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Flyswamper 04-20-2008 05:08 PM

Map rotation - Needs some tips on managing
I've got a dedicated server up and running and have been playing with it for a couple weeks now. Most of the settings/options look pretty straightforward and have worked as I'd expect.

Map rotations, next map, and the ability to change things on the fly have been a bit of a mystery to me however. I can change to a specific map quite easily, I know how to run the next map in the server rotation, etc....

Some things that havent' worked as I'd expect are:

choosing "Set next map" doesn't seem to have any impact.... the next map doesn't seem to change. I see a message in the server log, but it doesn't run the map I chose next when the game ends.

Also, I kinda thought that checking/unchecking and sorting/resorting the map list would change the map rotation on-the-fly while the server is running. But it doesn't seem to be working, at least I havent' figured out how to make it behave like I think it should.

I've scanned through a copy of "SWBF2_BBO_SM-RM_User_guide.pdf" that I downloaded and haven't seen anything that really gives me a better understanding.

Can any of you guys tell me what I should expect to be able to do (and what I can't do) with regard to changing the map rotation on-the-fly with the server still running? Do you have to start/stop/reset the server to change the maps that will be run and/or the order they will run?


TripHammer 05-14-2008 01:57 PM

If you're using the remote manager.. you may have to hit <save> after you've set the next map.

You can run maps on the fly with the admin commands in game.

/addmap plus the map code will set the next map to what you want. If the map doesn't automatically rotate then use /runnext after you set the map.

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