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firefly101 05-29-2008 09:52 PM

Need some minor modding help.

First off thanks for reading this post and helping if you can. I am NEW to modding EaW but not to modding in general and have made some large mods in my time.

Right now though I need just some simple help in modding EaW or FOC in the following ways and trying to fnd locations for where things are is getting hard.

I have the EaW Xml files unzipped and ready to mod but I need to know where and what.

What I WANT to do for EaW is the following.

1. Make Dead bodies last
2. Increase limit on unit count in battles
3. Increase size of some units like Stormtroopers from 9-12 per squad.
4. Remove from AI the ability to MAKE certain units that I FEEL take away from the original movies, Empire tanks, rebel tanks etc.

On FOC which I havent played yet because I dont care for some of the changes but like the improvements to gameplay like placing buildings, I would like to change the following.

Remove the 3rd pirate faction from campaign, remove Stupid new units for the Empire like shadow troopers etc. And of course add the same as above. Basically making it like EaW but with the improvements.

The main thing I want is for EaW right now,

Thanks for any help, seems to be alot less modding info or tutorials than I expected.

firefly101 05-29-2008 11:31 PM

I've found in the Groundcompaniesempire.xml the stormtroopers but when I ADD more of them it doesnt work and the game doesnt show any of the units. Maybe the format when I save with Excel is causing the game not to like it?

It seems easy enough to add more Squad_Stormtroopers so instead of 18 you add 24 giving 2 squads of 12? But I am doing something wrong as when in the game there are no units of anykind for the imperials. lol I leave the xml file in the Xml folder as per instructions from some reading.

I have a mod that I found that Removes the Pop cap and allows dead bodies to stay, the only flaw is I want to add to the stormtrooper numbers and remove non movie vehicles to make a more movie feel in the game battles.

So to refine if someone can help me change the unit squads to work and where to remove from the BUILD list the units I which to use that would be a BIG help. I still hope some of the talented modders are still around as it seems this game is dying out,.

firefly101 05-30-2008 11:36 AM

Well I Figured out on how to edit unit size and also removing certain items for building.

This forum and site seems dead, so that may explain the lack of communication. To the few who DID view this thread, if any of you KNEW the answer and didnt even bother to help, **** YOU. :xp:

RyuuKage 06-04-2008 02:02 AM

ya it's pretty dead, lol

i saw your post a while ago but it took me a while to find the answer to the death clone thing, which i've done in the past...

you've got to go into all the XML files dealing with units (groundinfantry, groundvehicles, uniqueunits, and so forth) with any text editor, then search for the string:


and change whatever number is in there to -1 (even if 0). This prevents death clones from ever disappearing, but be warned that in a prolonged battle on land maps this can cause some lag later on, lol.

that and scale are the only two of your questions i've ever successfully edited, so that's about all i can help with.

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