (Post 2411314)
ok friends as requested here are the files, please download them soon as i will remove them off my server at the end of the month, please mirror these as well. Thanks.

I have registered in the LucasArts Forums just to thank you for sharing that awsesome soundtrack, and keeping the files on your server until today (30/9/12). The quality in the WAV format is great! I feel lucky to have found this. Once again, many thanks, ChaosMan. I think I owe you a lot.
Bye! :D:D

RobJam 07-13-2014 02:32 PM

Hello, I realize I'm coming VERY LATE to the party on this...but if some kind soul would PLEASE list an active download link for the FLAC version of the 2CD release, I'd be eternally grateful!

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