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SuperKail 06-16-2008 02:44 AM

Help an xbox messer please ;P
My story is like this:

I put whole xbox kotor folder on my computer (whole game).Then i copied my whole save game folder with the save i want to edit.
Then i renamed it to: saves.
i also read that it needs

savegame.sav and some other files in: Saves/random folder/savegame.sav

so i put all of them there.(Previously they were in: Saves/randomfolder/randomfolder/randomfolder/savegame,sav (plus there were a lot of files too,but i needed only 4 of them so i copied them to Saves/random folder/savegame.sav.,and other files.Now i started to edit.
i put credits,click apply and then press commit changes,It says saved succesfully and etc.
But when i put the folder back to my memory card,no changes,so i tried to put the new savegame.sav file (which KSE succesfully saved), to where it was previously,means Saves/randomfolder/randomfolder/randomfolder/savegame,sav
and when i went in game,same results no credits.
Then i copied the 4 files which i mentioned above i needed in saves/randomfolder/savegame.sav,and other files.
So i copied them to Saves/randomfolder/randomfolder/randomfolder/savegame,sav and tried.This time it didn't even load...Just said damaged savegame.Maybe you have another suggestion.Or i have done something wrong?Thanks for you reply ^_^

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