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Samuel Dravis 05-24-2008 02:07 AM

A new post spawns its deadly progenitors upon this forum. What would ti be about? who knows. I love space faring races like Devons. Where do they come from? I don't know, why don't you ask THE DEVIL, he is in league with me. I especially Like the PSYCHIC bears that attack you in the game, that was pretty strange and freaky you know. Bears aren't usually so psychic it's only in the game that they are like that. Normal bears don't know as much as these PSYCHIC BEARS. What this thread is about is the kinds of things that make you think that PSYCHIC bears are awesome. So are they? Y/N?

Emperor Devon 05-24-2008 04:06 AM

idk sam alcohol + me + devil = wat do you think

Ray Jones 05-24-2008 07:16 AM

porneaux wut elz

90SK 05-24-2008 02:48 PM

yeah, I'm gonna get drunk sometime just so I can post about it later on this forum.

DarthAve 05-24-2008 04:16 PM

wow.... okay

Det. Bart Lasiter 05-24-2008 05:40 PM

op = tl;dr

Ylle 05-25-2008 01:00 PM

I think they're pretty gnarly myself.

90SK 05-26-2008 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by jmac7142 (Post 2467531)
op = tl;dr

YOU'RE tl;dr !!!

Det. Bart Lasiter 05-26-2008 09:51 PM

you goddamn right. i'm the tlinest, drinest mother****er on the east coast (represent) :carms:

90SK 05-26-2008 10:56 PM

I know. I was just sayin.

itchythesamurai 05-27-2008 02:26 AM

Wait, I was always under the impression that Jmac was white?

Det. Bart Lasiter 05-27-2008 03:08 AM

irl i am that girl with the bottle in my blog :O

DarthAve 05-27-2008 06:48 PM

jmac is femz?


Det. Bart Lasiter 05-27-2008 08:23 PM


itchythesamurai 05-28-2008 02:16 AM

I'm offended that Jmac and I haven't hooked up yet then. And Ave watches Robot Chicken? And I'm quoted in Jmac's signature?

Det. Bart Lasiter 05-28-2008 03:08 AM

uh-oh :o

Samuel Dravis 05-28-2008 03:59 AM

Hmmm. I, er, posted this thread, didn't I?

Welllllllllllllllllllllll, it's interesting. As a side note, I am not actually in league with the Devil.

Det. Bart Lasiter 05-28-2008 04:01 AM

what about the fbi?

itchythesamurai 05-28-2008 04:23 AM

Female Body Inspector? Think we need one of those for you, Jmac darling...

Ray Jones 05-28-2008 04:25 AM

fbi represent

itchythesamurai 05-28-2008 05:01 AM

Ray, I haven't said this in a while, but you're the man.

DarthAve 05-30-2008 12:04 AM

Everyone whom I used to hate but now have learned to tolerate is coming back! YAAY

itchythesamurai 05-30-2008 08:00 AM

Ave, you used to hate me?! What did I do?!

DarthAve 05-30-2008 01:47 PM

No, I just grouped you with the masses who I used to hate. Itchy, you know ilu <3

Ray Jones 05-30-2008 03:11 PM


Det. Bart Lasiter 05-30-2008 09:21 PM

rayray do not spam the rd

itchythesamurai 06-01-2008 02:42 AM

Aww, Ilu2 Ave. <3 And so not even in the way that'll get me arrested, yesss.

Det. Bart Lasiter 06-01-2008 03:31 AM

statutory rape laws censor true love

itchythesamurai 06-01-2008 04:29 AM

That's enough political dissidence out of you! Also Jmac, I want topless photos of you nao.

Det. Bart Lasiter 06-01-2008 04:49 AM

hey, that's enough begging for pictures of my semi-personal places from you!

itchythesamurai 06-01-2008 05:43 AM

I'm sorry, Jmac. I temporarily let my hormones get the better of me. I respect you as a woman.

Det. Bart Lasiter 06-01-2008 06:11 AM

damn right, this isn't a bedroom or a bathroom stall and i expect to be treated as such!

DarthAve 06-01-2008 02:22 PM

I'd never thought I'd see the day when Jmac would be asking for womanly respect...

Ray Jones 06-02-2008 03:45 AM

*manly* respect duh

Det. Bart Lasiter 06-02-2008 05:23 AM

clearly the rayston hasn't seen my blog

Thrik 06-02-2008 05:48 AM

Ray Jones 06-02-2008 06:21 AM

but I have

you, as a woman demand respect from men, hence manly respect

Det. Bart Lasiter 06-02-2008 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by Thrik (Post 2471616)

do you doubt my womanhood thrik?

Ray Jones 06-02-2008 10:19 AM

nono he ponders in awe 'bout your womanhood, or maybe he's looking at some pic of you very closely


DarthAve 06-03-2008 11:25 PM

Well at least there's another girl, considering what was once a massive female population at RD now basically consists of me. D:

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