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starmark2k 02-10-2008 02:08 PM

Jedi- The Purge Survivors
Star Wars
Jedi- The Purge Survivors

“I had just became a knight when it happened, when the traitor Anakin Skywalker marched through the halls of the Temple with his Clones and slaughtered all the Jedi he could find. My former master myself and six younglings hid at the beginning in the hope that we could get the word out before the slaughter reached the others, but it was to late.

So we decided to take the six younglings and get as far away from Coruscant as possible, ‘So the order could live on’ my master told me. This is why he sacrificed himself so I fulfil the charge of protecting those children, the future of all Jedi rested on their shoulders and mine.

Ten years had pass since that day, ten years I have trained the six younglings into Jedi and adulthood. Each has surpassed me in their own way and each are greater than I could ever be, but I am still their teacher, protector and friend…”


Kip was walking home from a nerf farm he had gotten a job on in an isolated area of Alderaan. He had been on the world for the past three months and now he was getting ready to leave for a new world, this move was spurned on by the recent construction of an imperial garrison not far from where the fugitive Jedi had been renting a home for himself and his charges.

Although the Padawans he had been training knew all the rules about using the force in public he thought it would be better to get as far away from the imperials as possible, besides four months is a long time to stay in one place when you’re on the run. This was his life, never to put down roots stay only long enough to aid in his Padawans training and then get out before anyone realises they were there.

The Nerf farm was the kid of work Kip had been taking, low paying and no paper work required to work there. He needed the money but needed to lie low so he worked long hours, this is why it was so late when he finally arrived home.

The House he was renting was simple, made from wood and stone like it was constructed before the discovery of durasteel.

He entered the home and smiled to see all the Padawans there studying, training or simply relaxing. He made a Rule telling them not to leave the house unless it was absolutely necessary and he was glad to see all five there… Then it dawned on him there was suppose to be six.

“Where’s Farran?” Kip asked with an un-amused look.

Writer 02-10-2008 02:31 PM

It wasn't that difficult to slip away from the others, Farran Dask thought to himself as he strolled the city streets. Just a little surreptitious mind-brushing and the others wouldn't consciously pick up on the fact that he'd left. Of course, they'd all recognize it, and they'd all remember him leaving when Kip brought his absence to their attention, but until then, he'd be free to do whatever he wanted.

Farran knew he'd be in even greater trouble when Kip discovered that a few credit chits were missing from the stashed pile the young Knight had been saving up. But really, could he honestly expect Farran not to find it? With an amused snort, the eighteen-year-old stepped into a store that was selling random trinkets. While he was sure he wouldn't get anything, at least he could look.

Rogue Nine 02-10-2008 05:18 PM

Rayne powered down the remote he had been practicing with and extinguished his bronze lightsaber. Form training in a house as small as the one they were in wasn't easy, but then again, he had made do in worse conditions. Clipping his lightsaber to his belt, he strode over to Kip and bowed slightly. "Welcome back, Master."

"Where's Farran?" Kip asked, looking none too amused.

Rayne opened his mouth to answer, but stopped short. Truth be told, he didn't know where Farran was. He scoured his memory from the past few hours, trying to recall when exactly he'd lost track of his fellow Padawan. After a few moments, he shook his head. "I'm sorry, Master, he must have snuck out earlier on when we were studying. Probably wiped our memories just a bit so we wouldn't notice."

Rexraptor2000 02-10-2008 08:58 PM

"About two to three hours ago roughly," Zivon stated, tearing his attention from his data novel long enough to address his instructor properly. "Probably went to the city knowing him."

After saying that, he promptly returned to reading his novel. It was an old classical story called "The Ihskhar and the Rahkshi" that had survived the Old Republic and made its way onto his datapad. It was so long that he'd been reading it for the past year now, and was only about halfway through. That's with the aid of slacking off on sleep, eating, and rarely a bit of chores too. If he ditched the other things he was reading he might go through quicker, but he didn't want to divert all his attention to one piece of literature.

Black Knight of Keno 02-11-2008 08:56 AM

As Kip entered, the Yoda-sized Lennik Jedi sat with legs crossed on the top of a shelf eyes closed and meditating. If you didn't know better, you would think he was a statue of sorts. His meditations had been going on for ages now, maybe the whole day even. After a while you wouldn't even notice him there anymore because he could be still and without making noises for hours.

"Where's Farran?" a question sounded in the room and the meditations ended sharply. The Lennik turned his eyes on Kip and tilted his head from side to side in order to stretch his neck that had jammed after being immobile for so long. The young humanoid turned over and dropped down from the shelf in order to get down fast enough for his own likings. Bist looked over at Kip after that and those who gave different responses to their master before himself just shrugging as a response and making his way to drink something. No doubt he had trouble speaking after one of his meditation sessions due to dry mouth and throat

Master_Archon 02-12-2008 09:07 AM

Valim sat at the far corner of the room, his drawing datapad in hand, he sat drawing the room from his point-of-view, his fellow padawans included. He had just been finishing up the final sketch details and moving on to the coloring, when their Master and Teacher entered into their humble, if not a bit homely, abode.

"Where's Farran?" He heard Kip ask.

"Welcome back, Master'......'I'm sorry, Master, he must have snuck out earlier on when we were studying. Probably wiped our memories just a bit so we wouldn't notice." Valim heard fellow Padawan Rayne say.

He thought this over for a moment, wiping a Zelosian mind was a bit difficult, they were plant based humanoids, not animal based. But then again, Farran had the experience of years and kinship on his side, spending ten years with his fellow padawans would allow him knowledge of each one, and unfortunately, how their minds worked. But in either case, Valim hadn't noticed, or cared to notice Farran's departure.

"About two to three hours ago roughly," he heard another of his fellow Padawans, Zivon, say.

Valim got up from the corner he was in, leaving his drawing datapad there, he walked up next to Rayne. He was clutching an egg-shaped canister to his bosum [sp?] like a child holds a beloved teddy bear or blanket. Valim also responded, "he is to get us captured, or...killed. One day." This seemed harsh for the kind Zelosian to say, but it was a phrase he had said before, so it was nothing new.

"Kip, should we do what...?" Valim asked, his wording was wrong, Valim paused at this, and after a moment of thought. "Uh, what, should we do...Kip? Yes, that is right," He said properly this time, though rather hesitantly. Valim had a tough time collecting his words at times, his mind often jumbled phrases, but it was seldom, usually in moments of surprise, excitement, or confusion, though other emotions and feelings could set it off.

Quist 02-12-2008 06:02 PM

Calinn looked up from the steaming pot of nerf stew she had been stirring to see Kip come through the door. She had hoped to finish it before he came home, but hadn't been able to. As she stirred a little quicker, she decided it was just as well, since he seemed to be on the verge of going out again after talking to Rayne and Zivon. Kip had asked where Farran was and truth be told, she couldn't remember where he'd disappeared to.

She kept mostly to herself anyway, as introverted as she was. It didn't help that she was the only girl in their little Jedi family, being raised alongside her fellow Padawans, all male. Kip did his best to instruct them all, but he was only one Master for a set of apprentices who would have had their own masters had the Jedi Order still existed. Of course, all that had been completely changed a decade ago, with the rise of Emperor Palpatine and his New Order. Now they were fugitives, never staying in one place for long, but still learning the ways of the Force.

Calinn turned the burner down and moved the pot off of it. She wiped her slightly greasy hands on her apron, then rounded the kitchen corner into the common room. "Will you be leaving again, Master?" she asked Kip.

starmark2k 02-14-2008 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by Quist
Calinn turned the burner down and moved the pot off of it. She wiped her slightly greasy hands on her apron, then rounded the kitchen corner into the common room. "Will you be leaving again, Master?" she asked Kip.

Kip sighed loudly and looked at all five padawans. "We all are." He stated. "Everyone pack your stuff, then we'll look for our renegade and find transport to the Rim." The Jedi Knight ordered looking around the room. "It's time to leave this world behind, Pack only what you need."

Rogue Nine 02-18-2008 04:53 PM

((Joint-postiness with Quist))

Rayne nodded wordlessly at Kip's command. This wasn't anything out of the ordinary for them, and it certainly wasn't the first time that they'd left following something that Farran had done. Rayne liked and cared for each of his fellow Padawans, but Farran had often tested the boundaries that Kip had set for them and it had caused him to be annoyed more than a few times.

Moving to the tiny kitchen to procure rations, he saw the only female Padawan, Calinn hastily trying to dispose of the stew she'd made. He strode towards her and laid a hand on her shoulder. "There's no need for that, Cali," he said quietly. "We can pack it up and have it on the go."

Calinn turned to look at the tall apprentice. "But Kip said we need to move," she replied.

"Yes, but that's no reason to get rid of your hard work," Rayne reasoned. "Here, let me take care of it. You go get your things ready."

Calinn laid the ladle in her hand down. "Are you sure?"

Rayne nodded. "Go," he said, giving her shoulder a slight squeeze as she moved past him.

Writer 02-22-2008 12:04 PM

In the end, it wasn't that Farran liked causing trouble that made him leave the little apartment where the group would stay. The issue was that it got cramped, sharing the apartment with five peers and a master. Farran needed some space from time to time... especially right before Kip decided to uproot and move again. Farran could always tell when the young Knight was considering a move... and that was part of the reason most of his 'escapes' tended to focus around that time.

Farran got bored of locations easily. Their life on a planet tended to go something like this: Kip gets a job, Farran starts exploring the city while Kip's away, Kip starts thinking about moving (perhaps a month or three after they settle in), Farran's excursions sometimes end after Kip returns from work... and then one day, Farran's not home when Kip gets there and Kip decides to move.

With a smirk, Farran thought back and decided this was roughly three months after they'd landed on Alderaan. He checked his chrono and grinned, almost hearing Kip's scolding in his ears already. With a satisfied nod and a pocket still full of the credits he'd taken, Farran headed home.

As he'd predicted, the apartment was being packed up when he walked through the door. Almost done too, he noted. But that was no surprise. After all, they were Jedi, and had very little to call their own. For his part, Farran had packed before going out... had scarcely unpacked when they got the apartment, so he was already prepared for moving at the drop of a hat.

starmark2k 02-24-2008 07:18 AM

Kip looked over at the door moments before Ferran had entered feeling his approach through the force. The Jedi had taught himself early on during his time on the run to feel the areas that surrounded where they were hiding in case the Empire ever discovered what and where they were. He walked to the rebellious Padawan and gripped his upper arm to pull him off to the side and into his bedroom, he closed the door behind him so the others could not here.

“Do you want us to found Farran?” He asked rhetorically. “Do you want to be the reason we are attack by stormtroopers? Do you want to be the reason we all die?”

Writer 02-29-2008 05:57 PM

((Joint post with SM))

"Of course not, Kip," Farran answered levelly. "Do you want to be the reason for all that?"

"The way you conduct yourself tells me a different story." The older Jedi scolded. "I am trying to protect you and the others, but each time you go off on your own brings the Sith one step closer to finding us... and I have to ask the question, do you want that?"

"Let me put your question in a somewhat different light," Farran said. "Six of us, all in our late teens. You, a man in his thirties. You go out, work hard, come home, live isolated with the rest of us. Suspicious? Yes, I think so." He shook his head. "Furthermore, the only time the six of us ever leave whatever home you happen to find, it's all of us together."

He snorted. "And you call it a 'family group'... four human-looking men, a girl of seventeen, a Zelosian, and a Lennik? Family indeed..."

"You are still so young and you are arrogant," Kip stated to the younger man. "We have cover stories and I have ensured no one asks the questions that lead to suspicion. We are still a family regardless of each one of our species, you would be wise to remember that, Padawan."

Despite his rebellious nature, Farran cared deeply for these people he found himself with, and it caught him like a slap in the face when the man he sometimes called, "Master" had such a stern rebuke. The younger man blinked.

"Forgive my rashness, Master," he said slowly. "I-I..." He dug into his pocket and pulled out the credits he'd taken. With a sheepish grin, he suggested, "Your spare boots may not be the most inconspicuous place for the money..." And he added hurriedly, "I spent none of it, you have my word."

Kip took the money from Farran's hand slowly and put it into his pocket without counting it. "You are strong with the Force, and could one day be great." The Jedi explained. "but you must learn restraint and control, but you don't seem to want that."

Farran looked troubled at his master's observations. "It's not that I... I want..." He scowled. "Emotion is overwhelming, Master. The Jedi have always taught the release of it. There is no emotion; there is peace... and all that. But how can I deny emotion when it rolls so violent within me?"

"I will teach you." Kip reassured. "Right now however, we must go, leave this world."

With just a trace of a smile, Farran nodded. "You are so predictable, Master," he said. "I packed before I left. I am ready."

Kip patted Farran lightly on the shoulder and returned the smile. "Let us see if your fellow learners are ready to leave."

Quist 03-08-2008 12:59 PM

Calinn shoved the last article of clothing into her pack, then slung it over her shoulder. Casting one last glance at the room she'd called home for all of a few short months, she checked if she'd left something. "Not that we've had much of anything," he muttered to herself ruefully. She said this not out of disappointment, but more out of resignation. She, like her fellow padawans, was eternally grateful to Kip for saving them from the Jedi Temple as younglings and she did not regret it for one moment. But she also couldn't help wanting a little bit more... stability in their lives. She understood their need to be on the run, but that didn't mean she'd have to like it.

Stepping back into the main room, she took note of everyone getting ready to go as well. She pulled her cloak from beside the door and settled it over her shoulders. Coming up next to Kip and Farran, she gave a small smile towards the younger Jedi. Calinn couldn't help worrying about her headstrong fellow Padawan, so she was glad he was back safely. Turning to Kip, she said, "I am ready, Master."

Master_Archon 03-10-2008 09:18 AM

Valim was ready to leave the day they moved in, he had no belongings other than the canister he clutched at the moment, his electro goggles, and his drawing datapad, not to mention his lightsabers, which were meticulously hidden somewhere on his person at all times. He had no extra clothes, and no need to wash the ones he wore, because he was different than humans, he didn't sweat or stink, though he did produce nice fragrances and aromas at times, similar to flower scents; because he never went outside for more than for gardening or catching a fresh breath of air, he hardly got his clothes dirty either.

On the occasion he had to wash his clothes he usually borrowed some spare clothes from the other males in the group, mostly Zivon, because of their similar heights.

Valim strode back over to the corner he had been in, and picked up his drawing datapad, putting it in a large pouch on his belt, and then turning to observe the others as they packed up, because the simple fact was, was he was done.

Clutching his canister, Valim decided to 'feed' his pet, he opened the canister by pressing a button on the top. The canister's contents were strange, a plant, which had a hybrid appearance of a bonsai tree, a venus fly trap, a rose, and a leech vine. Valim smiled at the plant and stroked it with his fingure, the plant literally quivered at this, Valim took a liquid filled bead out of a pouch and put it in the soil at the plant's base, and then closed the canister.

Valim noticed Farran and Kip come out of Kip's bedroom, and Calinn approach them. Valim did likewise, walking up to his two fellow Padawans, and Master, staring at them with wide, curious, and quite innocent eyes. "Will we be going now?" Valim asked with a smile, his phrase and question spoken with normal wording now, as he wasn't feeling any strong emotions.

Black Knight of Keno 03-10-2008 09:53 AM

Bist once again appeared from somewhere. He had managed to get his drink and had managed to fetch his gear as well. His clothing was light in both weight and color, indicating his alliance with the Light side of the Force. By personality and fashion Bist was traditionalist in many ways, but not just to the Jedi Order post-Ruusan Reformation, but also brought many ideals from the pre-Ruusan Reformation Jedi Order. Even some force using sects outside the order had gotten his interest.

Nonetheless, there the Lennik was, his clothing like that of any ordinary person walking the streets of the various planets they had thus far visited. In a way Bist was sad of not getting to wear the Jedi robes anymore, even if he always had felt uncomfortable with them. It had always seemed that every time he put the robes on, he got the Galactic problems for himself to carry, like the Jedi Order should have in many ways.
"I am ready as well" Bist noted in a humorously deep voice that did not suit his body and size at all. Ever since the Order fell, Bist had refused to call Kip his Master. Mainly becaue of two things; Kip was not officially a Master and that Bist thought that once the Order fell, it's ranking system fell just as well. At best, Bist would call kip by his first name, but even that was rare since he attempted to avoid the use of names in all cases. May this be because he feared that their names could be recognized by someone or not, nobody knew.

starmark2k 03-11-2008 02:08 PM

The Jedi looked at those he came to think of his Padawans, he was proud of the young men and women they had become over the past ten years, even of Farran in a strange way. He knew the frustration he must cause each of them with this constant life on the move they had been to over thirty worlds from the core to the outer rim since the day of the Jedi purge. For the most part the Empire had never caught on too who they were, like Farran had said it was hard to explain why a young man travelled with 6 Children, two of which weren’t human, but he always seemed to manage.

Once again he had them moving on too yet another world, but yet again Kip didn’t actually know where they were going to go. For the most part the Group travelled to planets with high refugee traffic caused by the Clone War, but over the years this traffic became virtually gone.

“If everyone is ready, we’ll head to the space port.” Kip informed looking to make sure everyone was around.

Rogue Nine 04-08-2008 12:51 PM

Rayne sealed the last of Calinn's stew into a vacuum packet, then shoved it in a bag. Slinging his pack over his shoulder, he came out from behind the kitchen counter and made his way towards the front door where Kip and his fellow Padawans had all gathered. "Ready to go, Master," he announced.

Kip nodded and turned, leading them out the door and away from yet another place they'd called 'home'.


As they rode the small transport vehicle to the local spaceport, Rayne glanced over at Kip on his left. "Master," he said in a low voice, "where are we off to now? Did you see something on this world that might mean the Imperials are onto us?"

Writer 04-08-2008 10:32 PM

"The Imperials are always onto us," Farran said to Rayne. "Or at the very least, a matter of short steps behind. Story of our lives, brother. They'll keep hunting us because of what we used to belong to, and we'll keep on running because we sorta like this whole breathe-in-breathe-out thing to keep on going for a while." He grinned.

"But the question you ask that I'm actually curious about," he concluded, "Kip, where are we heading next?"

starmark2k 04-09-2008 01:18 PM

“We’ll find transport to a hub world out in the rim.” Kip replied to the two curious padawans. This decision may have been a little surprising to the young men and woman as Kip had actually tried to avoid the Rim. They had been out that far a few times but Kip knew that even thought the empire did have a more sparse presence out that far away from the core the Hutts and criminals still ruled over it. The Hutts never really liked Jedi but in recent times they had taken a liking to the credit signs above the heads of the Empire’s most wanted. However the Core, inner and mid rim worlds were being cracked down harder and harder with new laws that meant every citizens identity could be checked and re checked several times a day.

Quist 04-11-2008 07:30 PM

"The Rim?" Calinn repeated, leaning in close with Farran and Rayne towards Kip. "We've always skirted around the Rim before... is it getting that bad Coreward with the Imperial patrols that we have to move further out?" Like her fellow Padawans, Calinn have never actually been out in the Rim, but she'd heard enough about it to know that it was as unsavory a place to be. Still, if it meant ensuring their continued safety, she knew that it was a necessary move. Kip had kept them alive this long and she wasn't about to go disagreeing with his decision. That didn't mean she couldn't wonder about it, however.

knight 12167 10-16-2008 06:07 AM

The young guard was nervous, very nervous. It was his first day on the Red Guard squad that personally protected Emperor Palpatine and already he was being thrown into a confrontation with the most powerful man in the galaxy.

"Your apprentice has arrived as you requested my lord," said the young guard in a shakey voice.

"Send him in," replied the Emperor in his usual heartless cold voice.

The young guard practically ran from the Emperors personal chamber.

He told Vader in an adjoining room that his master was ready to see him.

Vader was, unfortunately for the young guard, in a horrible mood as he had just woken from a horrible nightmare about his wife’s death. He casually picked up the Red Guard with the force and began to do a force choke . Vader noticed liquid running down the guard’s leg. Vader crushed the poor guard in disgust and casually began to walk towards the sith emperors personal chambers. He entered with a bow.

"Imperial intelligence has discovered a group of jedi in the space port of Alderan. I want you to track them down and bring them to me so I can execute them personally," Said the emperor to his apprentice.

"Yes my master," Vader turned to leave thinking that killing a few jedi would be a great stress buster.........

Carsew 02-13-2009 11:45 AM

Lucard sat coolly in his modified imperial shuttle. He was a bounty hunter, working for the imperials to catch remaining Jedi. He had been informed that there were some on Alderaan, and was on his way to get them for Darth Vader. He was wearing a worn black leather jacket, with a pair of black trousers and boots. His pair of blasters in their holsters on each leg. He saw Alderaan and switched to manual control of the ship and took the ship in towards the space port. He landed the ship in a little port and strolled towards the boarding ramp. He was planning to go to the cantina, and find some info on the Jedi.

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