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VinceXombie 01-21-2008 05:35 AM

VIP Pass issues?
Not sure if I'm missing something here or the game is glitching.

I'm in year 2 and I need to acquire the VIP Pass to get into the High Rollers club. I talked to Charlie and I got the Ticket Printer, but no dice on the pass. I've tried to talk to charlie again but Manny says that He's got nothing to say to him.
Is there a plot element I've missed somewhere to get charlie to give me the pass? Am I missing something? Or did my game glitch?

Du Man 01-21-2008 03:09 PM

Did you talk to Velasco about the union card? Did you talk to the worker bees down by the docks yet?

This thread might be relevant to your problem,
Though feel free to ask more questions in this thread if you are still having trouble.

urluckyday 01-21-2008 06:54 PM

What he said ^

VinceXombie 01-21-2008 10:22 PM

Oh weird I could have sworn had I talked to Velasco before. I guess that was on a previous save file...
Thanks for the help and quick response. I was kind of afraid these forums would be dead with such an old game. Really shows how timeless Grim Fandango is.

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