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cybersavior 07-04-2008 02:47 AM

question about the force?
Force powers, in the base game what is the for the force powers
Many of us have read from alot of different sources saying everything from 4 to 10

I myself have played this game a long time and have only noticed proof odf just a few things, that everything above 3 for jump does the same as 3, mindtrick 4 is actually better than 3 but nothing else I have tried seems to make a difference

Noted two different sources stating saber offense can go up to 7 and another saying 10, but I notice no difference in saber locking or deflecting and blocking with anything above 3.

It would be nice to get the facts straight I would love to know.

M@RS 07-04-2008 06:31 PM

Basically you're right, except for that there is a difference there are two new saber styles one's another red style, and the other is another blue style ;) they swing different and have many strengths...

cybersavior 07-04-2008 06:59 PM

I missed putting in some key information, As I have have played, modded and edited this game for 4 years I am familiar with the other 2 stances desann and tavion. I was referring to something much deeper than that. What are the maximums for each of the force powers. Do setting the values over 3 actually do anything.

In the game itself without use of the console you can set any force power up to a max of 3 and with the console you can put in any variable you want. I just want to know if there actually is a difference for any value higher than 3 besides mind trick which can go to 4 allowing you to control npcs.

Below is what baffles me 3 different contradicting statements.
setsaberall (1 to 10) Raises saber abilities
(this is saying saber offense and defense max are 10)

setforceall (1 to 3) set force abilities
(this says 3 is the max for force powers)

setforceall <1-4> Set all Forces to indicated value
(another statement saying something different)

setforceall 7 Sets force skills to their max effective level. Saber offence max setting is 7.
(yet another statement saying something else)
(sources of this material are gamefaqs, gamewinners, and this board)
(each on appears in more than one place)

which of the above statements is correct, if any of them.

If anyone knows any more info on this matter I'd be glad to hear it.

M@RS 07-04-2008 07:14 PM

I don't know, but when I use that cheat I usually put in '9'

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