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Questioner 03-24-2008 01:47 AM

JK2 Rcon Question
I need some help here.

I currently need detailed information about rcon uses in JediKnight2.

I have a few questions here.

I know you can have two ways of using rcon:
RconPassword <pass>
RconAddress <IP>

With them you can control a server and edit the settings.
Whenever you get in a server,only with RconPassword command and with the pass saved in ur jk2mpconfig file,you can use rcon commands.So in this case RconAddress isn't necessary as you already have the address due to ur existence in the server.

But now my question is about RconAddress.With this command you can control the server even when you are not in the server.For example,when you do /rcon say <message> outside the server,with correct pass and address,this command will still be done successfully and the message will appear in the server.

I wanna ask is it possible to check Private Messages in the server with rcon,and is it possible to see messages and chatting inside the server.
Or is RconAddress just a one-sided command?That means is it only the people in the server can get my message while I cant get their message?
Is there a way to make this one-sided management mutual?

Sorry for making it so long,but I really need information on this.
Thanks for you help. :)

Wildstar 03-24-2008 10:58 AM

Your question is better-placed in the forums for the Jedi Knight series, which includes Jedi Outcast. I'd move the thread myself, but don't know if I can move threads between forum groups.

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