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markb50k 06-11-2008 01:07 PM

Galactic Simulation - Turn Based War Game
First, I apologize profusely for just dropping this post in your board, but you guys are the exact people I designed my game for (star wars strategic fleet fans) and my game may just be what you guys have been looking for. If not, sorry for the interruption..


Hi folks, my name is Mark. I am a Java programmer by trade and by hobby. So much so, that a few years ago I built a strategic galactic conquest game called Empire vs Republic. It went on for a couple of years and had nearly 100 participants from around the globe battling for control of the galaxy. It was a fun game, but had limitations.

Five years later, I have finally finished the core programming on the next generation of that game. I call it Galactic Simulation, or GalSim for short. Basically, you can read up about it at , where I give a little history and some of the features provided. I also give pics and stats for all the ships you can play in the game.

In short, if you liked Rebellion but wanted more control, or like Empire At War but would love to have dozens of players, this game could be up your alley. Build ships, launch attacks, mine resources to fuel your war machine, whatever you want. And all the while, you could command a fleet of star destroyers, like we all have wanted to do.

This game is designed to be content-intensive giving you eventually alot of options on how to make your fortune, plus the ability to see your units down to the individual fighter. Anyway, I hope I have interested you enough. Check out my site (I am NOT a web designer, so it is REALLY REALLY basic) and write me if you want to sign up.

Thanks in advance for any interest.

we have a nice little forum setup for the game and their is already a nice group of folks playing.
go here for the forum,23.0.html

here are some screenshots of the action so far

Just email me at markb50k at gmail dot com to join

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