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grenademaster 04-24-2008 11:27 AM

Ever get really pissed off when ur playing the garden level online and it takes forever? There's a trick to end the game before all the players leave. First leave only two guys guarding the flag. Then split ur squad into two groups and attack. Leave two more men behind to snipe. Then when ur team takes the flag run but leav 1 person behind to hold them off ( if they have a rocket launcher just run). Some one will try to be the hero and kill u so jump off the side and throw the flag, have one person on the lower level to catch it. And again leave 1 guy to stall the chaser. when u are at your base send some men ahead of u to make sure noone is waiting there. If those men get blaster with rocket launchers and their corpses go high, high in the air. stay where u are have the respawners take care of them. and score! this might not be easy in over time because people are crazy and just run to get the flag. :xp:

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