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Will_990 02-04-2008 12:14 PM

K1 Bastila StarForge-fight: dialogue doesn't continue after 1st fight?
Hello and btw thanks for this forum and for all mods available so far. I'm currently using appr. 30 mods and playing LS female, all mods worked relatively well together until I got to the final fight vs. Bastila on the Star Forge. After the first dialogue-sequence the following 1st fighting sequence doesn't stop - Bastila does lose HPs until 1HP remains, but the 2nd dialogue sequence won't start. However, it does continue when playing with another savegame as LS male, so I presume it has something to do with:
- Master Kavar's Bastila and female Revan - untold love story mod (and Darth Shan's additional fix for it)
- Allronix' dialogue pack 2.1
- Wotor v1.03 mod (k_psta_pcwalk.ncs?)

After examining Allronix' k_sta_bastila.dlg file with dlgEditor, I think the script k_sta_basttalk1 seems to be my problem. Maybe the script doesn't understand that I'm female and at the same time having a romance with Bastila...I don't know.

Could anyone provide some advice on that? I haven't found anything in this forum so far.
Many thanks in advance,

swfan28 02-04-2008 02:36 PM

There may be compatibility issues between Allronix' dialogue pack 2.1 and Master Kavar's mod as they both use same global variables and may cause a mess with a female PC. I can't find the source of this problem though. Neither the gender or the romance tracking global should have anything to do with stopping the fight triggering the dialog. That Wotor 1.03's k_psta_pcwalk.ncs will give bastila her unique saber (I think) and shouldn't interfere with the dialog either.

What other mods do you have installed?

Will_990 02-04-2008 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by swfan28
What other mods do you have installed?

Thanks for your reply. There are over 30 mods installed, mostly graphic packs (robes, sabers, Yuthura, Duncan etc.), one particular is 2_altered_endings_1.01 by kristykistic which might have some influence, but removing the files from override was unsuccessful. Since the male PC works and the global variables of both savegames did more or less compare, it must have something to do with this script I mentioned. Bad thing is, removing the dlg files for Bastila won't trigger the sequence at all, so I can't proceed either way.

swfan28 02-05-2008 02:35 AM


Will_990 wrote:
It must have something to do with this script I mentioned.
Nope, the k_sta_basttalk1 only checks the value of the global Sta_BastTalk that is used to track the dialog during the fight. None of the scripts that change that global should be affected by gender or the romance tracking global.

The 2 alternate endings mod could be the cause. I'll check it's contents later today when I have time.

Will_990 wrote:
removing the dlg files for Bastila won't trigger the sequence at all, so I can't proceed either way.
That shouldn't happen with Allronix' dialog pack and I don't think the other two mods you mentioned before could cause that either. This also seems to suggest that the 2 alternate endings is the cause.

EDIT: I checked the contents of the 2 alternate endings mod and found nothing that should affect the Dark Bastila fight. Some of the scripts didn't decompile though. The only thing that I can suggest is to save the game during the fight with bastila and then use the save game editor to change the value of the global number Sta_BastTalk to 1.

Will_990 02-05-2008 04:25 PM

Thanks again for your efforts, swfan28.
In the meantime I've studied some aspects of Kotor modding (phew) and I'm pretty certain, that the Weapons of the Republic - Wotor mod is the reason for this whole mess. It seems that my new save games have all been corrupted in some way, since the old ones without Wotor items are still functioning. There are mistakes in the Wotor utc files as well, therefor I will delete every file which uses utc or scripts for the main characters Malak and Bastila; too bad I didn't see the bugs earlier.

BTW: I've compiled a script k_psta_bastrom.ncs which is needed to get those "special" dialogues with Bastila on the Star Forge, if you are using Bastila and female Revan - untold love story mod and Allronix' dialogue pack (k_sta_bastila.dlg) gender check anymore, it's just the Bastila dialogue from now on.

Allronix 04-13-2008 12:25 PM

Yeah *blush* I didn't factor in mods that would allow a female romance with Bastila, but I did grant permission to modders who wanted to make the "Untold Love Story" and the Dialogue Pack compatible.

Cinn 01-31-2013 01:31 PM

Hi, I'm having the same problem as Will_990. Bastila's second conversation on the Star Forge won't trigger, and changing the global number doesn't seem to help either.

I can load a previous save that used no mods and it all works fine, so I think it's a problem caused from earlier in the game. I also tried redoing the whole star forge but that didn't fix the problem either. This was with an LS female.

I only have six mods installed;
-Bastila on Korriban
-Bastila extra Dialogue on Dantooine
-KSE Cutscene fix
-New Bik Movie
-Allronix Dialogue Pack 2.1
-Alternate Ending for DS Female

I don't know which one of these is causing a problem, if any of them are. I even used the game save editor to check all the values against a save that I knew worked. So I think the problem is file corruption at some point in the game.

I've noticed other people have this problem too, and they always seem to have at least one of these mods, but it's not always the same one. But I'd appreciate any help with this matter.

Cinn 02-05-2013 05:06 PM

Ok, I've managed to figure out which file was causing the problem, or at least, I think I have.

The DS Romance mod comes with a sta_bastila.utc file, which I think mucks up the original one that is there for the command centre fight. Or at least, if I remove this file the command centre fight works fine (though admittedly the mod doesn't).

So I'm figuring that if that is the problem, then I can resolve it by renaming all references in the mod to that file and the file itself to something unique... But that might be my misguided and naive understanding of the way all this stuff is coded/scripted etc.

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