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The Tingler 04-21-2008 11:47 AM

For Batman fans only
A new trailer for The Dark Knight premiered at the NYCC, and will be online within the next two weeks.

But enough about that. Let's look at some other cool videos instead! Let's check out three superb adaptations of the Dark Knight trailer...

This one's just frickin' cool.

Whereas this one's pretty funny.

And this one's just the greatest thing in the world, ever.

neon_git 04-21-2008 12:59 PM

The 1966 version got a genuine, honest to goodness, belly laugh out of me. I feel like I've been waiting ofr that my whole life and I didn't even know.

Kroms 04-21-2008 03:11 PM

Man everytime I see the Adam West one I just...I have to laugh. What were they thinking?

The other two are great.

ThunderPeel2001 04-22-2008 03:27 PM


CHOP-E 04-23-2008 10:54 AM


The Tingler 04-24-2008 01:24 PM

I enjoy the 1989 one, even though it's not the funny one. The Joker's "hit me!" is just perfect.

Got a new one! This one's just freaky!

The Tingler 04-30-2008 04:14 PM

I would never dream of linking to the new crappy-quality-and-yet-absolutely-superb-apart-from-the-rubbish-ending Dark Knight trailer.

So instead, I'll link you to the official Jokerized version of the trailer. Only about 20 people in the world got the vandalised trailer, so it's fortunate that one of them put it up here.

Or rather, here.

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