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Aristotélēsticus 02-10-2008 08:32 AM

Star Wars NJO: Rise of Darth Caedus
The Galaxy is in turmoil now after Jacen Solo proclaimed himself as the new Dark Lord of the Sith.

Whereas on the board of the Anakin Solo, Luke Skywalker distracted Caedus on the bridge of the ship, while Han and Leia were able to locate and rescue Allana—his daughter. Knowing that Allana was taken from him, Caedus sworn to get his daughter back even if it means to sacrifice those whom he once loved.


The Anakin Solo was discovering the space surrounded by four other spacecrafts. There in his chamber the new self-proclaimed Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Caedus was meditating, urging his mind to focus on finding the place of his kidnapped daughter, yet his thoughts dwelled elsewhere…disengage…called on him an audio manifestation of his inner thoughts..disengage…it called once more, but Caedus did not respond, like he failed to hear the force whisperer…disengage…again it called. This time more irritating…

“LEAVE ME, LEAVE ME ALONE!!” he screamed insanely, but then he turned to look at the voice source but find none. The voice was gone, but his body was sweating still, and his heart was beating in an unnatural humdrum velocity. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and then the void that once filled his aching mind made a glorious return. And soon the Dark Lord succeeded in overcoming his inner struggle and came out victorious. His skin was cool again. His heart beats became stable. His eyes were closed, while his thoughts took him to where his daughter is…Hapes

Black Knight of Keno 02-10-2008 11:36 AM

"Zarek, old friend. How is the business?" a voice asked from a hologram standing on the dash of the starfighter. The holographic figure nodded and bowed slightly.
"It's going well. Since you left, we have trained nearly a million men more than what we had before and your personal guard have become some of the best teachers of combat arts I have ever seen" the hologram answered and received a light-hearted laugh from the pilot.
"Excellent. For I may need your help on a job I'm coming out of retirement for. Start purchasing the finest battle armors and heavy weapons you can find. And tell my guards to start teaching basics of how to kill a force user" the pilot ordered and the hologram bowed.
"Of course. The galactic situation is that serious then?" the holographic image of a man asked.
"Yes. Even more so than you or I think. Just get the men ready as soon as you can" the pilot answered and shut the comm off.

Soon thereafter the Belbullab-22 jumped into hyperspace. He'd been tracking the Anakin Solo for several weeks around the Galaxy, observing if the pupil of Lumiya was worth his time, effort and assistance or if the Jedi or Confederation would use his help better. By now the Zabrak had found the Sith Lord to be an intriguing subject and he would serve the Sith for now. Or if not exactly serve, at least find out enough of the Sith Lord to betray and crush his military power in order to gain enough recognition from the surviving sides to have himself a well earned and wealthy final retirement and death. It would take no less than an hour to enter orbit around Hapes for the mercenary, in which time he hoped the larger ship had managed to do the same.

DeadYorick 02-10-2008 04:41 PM

D.J Prime had awoken in his Star cruiser as it just come out of hyperspace. He groaned as he opened his eyes. His dream was about his master Zarnia. She had died 1 year before when D.J became a Knight. After that D.J rarely wore Jedi Robes and wore a Trench Coat to remain inconspicuous when on a task.

His lightsaber moved slightly in a small latch on the inside of his coat. His blaster pistols were attached to his waist. People would draw away from the idea he was a Jedi when he was armed. Suddenly D.J heard a disturbance in the force. It sounded like a powerful scream. He shook his head violently. D.J pulled up his galaxy map. He felt it originate in a specific area of the galaxy.
"Can't hurt to check out." He thought to himself as he began to punch in hyperspace coordinants

SkywalkerRules 02-10-2008 06:10 PM

As the Millennium Falcon headed off to Hapes, young Akira Claris sat on the passenger seat next to the 4-year-old Allana, daughter of Jacen Solo aka Darth Caedus and Tenel Ka Djo.

After Han and Leia found out that Allana was their granddaughter, Akira was happy. Allana reminded her of herself, when she lived with her grandparents. Together, they were strong and loyal to each other. But then... her life changed.

Now as a Jedi, Akira was willing to do anything to protect the Skywalkers and Solos from Caedus.

Suddenly, she felt a disturbance in the Force. Akira stood up, and squinted her eyes, looking down. "I feel something... as if... darkness was approaching..." she thought to herself.

DrPhil2501 02-11-2008 05:09 AM

Jak Randon was huffing and puffing as they had just escaped the Anakin Solo, as he was part of the Jedi strike team to retrieve the daughter of Caedus, the new Dark Lord of the Sith.

He clipped his Lightsaber back onto the sheath attached to his back, and rested on the chair facing the gaming table of the Millenium Falcon. The mission was a complete success; the Solo's now have their grandaughter into custody away from Caedus.

Hapes was the next destination...

Aristotélēsticus 02-11-2008 06:04 AM

Darth Caedus opened his eyes as Planet Hapes became visible. But then he felt a very familiar presence, a thought that was confirmed by the admiral of the Anakin Solo…

”my lord, the Millennium Falcon is directly ahead”

“Good Admiral…release the fighters and see to it that they be dragged into our tractor beam ship” said Caedus.

“It will be done my lord.” Responded the Admiral and just before he left the chamber, Caedus called out on him once more, “Admiral, seek not to destroy the Millennium Falcon, I need them alive!”

“yes my lord” the confused admiral said, and then he left to carry Caedus’s orders to his officers.

SkywalkerRules 02-11-2008 07:45 AM

Akira continued to stand up, looking confused at what she felt. What could it be? If it was Caedus, things were going to get more and more difficult again.

She knew Caedus before. The only thing is that she never really talked to him much. But that didn't matter. The young woman sat back down. Then she glanced at Jak, one of the Jedi Knights that was on the strike team. He was a good friend to her.

"Hey, Jak? Do you feel... a disturbance in the Force?"

Black Knight of Keno 02-11-2008 08:35 AM

As the Anakin Solo jumped out of hyperspace, the black-painted Belbullab-22 engaged it's thrusters and headed straight towards the ship, barely avoiding the Millenium Falcon on the way. As the pilot made his approach, he began sending signal to the large Star Destroyer.

"Anakin Solo, this is mercenary Ashai Trond seeking service with Lord Caedus. I am awaiting instructions"

Aristotélēsticus 02-11-2008 09:27 AM

The Admiral rushed into the bridge, yet and once there he ordered a fleet of fighters to siege the Millenium Falcon according to the plan. Soon Belbullab-22 came up suddenly from the hyperspace and stormed into the future battle scene...


Originally Posted by Black Knight of Keno
"Anakin Solo, this is mercenary Ashai Trond seeking service with Lord Caedus. I am awaiting instructions"

“We’ve been expecting you Ashai…” the Admiral continued “your first order will be to drag the Millenium Falcon to fall in the tractor beam of the Anakin Solo. Keep that in mind Ashai, Lord Caedus want the crew of the ship alive”

DeadYorick 02-11-2008 11:12 AM

{I am assuming Caedus is on a Star Destroyer or something similar}

The Highway star pulled out of hyperspace right outside the planet of Hapes. D.J never had an excuse to go to this part of the galaxy.

D.J began pulling the Highway star towards the planet only something stopped him. He turned the ship around and noticed another recognizable ship. The Millennium Falcon began zooming towards the planet of Hapes. D.J quickly punched in a familiar code for Hailing

"This is D.J Prime, Jedi Knight requesting information." Suddenly D.J noticed something. What looked like a much larger ship appeared. D.J's ship sensors flared as he noticed smaller fighters coming out of it. D.J zoomed his ship towards the many fighters as they began to charge towards the Millennium Falcon

SkywalkerRules 02-11-2008 03:32 PM

Akira suddenly turned around, startled by shots at the Millennium Falcon. She stood up from the gaming table, and opened her mind through the Force. She sensed that the Anakin Solo was here!

She gasped. "Oh no! Caedus is here!" She ran towards the cockpit, where she found Han Solo, Captian of the Falcon.

"Mr. Solo! The Anakin Solo is here! We gotta do something!"

JoeDoe 2.0 02-11-2008 05:31 PM

The main alarm started to sound, followed by new dots on the Falcon's scanner: the enemy had followed them.

Jacen would not let go of his child that easily, I know I wouldn't ,thought Han Solo, who tried to evade as many of the enemies laser shots as possible.

"3-PO! tell everybody to put on zero-gee suits on, lets not risk it if the old girl gets breached, and tell Leia to take Allana to the lifeboat just in case"

"But Captain Solo, you need a copilot in this kind of situation, our small percentage of survival will-"

"Stop wasting time and do what you're told! I can still give this guys a run for their credits, I'm not that senile yet!" Han hated when 3-PO thought that he needed help because of his age, and the talk about the odds of survival were starting to get annoying

"No need to shout Captain Solo, I'll tell Mistress Leia about your instructions, but please drive safely, I wouldn't like to be disintegrated just yet" and with that, 3-PO left

I swear, either I'm going deaf or that droid is getting more of a smartass by the second thought Han in frustration, driving the yoke of the Falcon to the left to avoid the Ion fire from a new thread, the Anakin Solo.

It was in that moment that Akira Claris, a new addition to the Falcon's crew, came in agitated and scared, saying something about the Anakin Solo. Han didn't pay much attention, because the enemies were getting more serious, as if Jacen presence had given them more confidence.

"If you wanna help out, the get a z-gee suit on and get to a turbolaser and try to buy us some time kid" after Luke had sent this Jedi over, Han thought that he had another back to watch.

"Everybody hang on back there, this is going to get a little rocky!!" and with that said, Han maneuvered to a small asteroid cluster

[Han is in that stage of life where young people get to him a little, kinda like Jolee]


"Are you certain of this information?" asked Aito Aikon, to the figure in front of him

"Positive, Colonel Jacen's attitude change was enough to confirm it" said the figure

"Good job, you're payment is under way on the usual account, until next time" and with that, he signed off.

Who would have thought that Jacen Solo, the joint Commander of the Galactic Alliance, would have a kid with royalty no less!

"Where to Aito?" asked his friend and the Hades pilot, Vergo

Aito put on his helmet, a sign which usually meant two things: he was ready to make a contract or kill somebody, "let's meet with Colonel Solo and see if he needs of my services"

""Let's hope hes in a good enough mood to deal with us, I've heard rumors about that guy acting like his grandfather Vader" commented Ingrid from the navigation computer "the Colonel is lucky that he hasn't been killed yet, he has a long list of enemies"

"Let's see if he lets us shorten that list" replied Aito as the Hades entered hyperspace

DeadYorick 02-11-2008 07:36 PM

D.J watched as the Millennium Falcon moved towards a cluster of asteroids.

Why does this seem so familiar? He thought to himself. D.J checked his scanner and noticed a ship using hyperspace to the coordinates. D.J noticed how invaluable he was all of the sudden staying in one particular spot. D.J scanned the asteroid belt once more and began pulling the Highway Star towards it. Thinking it was better to follow the leader then stay and get shot

D.J maneuvered through a few asteroids. He began thinking of who would fly into an asteroid field. The odds of succeeding such a task were to immense to count.

D.J felt a strange slip in the force. He ignored it and continued to follow the Millennium Falcon

DrPhil2501 02-11-2008 07:53 PM

Jak glanced back at Akira as she asked him if he too sensed a disturbance in the force.

"Yeah, I sense it too... Though it could be caused by the overwhelming anger and frustration by Caedus--"

He was interupted by the small explosion from the hull, likely caused by blast fire of a much bigger ship. "Ohh, that must be it right now..."

He jumped up from the gaming table and entered the bottom turret system of the Falcon. He put his headset on, and activated the gun's computer. He looked out glass overlooking space, and sure enough found the Anakin Solo in the view. Fighters spilled out of the open belly of the Flagship.

JoeDoe 2.0 02-11-2008 08:04 PM

It was almost suicide, but Han knew he could do it, he had done it fifty years ago against the Imperials, which he felt his enemies and son felt like now.

"Hopefully there will not be any worms on these" Han said out loud to himself, "I don't want to see mynocks ever again"

As more enemy fighters began to join the hunt, Han accelerated the Falcon toars the asteroids, hoping that his gamble would work, suddenly he heard the static of a headset, "Is that you Jak? Would you kindly blast some sense into these guys so they will leave us alone?"

Han didn't await for an answer as he entered the asteroid cluster, maneuvering and angling the Falcon so the enemy would cease fire and only the fighters would follow them. "Jak, only fire when necessary, we don't want them to figure out our position inside this maze" as he said so, he began to warm up the engines for a quick jump

DrPhil2501 02-11-2008 08:14 PM

"Is that you Jak? Would you kindly blast some sense into these guys so they will leave us alone?"

"With pleasure..." Jak said back into the headset. He pulled the triggers and bursts of red laser fire shot out of the turrets. His targeting computer locked onto a group of four fighters huddled together. He destroyed the drones, and spotted yet more incoming Fighters. He fired a few Torpedoes... one of them hitting an asteroid!

"Jak, only fire when necessary, we don't want them to figure out our position inside this maze"

"Your either really brave or crazy entering an Asteroid Field, Han!" said back into the headset. The tension was really starting to tighten...

SkywalkerRules 02-11-2008 08:34 PM

The young woman ran towards the other turret system after she got on her Z-gee suit, like Han told her to. She placed her headset on, and got everything ready for the turret. Akira looked up, her hands tightened to the yoke of the turret.

Fighters from the Anakin Solo began shooting at the Falcon again. Akira focused on the targets in her screen carefully. When the target was locked, Akira fired the turret at the Fighter. The shuttle blew up successfully.

"Yeah! Beat that! What!" Akira shouted, overjoyed.

She continued to fire at more incoming Fighters, hoping that she wouldn't fire at any asteroid. "Boy, gettin' into a situation like this can really kill you!" Akira thought to herself.

"Hey, Mr. Solo? I'm here in the turret system too. It'll be easier for the Falcon to avoid any attacks!" Akira said through her headset.

DeadYorick 02-11-2008 08:41 PM

D.J noticed more fighters closing in on the Millennium Falcon. They seemed completely unaware of D.J's involvement here. They continued to close in on the Falcon. D.J began to slow his speed down slightly and noticed the Falcon begin to fire at the fighters.

D.J noticed on his galaxy map that the Millennium Falcon was going to run out of asteroids. D.J sent another hailing frequency to the ship.

"This is D.J Prime, Jedi Knight. Do you need assistance."

D.J felt another shiver in the force. But he ignored it and continued lowering his speed slightly. He didn't want to get caught in the crossfire. Hoping that this time they would respond to his request. Situation's like this can really blow you sky high D.J thought to himself. More fighters began closing in on the Falcon. D.J narrowly missed another asteroid. Wondering who would go to such great lengths to hunt down a small ship through an asteroid field.

JoeDoe 2.0 02-11-2008 08:51 PM

Han heard Jak's comment and chuckled to himself, "you have no idea how many times somebody said that to me kid, just hold on to your robes!" Han wondered if it was Akira who shouted with joy, "reminds me of my rebellion days.." ( :D )

Han took the Falcon straight in, dodged a few asteroids too near the Falcon's hull to his liking then suddenly noticed something critical, a blast had ruptured a fuel line, the Falcon was loosing fuel fast! And for the second time, his communication satellite was down for the count. (no comm transmitions can be recieved or send)

"Why do this thing happen to me? Just hold together a little longer old girl, just hold together" he shut of the valve, but the loss of the precious liquid was critical to their escape. "Guess we won't be able to get to Hapan space in just one go"

Then again, the proximity alarm begun to sound, "they're insane if they follow a madman such as myself into this asteroid field, Jacen has no regard for the life of his men"

As he maneuvered, the ready lights for the engine charge blinked to life, the indication that the jump to hyperspace, and safety was guaranteed. Ok, here it goes, please work

There was a bright light, followed by a loud bang, which made the Falcon rock violently, but the plan had worked: they were in hyperspace, and the Falcon was holding together. Han felt a huge relieve, their destination: Nar Shadda, hopefully for some quick and cheap repairs.

(Han made a risky plan and choice: at the moment of entering hyperspace, at the last second, he went straight into a small asteroid firing the Falcon's lasers on it [that's why the sudden rocking of the ship] the Falcon took some moderate damage but its still holding on, a feat only Han Solo could pull off!! This was done to try to confuse the enemy into believing that either they destroyed the Falcon or it collided with an asteroid, to try to buy some time for their escape)

DrPhil2501 02-11-2008 09:35 PM

Jak had just gunned down a near-by opposing Fighter, when all of a sudden the Falcon entered the spinning vortex of Hyperspace.

"Woah, jeese!" Jak said in utter suprise. "At least warn us when we're about to enter Hyperspace...""

The Ex-Mandalorian unclipped himself from the Turret Seat, and pulled the headset off. He climbed up the ladder and pulled himself out of the Turret. He then walked straight to the cockpit.

"Bloody hell... You're insane Solo! Thats why I respect you..." he leaned against the wall. "I take it we aren't heading for Hades just yet? I've noticed this bird is damaged and needs quick repairing..."

SkywalkerRules 02-11-2008 09:52 PM

Akira noticed that the Falcon entered hyperspace away from enemy targets. This gave them enough time to find a place to repair the Falcon. The young woman took off her headset, climbed out of the turret system, and sat down at the gaming table again.

She glanced at her side. At least Leia, Allana, and the others were safe. But deep inside, she also hoped that Master Skywalker and the others that were with him were all right too.

Akira sat back, her head resting on the back of the seat. She closed her eyes and sighed. At least the disturbance was gone... for now.

"I'm really trying my best to show everyone that I'm loyal on this mission. But... how can I afford their trust? I mean, I know they trust me... but deep inside... I always put myself down. Why?"

The young woman shrugged off the question inside her head, and tried to take a good rest as she could.

DeadYorick 02-12-2008 01:27 AM

{I think this is the perfect time to immerse my character a little into the story}

D.J suddenly looked at his proximity alert.

"oh no." Jaden checked it out. When the Millennium Falcon jumped to hyperspace it seemed to have shifted all of the attention of the sith fighters onto the Highway Star. D.J began to rotate his ship around dodging blaster fire. D.J dug into his head of a way to get out of the situation he was in. Then the answer came to him.

D.J remembered where he first heard of the Millennium Falcon. He wondered of a great place to disappear. Then it came to him. The logical place to hide was Nar Shadda. D.J quickly punched in the hyperspace coordinates but suddenly a blaster shot hit his right wing. D.J began to think and then it came to him. A very risky move that his master taught him.

D.J started moving in a straight line. He moved down slightly and then when the rest of the ships were above and behind him D.J initiated the Highway Star's emergency break. The enemy fighter's who braved the asteroid field quickly sped directly past him and D.J rotated his ship slightly and jumped to hyperspace.

D.J knew that whatever was hunting down the falcon would only just try to find them even more. He knew that if he could put two and two together and think Nar Shadda that easily a bounty hunter or whatever was chasing them could do it much quicker.

Aristotélēsticus 02-12-2008 04:02 AM

Caedus watched as the Falcon disappeared within the asteroid. In few seconds the Admiral entered the Dark Lord chamber…

“My lord I am…”

“Sorry!” he Dark Lord interrupted sarcastically. And then he started to force choke the terrorized admiral…

“When will you stop wasting my time with shallow excuses and start to actually do something valuable”

The Dark Lord tortured his admiral until the latter fell on the ground in agony, barely breathing. Only then Caedus spoke again,

“You are lucky they didn’t explode otherwise you would be in no better shape than your previous comrade.” He stepped away from the admiral who was trying to catch up his breath again…

”send me mercenaries and bounty hunters, especially the one called Ashai, I have a special mission for him.” he finally have his command, but then he returned to his meditations…

“the Falcon crew…” he muttered “…one of them will be a great asset…”

JoeDoe 2.0 02-12-2008 10:09 AM

(thnx for letting the Falcon run away, now things can get a little interesting! >:3 )

"What's the situation Vergo? Is the Falcon gone as expected?" asked Aito from the Captain's chair, positioned behind the pilot's and co-pilot's front seat.

"The Falcon has evaded capture as expected, but Solo seems to have used a suicidal gamble to escape. That guy is either a genius or a lunatic" said Vergo, checking the ships radar "The Anakin Solo is still holding position, it's not going after them"

"I bet the good Colonel is pissed, I pity that ship's captain" said Ingrid

"Alright then, get us closer to the Anakin, when we're at 1 kilometer, disable the clocking device; lets see if the Colonel wants us aboard" commanded Aito, as he rose up from his seat and adjusted his armor, It's time to earn some credits

"Should we hail them? If we surprise them they could fire on us" warned the ships AI, Iuka. Her voice was calm and soft, which masked her real programming.

"Yes please, let's try to play nice with THIS Solo"


The view from the cockpit was pleasant, to say the least, but Han Solo didn't feel that way. The crazy gamble which recently named "Asteroid Diving" was one of the most suicidal maneuvers he ever performed in his entire life, but he knew that it was better than getting caught by Jacen. He didn't care about himself, he could endure any torture his own son could make him go through, but he will never forgive himself if Allana, his granddaughter, was kept by Jacen.

Han, deep in his core, knew that the little sensitive boy Jacen had been was long dead, a memory from another lifetime. The suffering and pain Jacen had endured during the Vong War made Han realize how little he had tried to help his son heal and become whole again, but now he had another chance to make things right: to give Allana a peaceful childhood and a stable life, he would risk everything for his new family members. (Allana and Tenel Ka)

Before h could conclude his thoughts, a very familiar figure came running to him, yelling. Not this again, thought Han, preparing for the sermon to come.

"Captain Solo! Thank the maker we are all in one piece!!" said C3-PO in his alarmed voice "I knew that leaving you to pilot the Falcon alone was too risky, you're mind cannot handle battle stress as it used to. Furthermore- what are you doing? please don't ..!" the droid's activation lights died down, and Han thanked whoever made this droid for the OFF flip switch at its back

A little more calm (and relaxed), Han ventured forth into the Falcon's passenger Lounge to talk to everybody and plan the repairs. When he arrived, he saw the Young Jedi and Leia, along with Allana, looking a little shaken up and troubled.

"So, you enjoyed your flight or what? Sorry, no refunds" he said with a small smile on his face

(btw, I use this schematics for the Falcon [YT-1300p] Click Here to see. There are more ship plans and designs on wiki, might be useful for description. Also, we need a Leia to control Han's madness!) :D

SkywalkerRules 02-12-2008 12:36 PM

Akira opened her eyes and looked up at Han. To her, he really looked like a tired old man... but another side of her said that he was strong and never willing to give up.

She smiled. "It was good, Mr. Solo. Everybody's okay, too." She looked at Allana sadly. The little girl looked so innocent, free from corruption. Akira nodded her head sadly. "Yeah. Everything is okay."

The young woman covered her head with her arms on the gaming table. Then she sighed. "For now..."

Aristotélēsticus 02-12-2008 12:54 PM

The Anakin Solo was holding in position as its commander has ordered. Suddenly an unknown ship appeared in the near space. Sensing the presence of a bounty hunter, Darth Caedus stormed into the Solo’s bridge and spoke to the Admiral,

“Do not shoot at them, they can be allies…let them in Admiral, we may benefit from this one”

The Admiral nodded his head in acceptance, and then he activated the com-link,

“The Anakin Solo will have you in bounty hunter, Lord Caedus has a job for you”

JoeDoe 2.0 02-12-2008 01:09 PM

"Looks like we struck gold Aito" said Vergo after hearing the message send from the Anakin's bridge "Should we all go or will you just go alone?"

"Stay here and secure the ship" said the bounty hunter, as he went to the landing ramp, "Iuka, if my vital signs becomes null, give them the gift store in the cargo hold, and try to escape while the timer goes down"

"Understood" said the AI's female voice, "Do be careful, I detect multiple ships entering the Anakin Solo's docking bay, you will have company"

"No problem, I'm sure the colonel will make the right choice" and with that said, he holstered his two blaster pistols, sheathed his sword, and awaited until the Hades docked, then he would go meet Jacen, and his competition.

DeadYorick 02-12-2008 03:25 PM

Eventually the Highway Star pulled towards the moon of Nal Hutta Nar Shadda. D.J rested his head easily and pulled up his galaxy map. He quickly charted his course and closed it looking around. The Milennium Falcon was pulling towards Nar Shadda.

"This is D.J Prime, Jedi Knight. I was just caught in your little battle up ahead. Do you need assistance"

D.J sent another hailing frequency. D.J felt another shiver in the force. It felt more like Deja Vu then anything. He quickly ignored it and continued keeping his ship level. D.J's mind instantly went to his old master Zarnia. He shook his head slightly and continued

JoeDoe 2.0 02-12-2008 06:40 PM

(@Rakata: their comm dish is out, so no message can be sent or received, but the Force is a great tool [hint]) (Furthermore, are there any other Jedi on board?)

"Come on kids, lets do a little exploration, not that there is much to see" Han guided the two Jedi Knights to a main avenue, and looked around. Leia and Allana stayed back in the Falcon, which was docked on a secluded landing spot. Han didn't want to risk anybody seeing the youngster: Jacen had spies everywhere.

"Okay, we need to find a place where we can get the Falcon repaired, where the owner is discreet enough to not inform the Alliance of our presence in exchange of credits" this was easier said than done, because the smuggler's moon was the last place to find an honest person. "Can any of you guys can use the Force to sense anything? Good will or something like that?" Han was placing his thrust on these Jedi

SkywalkerRules 02-12-2008 06:53 PM

((Jak and Akira are. I don't know about the rest...))

Akira scratched her head nervously. "Well... yeah, sure. By the way, I sensed that another Jedi was near when we flew the Falcon away from Jacen's ship. Hmmm..."

She looked around. The young woman wanted to make sure that none of these people would try and pull off something on them. As a Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order, Akira held on strong with the Force... no matter the circumstances...


Allana sat by her grandmother, Leia. The little girl had everything on her mind. Thinking about her daddy made her feel almost sad.

"I hope that Daddy's okay..." Allana said, holding on to her stuffed tauntaun named Jacen. She named that after her father, because if he wasn't around, Allana could talk to her stuffed tauntaun instead.

She looked down at her stuffed tauntaun. "Don't worry, Jacen," she whispered, sniffing. "Everything's gonna be okay..."

DeadYorick 02-12-2008 07:47 PM

D.J quickly ran a system's check on the falcon. He realized their comm dish was out. D.J suddenly shivered. Like someone walked over his grave. He shook his head again and thought of another strategy. He reached out with the force. He reached out towards the falcon. He reached out with the strength of the light side. He felt fatigue but kept doing it. He sensed more then one force sensitive on the ship. He quickly lead the force to them. There was someone behind them.

D.J instantly felt fatigued and stopped. He shook his head again. Then his thoughts went to where to land. He had a few mercenary friends on Nar Shadda. But it was a prime spot and a retched hive of scum and villaney. D.J quickly did another systems check of the highway star once more. Noticing that Nar Shadda's giant city was finally coming into view

DrPhil2501 02-13-2008 04:22 AM

"Looks like the Vongforming worked out to be a success..." Jak muttered, as he looked around at his surroundings.

From this view, the Smugglers Moon really didn't look any different from the Nar Shadda he knew before the evil Yuuzhan Vong conqured the moon. Though it was likely still in development of becoming the Little Coruscant it once was. Right now, The Millenium Falcon and her crew landed on a haven city for smugglers.

"Anyway, we'de most likely find someone of your description down at the local Cantina. Or we could try the areas around the ship docks..."

JoeDoe 2.0 02-13-2008 09:05 AM

"Yeah, the Vong made this place a little prettier" said Han, "Compared to the old moon, I'll take this one instead"

As Jak mentioned where to look, Solo remembered something from his smuggler days, "the Falcon always got beat up in the old days, but me and Chewie found a good and cheap repair dock, just past the nearest cantina, it was run by a Hutt. I'll go check it out, why don't you two guys hit the cantina and search for clues?"

Feeling that there was not time to be wasted, Han ran of to see if the old Hutt was still in business

DeadYorick 02-13-2008 03:27 PM

The Highway Star landed in Nar Shadda easily. D.J went through the planet many times and his ship was quite farmiliar. He had a few connections through the planet that could let anyone do anything.

D.J remembered the Milennium Falcon landed somewhere near when he landed. He recognised a Cantina near the ship. D.J walked into it.

The Cantina looked quite empty. There were the usual music playing by either Bith or Twi'lek. D.J walked over to the counter. Noticing the bartender was mechanical.

"Kolto water." The Bartender whirred away. D.J looked around. He began to reach out with the force once more. Hoping fatigue wouldn't stop him again. The bartender handed D.J his drink. He quickly drained it and looked around. Noticing out of all the other people he looked the most suspicious. D.J called for another drink and drained that as well. D.J felt another wave of the force flow through him again. But he ignored it again. Noticing his guns moved slightly.

SkywalkerRules 02-13-2008 03:50 PM

"That sounds good. Be careful, Mr. Solo." Akira turned to Jak. "Well? Shall we?" The young woman glanced around. Then she noticed a Cantina nearby. Thank goodness, it was by the Falcon.

Akira walked inside, and looked around. A few people in it, but it was all good. She walked up towards the counter, and stood by a Selkath. When she ordered a blue milk, the bartender droid turned around, made her drink, and handed it to Akira.

As she drunk her blue milk silently, Akira felt something. Someone in this Cantina was Force-sensitive... besides Jak. She turned slowly, and looked at the male Selkath.

"Excuse me, sir? I don't mean to be rude or anything... but are you a Jedi?"

DeadYorick 02-13-2008 07:31 PM

D.J snapped out of his Psyche and noticed someone was talking to him.

"Might be. Depending on who's asking." D.J said in his most fluent basic. Normally it would take another species a few months to fluently learn Basic. But with specific species like Selkath it was exceptionally hard yet not impossible. That was why D.J had a Vocabulator installed when he was on Bespin. All he had was a slight gurgling accent.

D.J sensed the force off the girl who asked him. It wasn't the darkside however to D.J's relief. "However all kidding aside I do own a lightsaber that I built. So I guess that makes me a Jedi." D.J said standing up. D.J was much shorter then a usual Selkath. He was only slightly taller then the girl.

"I also got caught in your little space battle in the Millennium Falcon. Who was chasing you?"

SkywalkerRules 02-13-2008 08:30 PM

Although the Selkath spoke in a slight gurgling accent, mixed with Basic, Akira understood him well enough. "The Anakin Solo. It's a ship owned by Darth Caedus. He used to be a Jedi with my Master, Luke Skywalker. But then this female Sith named Lumiya turned him to the Dark Side."

She sighed, and looked down. "I wished that the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo wouldn't fall to the Dark Side... but now all seems lost." She smiled sadly. "But no matter. Because the Force is strong in all of us."

She extended her hand towards the Selkath. "By the way... my name's Akira Claris. Jedi Knight." Akira smiled brigtly.

DeadYorick 02-13-2008 08:44 PM

"D.J" He said shaking her hand. "Jedi knight and Mercenary. Mostly just drifting through space."

"Anyway I checked out the Falcon's state. If you get it up and running I know of a good place to stash it and lie low" He said getting up. His trench coat moving around more. "So what are you planning on doing when your heat dies down? Go to the nearest Jedi Academy?" D.J asked. D.J felt a wave of the dark side shroud over him. He stumbled slightly and got up.

"Sorry about that."

SkywalkerRules 02-13-2008 10:16 PM

Akira helped him. Something in the Force was not right. She felt the Dark Side somehow. Akira stared at D.J as he got up. She rubbed her neck nervously.

"Are you gonna be okay? You sure you don't need any help?"

The young woman seemed concerned for D.J. If he turned to the Dark Side... what if other Jedi did? She looked around. Then she turned back to D.J.

DrPhil2501 02-14-2008 02:17 AM

Jak noted the Selkath slightly stumbling. At first, he thought it was caused by the drinks he had skulled down. Then he too suddenly felt a wave of the dark side flow past him.

"Woah, that was strange..." he muttered. "Did any of you feel that? It was like a breeze, or something..."

The Mandalorian hoped it was just part of his imagination. "Nevermind... we're here looking for a mechanic to repair our ship... sorry, Captain Solo's ship. I don't think we're officially crew members..." he chuckled.

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