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Goatsaber 03-27-2008 10:03 PM

Making MP bots walk only / slow down?
I was wondering if anyone knows how you could make the MP bots walk only or just slow down their normal running speed?

The reason I wanted to do this is because I think it looks unrealistic having my stormtrooper bots and battle droid bots just sprinting around.

Any help would be appreciated.


Goatsaber 04-01-2008 08:06 PM

Could someone please help me?

Sir Phobos 04-06-2008 01:18 AM

If you use DC MOD you can spawn a ton of storm troopers that will shoot everyone accept you. They aren't like regular bots though but at the same time, they slowly walk around until they're presented with a target.

Goatsaber 04-11-2008 02:11 PM

But is there any code or way you can change the bots script to make them walk only?

Goatsaber 04-20-2008 05:57 PM

Does anyone have any more suggestions?

Goatsaber 07-15-2008 03:36 PM

Please, does anyone else have any suggestions or help?

M@RS 07-15-2008 03:44 PM

Try editing the .bot files ;) that should do the trick, or just slow down the game with a cheat...

timescale (#) Changes game speed (1 is default)

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