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DeadYorick 01-14-2008 12:29 AM

Starwars Legends of the force
While I was writing my fanfiction I thought about a roleplay. Anyway this is what I thought of. Anyway you will need to be ACCEPTED into this roleplay. Meaning after you post your bio you will not be able to post unless I say your bio is good enough for this roleplay.


Taking place one year after Jedi academy. Jaden Korr followed the path of the darkside and stole the scepter of Ragnos. Using it Jaden used the rest of the darkside energy and sought out 5 apprentices. He sought them out for their already dark personalities

One was a stormtrooper. Fed up with reciving orders instead of giving them. Jaden infultrated the outpost he was stationed at. Jaden killed all but him. Realising what little grasp of the force he had within him Jaden filled him with some of the staff's dark energy. The stormtrooper was given the name DarthOwen. He changed his armor to a dark pitch black except the helmet which he kept white with red slits for eyes. He wore a dark cape for effect

After the conversion of DarthOwen Luke felt it across the galaxy. He knew that Jaden would create more apprentices to build his empire. Kyle Katarn meanwhile exiled himself from the force once more. Unable to take the guilt from Rosh's death

Luke's only hope was his students. But none of his student's had the natural talent that Jaden did. What Luke didn't sense was his answer was in the stars themselves.

Your Role

You are an ordinary civilian. You may be a criminal kingpin or a street urchin. However what you have that is different is a force connection. At the start of the roleplay it will manifest itself. What you focus on is up to you. Either the light or darkness. Will you take up arms against Jaden's evil or will you join as one of his apprentices. The choice is yours


Name: (Self Explanitory)
Gender: (Self Explanitory)
Race: (What your race is. Use Wikipedia as a resource)
Appearance: (This is very important. It also shows how much detail you have. The more detail you have the more likely you will be accepted in this roleplay)
Home Planet: (Use wikipedia as a resource)
Starship: (If any)
Affiliation: (What kind of force your character will lean towards. If Light you will use light force and will combat Jaden's forces. If darkness you will use Dark force and join his ranks)
History: (What your character has done with his/her life)

Note there can only be a maximum of 6 people in this roleplay. There is a maximum of 4 Darkside characters allowed

Construct 01-23-2008 10:45 PM

Name: Cortanak Sylux
Gender: Male
Race: Ubese/Madalorian
Appearance: Blonde Hair, tiny bit buff, young face, about 21 years of age
Home Planet: Telos
Starship: Imperial Gunship
Affiliation: Dark Side, Jaden Korr
History: He was born on Telos and found some Cannoks on the surface. He was a special child and he figured out a way to get the Cannoks to obey him.
Corta has made the Cannoks do whatever he wants through Force Beast Trick
He has lived his life with his Dad and Sister. They have all learned to make the beasts go under their control. HIs mother was killed when a Restoration Team from Czerka quarintined the area that the mother was in while the rest of the family was out hunting. The quarintined area was bombed and cleaned out due to "supposed contamination." Cortanak set out with his Sister to kill that team with Cannoks. When they found the team on citadel station, they imported the Cannoks into a Hangar and ganged up on them, throwing them off of the Station, and they were killed due to lack of oxygen and atmospheric pressure crushing them. Next, they decided to take a shuttle of Cannoks and took their Dad with them to the remnants of Taris. They let loose Cannoks on Taris and imported more and more and more and more until one 30th of Taris was being restored to a Jungle-ish state. They are now still on Telos, finding a Hologram of the Sceptar, while Jaden held it.

Darth Bane1027 05-30-2008 11:09 PM

Name: Walknash Phouloute
Gender: Male
Race: Zabrak
Apearance: Very muscular, about 7'9" including horns. Has a scar from his left eye to the left side of his chin. His good eye is brown.
Home Planet: Coruscant
Starship: Horizon-class Star Yacht named "The Mysterious"
Affiliation: Darkness
History: Was born on Coruscant to a very wealthy criminal kingpin who beat him every day. His mother, his father told him, died in child birth. At the age of seventeen Walknash stabbed his father with his own vibroblade and inherited his criminal empire. He enjoyed the life of luxury. Two years into his criminal career, he purchased a Horizon-class Star Yacht and named it "The Mysterious". He had it modified with four concealed heavy laser cannons. Seven years later, he found he could use the Force. He heard rumors that the there was a new sith named Jaden. He had five hundred of his men roam the galaxy to find this Jaden. Perhaps, he thought, he will allow me to join him.

M@RS 05-30-2008 11:33 PM

Name: BoShek
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Apearance: Muscular, Broad, Black slicked back hair
Home Planet: Corellia
Starship: He stole ships for a living
Affiliation: Light (because of what Obi-Wan told him)
History: BoShek was a male Corellian smuggler with a talent for piloting and a tenuous sensitivity to the Force. BoShek left Corellia to enter the galactic underworld, eventually finding a job piloting ships to and from an outlaw tech transponder-slicing workshop on Tatooine which masqueraded as a monastery. There he worked successfully and learned of the Force, with which he became fascinated, frequently meditating and attempting to access it to little success. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, BoShek set a new record for the Kessel Run, taking bragging rights from his friends Han Solo and Chewbacca. At the end of that run, however, BoShek was pursued by Imperial TIE fighters, which he destroyed, leading to the Empire issuing a warrant for his arrest. BoShek made it safely to Mos Eisley, where he conversed with Obi-Wan Kenobi in Chalmun's Cantina. Kenobi advised him to move away from his shady position and embrace the light side if he were to wield the Force successfully.

BoShek took that to heart, leaving his smuggling job and settling on the remote world of Stoga, where he lived honestly and simply and meditated frequently on the Force but to no avail. Six months after the Battle of Yavin, BoShek came across Rasha Bex, who was attempting to flee a Rebel cell which wished to kill her. BoShek did not wish to be drawn into the Galactic Civil War, but agreed to give her a ride to the transport offworld which awaited her. The Rebels pursued them, however, and BoShek had to push his piloting skills and his swoop to the limit to escape them, while he and Bex developed a mutual attraction over the course of the escape. At Bex's rendezvous, BoShek discovered that she was in fact an Imperial agent, and despite her requests to join the Empire, BoShek refused, and was instead arrested.

Klize Negulna 08-22-2008 10:55 PM

Name: Klize Negulna
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: He has short, spiky brown hair, dark brown eyes, he usually wears a brown overcoat, and his face is pretty much plain.
Home Planet: Coruscant
Starship: None
Affiliation: Light Side, Luke Skywalker.
History: He was abandoned at two and left on Coruscant. He has had to fend for himself ever since. He took up a job of being hired for killing jobs. It's true he was an unusual kid. He had a connection he could not explain. He could do strange things. Klize is also a very powerful mercenary. He always gets the job done. That's why he's one of the most popular mercenaries on the planet. He's never left the planet surface, but lately he's been thinking of hopping on a random starship and leaving. Perhaps forever.

DeadYorick 09-26-2008 10:39 AM

Wow people are actually posting in this. I created this like 8 months ago

Anyway, everyone is accepted. Though we would need one more person if we wanted to start

Face_Of_Death 01-24-2009 11:57 AM

Name: Soleto Andonna
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has long, black hair, green eyes. He has an kinda big chin, an ordinary nose, high cheekbones, sleek eyebrows and his eyes are kindof large. He usually wears heavy boots, black armor greaves and bracers, that are incrusted with green ornaments, a black coat, under which he wears a green shirt, dark green fingerless gloves.
Home Planet: Telos
Starship: Heavily modified and old LAAT gunship.
Affiliation: Semi-light. (An exile before, but later joins the light side, combining his universal powers.)
History: Lived a peaceful life until the age of 6, when his father got into the disliking of the local Hutt crimelord - his parents were killed, he himself - sold as a slave for an Geonosian engineer. He served him until the age of 8, when he was enraged by for slaving and realised that he is Force-Sensitive, by force pushing the Geonosian into an rift. Day after this, a Jedi finds him, realizes his Force Sensitivity and takes him up on the academy. There he is trained, but he is reminded oftenly, that he can not let into the rage, because he is very hot-blooded, and can't stand still.
He had a great connection to the force, and that is why he rose to the ranks of a Padawan at the age of 14. Later on, he is promoted to a Jedi Knight at the age of 17, but then, after being sent on a near-suicidal mission to Coruscant with a few republic soldiers, and having them all killed because of his fault - he got into a local Hutt crimelord trap - and barely getting out alive himself, failing the mission - he gives up on the Jedi Order, leaves them, keeping his lightsaber and force sensitivity.
He is living now on Onderon, quietly maintaining his own business and - sometimes - helping the Jedi Order, but he is now thriving for adventures, because he is tired of routine.

Schofield 07-25-2009 11:08 AM

Name: Dasskk Eagle-eye
Gender: Male
Race: Ssi-ruuk
Appearance: A red caste Ssi-ruuk (military, carnivorous dinosaur thing), with a targeting reticule hanging over one eye, hence his name, 'Eagle-eye'. He has black stripes down his sides and spines all down his back and tail. He has black gloves with the fingertips cut off.
Weaponry: Ion beam rifle.
Home Planet: Lwhekk
Starship: 'Agamemnon' Class Cruiser. (2x Beam cannons, side mounted. 4x rocket pods, belly mounted.)
Affiliation: Neutral, but if pressed probably light.
History: He was shunned and exiled for a crime he did not commit on his homeworld, driving him to change his xenophobic beliefs and become a bounty hunter to stake out a living. He has grown to enjoy his work however, and no joy is wasted in the thrill of the final kill. He is force sensitive, possibly due to traumatizing experiences through his life, causing him to fill with rage and anger, triggering unnatural events.

OOC: Good enough?

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