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hellhawk 04-13-2008 11:55 AM

Morrowind FAQ
YAY! i finnaly got morrowind working! anyway its sorta confusing.
alot of people on this forum play it belive it or not. and some probably know ALOt more then others. so i think people might have questions.

to keep this thread orginised: i think we should post if we are putting a question or answer like so


can you by a house? if so where?
where is a good place to get a weapon repair hammer early in the game?\

don't really think this is going to help anyway but i hadda give an example...
to pick a lock, you must equpi your lockpick and use it like a weapon. ready it and act like you are attacking a chest or door. if it says trapped, use a probe to untrap it.

now for others...

hellhawk 05-25-2008 11:08 PM


ok so you need money? or how bout an awsome weapon? heres all you need!

have completed the quest:the murder of processus
like 45 hp
aloota nerve
allot patience
1023gp (the axe is worth 15000)

ok so once you completed the murder of that tax colecter, did you know you can use the murderers house as your own? youll need this.

ok so go to vivec, hiaalu and on the very top floor look for a weapons shop. there is a 15000gp axe sitting on the shelf. grab it, and run outta the shop before the ordorator or shopkeeper can kill you. now, navigate your way down (avoid ordirators) to the waterworks, and dive into the sewers. look for a loose grate, and swim out. (if niether grate is loose, try the other side of the sewers!)

now run back to seeda neen. go in your house before any guards see you. drop off he axe, and all but 1023 of you gold. run outside (dont try to pay fines, by stealing that axe, you earned the death penatly, literally! if you talk to a guard, theyll tell you that and kill you!) now get to that giant bug over younder and perswad the lady. (she woult like you, youre the biggest fugitive around!) get her 1 "admire" then bribe 1000 gold (do the admire first!) then go to balmoa. once you get off, dont talk to anyone, or you might attract guards attention.

go right, and look for a place called south side wall club. if you havent already, talk to sweet tooth and join the thives guild. now go downstairs, and get within range of the guy behinde the counter. drop any remaining gold. now talk to him and ask "price on your head". agree, and it will say X gold was taken from your inventory, but nothing really was. you are now free with an awsome awsome axe. note: you may need to walk back to sedda neen the travel guy might not like you if he knew u when u were a fugitive:(

didnt really have anywhere else, to put it but i think its awsome

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