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Alkonium 03-18-2008 11:50 PM

Last of the Humans
It is May 6, 2853, by the human calendar, not that it matters to anyone but me anymore, or that anything human does for that matter. I don't even know why I record these journal entries in English. I doubt anyone except for me speaks it, let alone understands it. Perhaps these logs themselves are a risk, but I must keep a record, because when I die, my race will die, since I'm the last of my kind, the last of the human race. It's been five years now since the so-called Holy Tanarian Empire used their ancient Nova Cannon to destroy not only my home planet, but the entire star system as well. I only survived because I was on Kelenos at the time, and when they started hunting down the survivors, I fled like a coward, beyond their reach. Now, I seek to avenge my people and ensure that nothing like what happened to them will happen any other race in the galaxy. They will pay for what they did. If you are among those humans who still live, find me. My name is John Davison, my ship is called the Last Hope . For your safety and mine, I cannot tell you more, but know this: You are not alone.

John Davison always had his doubts in his mind when he gave that last line in his speeches to unknown listeners. It had been five years since he had heard about other living humans, let alone see one. If there were other humans still out there, they were doing just as good a job as he was at keeping hidden. However, he was doing more than simply hiding. For the past four years, he had been seaching for information on why the Tanarians had wiped his people, and how they could be stopped, and now, it seemed he was finally getting somewhere. According to what he had found out, the planet Axius was home to ruins from a time when the Tanarians were once a rational people who followed logic and reason, and figured that this was when most of their ancient technology was made, and would likely contain some blueprints or something that could help him bring them down. He then aimed his ship for the planet's surface, and prepared for landing in a secluded spot, so they would not find him.

JediMaster12 03-19-2008 01:03 PM

"Zephyr I don't know why you insisted on coming to Axius. The Tanarians don't even come around anymore except to feed their colony. It's nothing but old rock anyway."
Zephyr, the ever patient Ikriat, sighed and stopped pushing at the foliage. He looked up at his companion. He knew that she was impatient and hell bent on revenge for her family. To her it must seem that they were seeking the enemy out but they weren't. He replied, "Nympha, we are not seeking them out. I want you to see something."
Nymphadora brushed a lock of her hair aside. The ridges distinctive of her race made her impatient frown look more annoyed. She replied, "And just what do you expect to find here Zephyr?"
"Not me. You," Zephyr replied, pointing at her. He then turned to continue peereing through the brush at the ruins. He explained, "These are the ancient ruins of the Tanarians. It was said that they were once a logical race. Perhaps here you may find some answers to why they are on their 'holy quest'."
Nymphadora made an impatient sweep of her hand. "The Tanarians are murderers. Plain and simple." She stopped and looked at the ruins. At a glance, some of the design was unmistakably Anatolian. Nymphadora knew her people were generous in sharing technology and design but she never thought that they would share with Tanarians. She asked, "You knew?"
"The Tanarians borrowed from nearly everyone. The only one that they couldn't make work was that of a race called Humans. The Tanarians considered it a threat." Zephyr looked at Nymphadora intently. It was time she learned that there was a reason behind things and there were those worse off than her.
Nymphadora realized there was a purpse in bringing her here. She understood now. This trouble for these Humans was just as bad as refugees from the worlds they escaped from under Tanarian rule. She asked, "Are there any of these Humans left?"
"Rumours of one," Zephyr shrugged a furry shoulder. He then jumped up and scampered to sit on Nymphadora's shoulder. He then said, "Hey. More likely we'll come across one. I have a file of one in the databases on the Ikriolian."
Nymphadora made a funny face at the name of the bucket of bolts they flew in. It was a joke that since two unlikelys were flying the lanes together. Suddenly she felt the ridges on her neck go cold. Someone was coming. She then spoke to Zeyphr in her language, "Someone is coming."

steven 03-19-2008 03:37 PM

Severan moved into the bridge of the Last Hope, his numerous claws holding onto something as if it anchor him and prevent him from floating two high. Unlike the rest of the crew, he didn't use legs as his main form of transportation. If he needed to get from A to B, he could merely glide their, his ability to levitate made that fairly easy however his meant he could never stop floating. Usually in an open area, Severan would merely float around and travel circles around whoever he needed to talk to or whatever he needed to observe. But in an confined space such as the halls of the Last Hope, Severan didn't have the opportunity to float around as he would in the out doors, so he had to make do with using his claws to cling onto anything that was strong around to support him. Often he'd find himself using his claws to push himself away from the ceiling.

Once in the bridge he looked out at the planet as he moved into it's atmosphere. "I have a feeling that we'll learn a lot from this place," Severan's robotic voice said, and for every word his spoke, the intensity of the light produce by the half a dozen eyes on his head changed strength. To accompany the voice and changing of light, his teeth hit against the bottom area of his head, they acted as fingers playing a piano that was Severans voice. "But I fear not everything we discover will be good, and perhaps not what you are looking for."

Alkonium 03-20-2008 05:27 PM

(although I failed to specify this, the Last Hope is a small freighter, like the Millenium Falcon, and Davison currently travels alone, but I suppose Severan might travel with him.)
"I already doubt that what I will discover will be good. I'm looking for why they wiped out my people, and for how I can bring justice to those monsters. This isn't just revenge though. You know that thousands of systems are still under the rule of the Tanarians. I will not let another needless genocide take place at their hands." John replied. He then looked to find a safe place to land the ship. He spotted a clearing near the ruins he wanted to investigate, and began landing procedures there. He looked and saw an Ikriat and an Anatolian also making their way to the ruins. Considering the type of people who went into those ruins, he figured they could be allies in his fight against the Tanarians. He landed the two of them and stepped out.

"Heading for the ruins are you? Mind if I join you?" He asked, speaking perfect Standard.

JediMaster12 03-20-2008 06:38 PM

((Has Davison actually seen an Ikrian or Anatolian before? I would think that it would be slightly strange or he wouldn't know she was Anatolian if he was coming from behind))

Nymphadora heard and felt the sentient before he spoke. She had warned Zephyr in her language that someone was coming and stood there. Better not to appear alarmed otherwise you give the enemy advantage. She heard the sentient speak in Standard but didn't turn to face him.
Zephyr was a little more bold and turned around on Nymphadora's shoulders. He cocked his large ears curiously at the sentient. He saw it was a Human, a first for him. He cock his head to each side as if to get a better look. He then answered, "Identify yourself." He knew Nymphadora wpuld be ready should anything happen. They had gotten out of countless scrapes before.

Nymf... 03-22-2008 07:17 AM

The Griffin was floating around in space. Tale sat in the cockpit, sleeping. Suddenly the computer sent out a beep.

"Master Tale, wake up!" JO-7O, the ship's computer said.

"What now?"

"While you were sleeping, we have recieved a number of messages!"

"*sigh* work, work, work...I'm not going to do another bounty for a crime-lord just because some stupid rat owes them money..."

"This might be intressting for you...We have recieved a bounty, from more than one organisation...And I would guess that quite many bounty hunters will try to collect this one, the price is high...and one of the requests comes from the Tanarians..."

"Hmmm...sounds like a challenge. But what's the bounty and what other organisations? And most much?"

"The bounty is a human...and when it comes to the rest, I think you should see the messages yourself."

"Humans? Didn't they all die, either in the destruction of Earth or the afterhunt?"

"That's what everyone thought, but somehow the Tanarians have discovered that another human is still alive."

" me the messages!"

Alkonium 03-23-2008 12:44 AM

"That would depend on whether or not you work for the Tanarians. If you do, then I am Valentios, captian of the Prosperity, and I am an Iridian with a skin condition. But, since you do not look like spies for the Tanarians, I am John Davison, captain of the Last Hope, and I am, as you can plainly see, human." John told them, knowing that Anatolians had suffered a fate similar to humans, but the Tanarians were not hunting them down as extensively as they were his people. "You're an Anatolian, aren't you? I know your pain. I know how it feels to lose everyone you care about: family, friends, everyone." He said to the Anatolian, attempting to gain her sympathy.

JediMaster12 03-24-2008 12:05 PM

Nymphadora, unaccustomed to sympathy from others and unaccustomed to giving it, replied rather rudely, "You know nothing of me. I suggest you go back to your ship and be gone." She then turned her back towards him to look at the ruins.
Zephyr, aware that Nymphadora was put out by assumptions on this human's part, spoke, "You have to excuse her. If you knew Anatolians as you claim, you would know that they are not swayed by sympathy." He then shrugged a shoulder and added, "What can you expect from a race of warriors and artisans?"
"More warrior than artisan, Z." Nymphadora said it without looking. The ridges on her neck were giving off a strange colorful glow. At one point they looked red like fire.
"But still the artisan," Zephyr replied, "Even if it is with a sword." He then looked up at the Human. He asked, "What brings you deep into Tanarian space Human? Only those that know the Currents can get in and out undetected."

Alkonium 03-24-2008 09:14 PM

"Most of the galaxy is Tanarian Space these days. It's hard to avoid. But to answer your question, I'm here looking for answers, specifically to why they wiped out my people, and to how I can stop them." Davison replied. "I know cannot do this alone, so I would welcome any aid you can offer."

The image of Gul Balen appeared on the Griffin's viewscreen. "Attention bounty hunters: It has come to our attention that one human still lives, even after the destruction of the Sol System, and our subsequent purge of their race. We are offering a substantial reward of 2 million tanarian sovereigns to anyone who brings him to us, dead or alive." He said, and then his vanished.

Nymf... 03-25-2008 06:11 AM


Originally Posted by Alkonium
The image of Gul Balen appeared on the Griffin's viewscreen. "Attention bounty hunters: It has come to our attention that one human still lives, even after the destruction of the Sol System, and our subsequent purge of their race. We are offering a substantial reward of 2 million tanarian sovereigns to anyone who brings him to us, dead or alive." He said, and then his vanished.

((Thanks for this one ;)))

Tale fell of his chair.
"2 MILLIONS?!?" he shouted out.
"Yes, 2 million...a very high price." JO-7O replied.
"Hmm...that's way higher than the other ones...And all for a simple human, why?"
"I've tried to do some research around the matter, I couldn't find much but something that appears to be a prophecy. A prophecy that might be of the humans and the tanarians."
"A prophecy? *sigh* I don't believe in such stupid if it's all written in stone from the dawn of time. But that might explain the destruction of Earth..."
Tale walked from the cockpit. "Scan the nearby systems if there are any trace of a human...or human technology!" He headed for a small room, where he kept his weapons. He looked around and picked up a two pistols, some grenades and a blaster rifle, one good for both sniping and assaulting. He then shook his head and then in all the sudden started to laugh.
"What's so funny, master?"
"Hah I don't know...I just got the feeling this is going to be tough. Have you found anything?"
"I've discovered some on the planet Axius. A ship that goes by the name of Last Hope."
"Axius...Last Hope...JO-7O, I don't know how you work, but you're great. No, better than great actually, I don't know what I would do with out you."
Tale went back to the cockpit and punched in the coordinates for Axius.

JediMaster12 03-25-2008 02:05 PM

((Alkonium: I was thinking Gul Balen as Sol Bekura's XO until they speak to the Elders and he is given his own ship))

"Some of us seek answers as well," Zephyr agreed, "Though you are a bit trusting in assuming that we wouldn't turn you in."
"He thinks that we won't because we were affected by the Tanarians, Z," Nymphadora replied still keeping her back turned to the human. She looked at the ruins intently still not believing that her people once helped theirs and they repaid her people by enslaving their colonies and killing her family.

"Captain, we are entering the Axius system."
"Drop us out helm." Commander Sol Bekura looked through the viewscreen at the system. Axius Prime was rumoured to be the site of the ancient ones of his people. He was sent here by the Elders to patrol for a renegade that smuggled in goods to the slave colonies and freed them. He sighed thinking why in the name of Tanara they sent him on a wild goose chase.
That his service record was impressive no doubt but the Elders could not stand for his attitude towards their decisions. He fought for honor and glory. Murdering civilians was not a way to achieve that. It was a wonder he received the Grevlinswa at all. Now he was looking for someone who is like a leaky pail trying to hold water in. He would search for the ship albiet reluctantly. He still didn't approve of the extermination of the Humans. They would have been better off being made slaves. "Set a course for Axius Prime. We start patrol there. Scan for any vessels resembling the description of the stock freighter."
Bekura then turned to his right hand Gul Balen. Bekura eyed Balen with some thought. Balen was ambitious and fully believed in exterminating all Humans and followed relentlessly on the rumour of one's survival. He said, "Lt. Gul Balen, you have the bridge."

Alkonium 04-01-2008 11:24 PM

"Not quite as much as I lead you to believe." Davison told the Ikriat, pulling out a small device from his pocket. He activated it, and the area in front of him was engulfed in a blinding white light. As the light faded away, Davison simply said, "Sweet dreams." to the Ikriat and the Anatolian, who were both now unconscious. After dragging them back to their ship, he began to make his way to the ruins. If the GPS data he had stolen from the Tanarians was accurate, it was about a kilometre west of where he was. Plenty of time for the Tanarians to spot him and make strawberry jam of him from space. He still worried that the Tanarians may have been tracking him since he raided the slave colonies and took as many slaves as he could into Free Space, but he felt that they had lost the trail after he left Tanarian space.

"May the Gods be with you, Commander." Balen said to Bekura, though he was never sincere in saying it. He personally thought Bekura a coward, too concerned with mercy to serve the faith and exterminate those deemed unfit for this plane by the gods. The humans were the worst of the lot. He was always more inclined to imprison and enslave them than kill them on the spot. They were a threat. The Prophecies had foretold this long ago, and meeting them only proved this. Their technology was not of the gods, and they could not merge it with their own, which had been given the gods long before the Prophecies were even written.

JediMaster12 04-02-2008 12:30 PM

Zephyr had shut his eyes at the last moment and let the Human believe he was unconcious. Nymphadora wasn't so lucky so he had to leave her behind. He bounded through the jungle following the scent of the Human. He caught sight of him making his way to the ruins and decided to play with him a bit. Scampering into the tree, he crept silently. When he was within earshot, he said, "Not a nice trick you pulled Human. Dangerous times yes but to take out a potential friend?"

Nymphadora had never seen it coming and was out like a light. When she slipped into sleep, she began to dream. She saw Ancients and the Elders of her people.

Alkonium 04-03-2008 11:34 PM

"I've learned to trust noone since the took Earth from the Free Systems, only to destroy it along with every other human world in both Tanarian and Free space. Who knows what else they could have done if their stolen portal technology hadn't been destroyed. I suppose I was wrong in knocking you two out, but I had taken too many chances already. If you had been Tanarian spies and I hadn't pulled that trick, then I'd be as good as dead aldready. I'm sure you understand." Davison replied, realising that the Ikriat was not his enemy.

Nymf... 04-04-2008 02:39 AM

"I suppose I was wrong in knocking you two out, but I had taken too many chances already. If you had been Tanarian spies and I hadn't pulled that trick, then I'd be as good as dead aldready. I'm sure you understand."

"Isn't that cute?" Tale said and walked towards the human and the ikriat and pointed his blaster rifle at them. "If you worries about the Tanarians, you should get moving...The Tanarians are down on this surface any minute now, so off you go."

JediMaster12 04-04-2008 12:14 PM

"Point a rifle at me and you'll get more than you bargained for sentient," Zephyr replied facing the one pointing a rifle in his direction. His eyes lost the pupil and became a clouded white with the lids edged in back. It was a commoon trait of his people. Strangely enough only the warriors did that. He moved slightly to stand in front of the Human, his guard hairs standing erect. He then said to the Human though he faced the intruder, "You may come on our ship. We are being tracked by the Tanarians as well for freeing some of their slaves. We caused some trouble on the Calypsa moon a while back." He switched his tail.

Bekura was summoned to the bridge where his first officer reported a vessel not the stock freighter but a different class. He looked at the schematics but didn't bat an eye. So it is true. At least one Human remains. He gave the order, "Assemble an away team to search the vessel. If there are any sentients, bring them back alive." He eyed his first officer with a firm look.

Nymphadora watched as the Tanarian Ancients and her Elders make peace with each other and began to share technology. Then the persecutions began nearly a hundred years after. Suddenly she was shot to the present. She saw a ship orbiting the planet. She saw the Tanarians were coming. She opened her eyes gasping for air. She looked around and founde herself on the ship and Zephyr no where to be found. She sat up to hold her head from the pounding headache. Z, you're driving this time.

Alkonium 04-12-2008 01:27 AM

"No, there's someone else on my ship, and he knows far too much to be taken by the Tanarians. And besides, what's in those ruins may be the key to ending the Tanarians' reign over the galaxy." Davison told the Ikriat. He then turned to the bounty hunter. "Listen, I have powerful friends in the Free Systems who can pay you very well to help us. Whatever the Tanarians have offered, they'll double it." He told the bounty hunter. "It's your choice, but I strongly advise to consider what the Free Systems can offer you."

Nymf... 04-12-2008 05:48 AM

"Listen, I have powerful friends in the Free Systems who can pay you very well to help us. Whatever the Tanarians have offered, they'll double it." He told the bounty hunter. "It's your choice, but I strongly advise to consider what the Free Systems can offer you."

"As a matter of face, they have contacted me. The same day the Tanarians did. Their offer wasn't double the tanarians money, it was actually a little bit less, but still...a lot of money!" Tale paused "Since there are lot of money it doesn't really matters to me, which ever I choose I'll be rich. Haha! However I can accompany you to the Free Systems. Because the diffrence is, I'll probably live longer if I take you to the Free Systems, because, let's face it! They'll kill me when I bring you to the Tanarians so their fancy captains can get the credit for capturing you. So truth to be life is worth more than a few Tanarian sovereigns. That is, if you want my help...if you don't I take my chances and bring you to the Tanarians. It's your choice!"

JediMaster12 04-12-2008 04:29 PM

Zephyr wasn't convinced of the bounty hunter's sincerity. His eyes were still clouded in his warrior stance. He said to the Human, "Bring your friend along. We can go together. More is better than one or two."

They were interrupted when Nymphadora came running up to the Human and Zephyr. She said, "They are here. They are coming." She spotted the bounty hunter and immediately the headache that had been present was gone. She dropped to a fighting stance while withdrawing a small knife and said, "Don't you ever give up Tale?" The ridges on the back of her neck glowed red. "I thought I ditched you after Taros."

Nymf... 04-17-2008 11:16 AM

Tale laughed. "You are not my business here, and when it comes to was your misstake, both to think you could ditch me...and you missed my lovely charm, now put the knife down, before you do something we all are going to regret."

JediMaster12 04-17-2008 12:26 PM

"Put down my defense? Ha! I am no fool," Nymphadora replied. "You have hounded everyone who fights against the Tanarians. You think it would be easier to believe you?"

Nymf... 04-17-2008 02:23 PM

"Aren't you a bit unfair? Sure, I might have made few bounties here and there, but face the facts. The Tanarians are cruel, I'm just trying to make a living in this god forsaken galaxy...besides, this is diffrent from the other bounties. Either way, you should put the knife down before you get tired in you arms, I got the feeling you might need the strength in it if the Tanarians finds us. And remember, if I really wanted you dead...I would have killed you on Taros."

JediMaster12 04-17-2008 06:47 PM

"You call bounties a living? Why not join the Tanarians while you're at it?" Nymphadora was clearly angry and her ridges were glowing fiercely.

Zephyr had never seen Nymphadora's ridges glow like that. Whenever she was angry the color was still red but less...intense. He wondered if Nymphadora realized that. He focused his attention on Tale. He interjected, "You were shooting to kill and you underestimate. You give us no reason to believe nor trust you."

Alkonium 04-17-2008 10:01 PM

"The Tanarians won't openly deal with other races, aside from enslaving them and stealing their technology. Ambitious, but lazy officers simply post bounties in the seedier regions of Free Space. Now, we have a long way to walk to get to the ruins. I have work to do there before returning to Free Space." Davison added. "Severan, I'm going to need you to cloak the ship. I'll be back."

Nymf... 04-18-2008 03:05 AM

"Well if I miss, maybe I should work on my aim!" Tale pointed the weapon at Nymphadora. "Listen! I'm offering my bloody help here so put the God damn knife down!" He paused, took a deep breath and took down his weapon. "There is a reason for everything...but there isn't always a choice, maybe I didn't choose to become a bounty hunter, maybe I did. I don't ask you to trust me, I ask you to let me help you. There are plenty of reasons why I want to help this human, it's the last of the humans, and believe me or not, but I do care. Besides, as I've said before, if I turn him in here, the Tanarians will most likely kill me. But then again, if you don't take me along I'll take my chances of turning him in. I do not ask for trust, nor do I ask for forgiveness, all I'm asking is to let me come along. And in reality I should be mad at you, after all...who left who to die on Taros?"

JediMaster12 05-06-2008 08:16 PM

"You were after us. We did right by oursleves," Nymphadora replied. She then stopped and turned. She looked far off and seemed out of focus. She held out a hand to stop the Human. She said, "Your ship has been found. They are coming. We have to leave. NOW."

Zephyr had watched his friend with a look of disinterest since he didn't want to attract attention.. Something must have happened after that flash. He had known her people had certain abilities but she had never exhibited them before except her emotions giving her a peculiar strength. The Human had something to do with it or rather that little device of his. However Nymphadora wasn't one to lie about danger so he said, "I agree we must leave. Human call your friend and tell him to leave. Our ship is still cloaked."

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