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ajcrow 08-08-2008 08:12 PM

Mac version?
Is there a way i can get this to run on a mac? I can get most of the basic version to work, but the enhanced version (the one i want to run) doesn't seem to do anything. Any help???:confused:

Agent_Katarn00 08-09-2008 02:23 AM

Yes you can.Emulators can help,they make things run on programs they can't.If you have a jedi knight game to make it work,go to google and type Windows Virtual PC.It will put an emulation on computer so you can have a windows whenever you want.You can play it with that.;)I hope it will work for ya!:)

ajcrow 08-10-2008 01:33 AM

No, that wouldn't work. I DO already have virtual pc (an old one but a version nonetheless), and it wouldn't work because i would have to buy the pc version of the game, which i won't do because i have a mac version already.

I just think it stinks that i can't get this to work....

Maxstate 08-11-2008 06:53 AM


Kahn D'halaine 08-11-2008 07:46 AM

Ha, head on the nail there, Max! Dead on!

razorace 08-11-2008 07:18 PM

Has anyone clicked on that link? I wonder what the deal is.

DarthDie 08-11-2008 09:13 PM

Its a screenshot of lucasforums with a "Buy Jedi Academy" ad on teh right.

razorace 08-12-2008 01:22 PM

Yeah, but what's the catch for getting a free copy of JKA?

DarthDie 08-12-2008 04:34 PM

Zango is a free, premium-content access tool, paid for by advertising. Once installed and while online, using keywords sent to Zango from your Internet browsing, Zango software (with Weather) shows ads in a Zango Toolbar; a temporary Slider, on (e.g.) the bottom corner of your screen; and a separate browser window that pops up on your screen. If you search for or view Adult websites, you may receive Adult-oriented ads. Depending on your browser version, Zango may become the default search provider. Additionally, Zango may redirect a search resulting in an error to a list of sites similar to your search terms. Zango's Internet Explorer, Outlook/Outlook Express and Word Toolbars give access to free emoticons (and more) within those applications, when online. Zango runs continuously and upgrades automatically. Uninstallation is easy via Add/Remove Programs.

ajcrow 08-15-2008 03:43 AM

I think someone should port this over to mac. It sounds cool, and if people think its good, then it should be available for all players,. Someones already done a linux, right? So where's the mac?

I'd do it myself, but i dunno how.

DarthDie 08-15-2008 07:47 AM

Well the problem is none of the dev's have a mac, they all have windows AFAIK.

redsaurus 08-15-2008 08:22 AM

I can do a mac compile if one's needed.

Maxstate 08-15-2008 08:44 AM

Hey Redsaurus, long-time no see!

You still with us here on the team?

redsaurus 08-16-2008 09:44 AM

Yeah, I'm still around.

I'll get a 1.2 mac compile done soonish, msn me if/when you need any other compiles done.

ajcrow 08-16-2008 11:47 PM

Thanks Redsaurus! That will be cool! I can't wait!

ajcrow 09-05-2008 10:47 PM

I don't want to sound whiny or impatient (and I'm sorry if I do) but how long does "soonish" mean? I understand if you're busy with something else more important, it's just I wanted to know how long.
Thanks :)

redsaurus 09-06-2008 04:42 PM

Really sorry, (I forgot), however there's something strange going on with the strings (that might just be because I'm loading from setup->mods though) - does that matter for you? What mac patch version are you running?

ajcrow 09-06-2008 09:05 PM

Of Academy?
Multi-player is running 1.0.3e. Single player is 1.0.1e.
I installed the Rev E patch a while ago now.

Maxstate 09-08-2008 10:13 AM

You need to run the mod using a batch file or the mac equivalent of one, the mods --> thing doesn't work too well.

ajcrow 09-08-2008 05:26 PM

I don't think there is... I've never come across one anyway.

ngekky 09-09-2008 09:58 AM

I also want a mac version here! When will it be finished?

Maxstate 09-09-2008 06:16 PM

I think a way around the batch file is running a shortcut to jamp.exe with the +fs_game "ojpenhanced" parameter, if that is possible on a Mac. I have no experience with it.

It should however, if possible, fix most of the bugs.

ajcrow 09-10-2008 03:11 AM

The only way to run a "short cut" would be to use an autoexec.cfg, as from my experience I don't think that shortcuts (or aliases as they are called on a mac) don't work like .bats and wouldn't activate files for a game. Unfortunatly, I've already tried this, by typing:
helpusobi 1
set fs_game "ojpenhanced"

helpusobi 1 set fs_game "ojpenhanced"

into a autoexec.cfg, and it seems that fs_game is write protected ( :( ), meaning that it wouldn't work anyway.

I think what we need is for someone to port the .dlls so that they will run on a mac, as none of the features that ojp is famous for (saber combat, customization, dodging, etc) are working when I run the mod. All I get is its fancy menus, which are all over the place and some of which the text is missing.


Maxstate 09-10-2008 08:17 AM

:( none of us are running macs, so you'll have to bug redsaurus for that.


redsaurus 09-11-2008 05:48 PM

It's pretty annoying, but you can't launch straight to a mod in the latest mac patch :( --> guaranteed menu bugs in 1.0.1e/1.0.3e. I'll put the mac stuff up tomorrow though.

ajcrow 09-16-2008 03:37 AM

Yet again, it seems like I am an annoying, nagging, downright unappreciative fool who enjoys bugging people and then butters them up, but have you just not got around to putting it up yet, or is it somewhere that I'm not looking? Sorry....

Maxstate 09-16-2008 04:28 AM

Redsaurus is kind of a busy guy, sorry that we don't have the resources to cater to mac users too :( Would be a good idea to have a mac compiler on the team.

ngekky 09-16-2008 06:16 AM

are there any specific instructions on how to compile ojp on a mac? We could probably do it ourselves if it's not too difficult.

redsaurus 09-17-2008 05:34 AM

Sorry, I'd done a compile at the weekend that hadn't seemed to work properly, but it appears to be fine - get files from , and sorry again for the delay.

ajcrow 09-17-2008 05:21 PM

Understand completely. Thanks a lot Red!

ajcrow 09-19-2008 02:27 AM

Is there any way around these bugs at all?

When I create a server, I get a message saying: "The sever is running OJP enhanced. The game will crash if you are not running it. You can get the mod at" If i then attempt to play ffa, team-ffa, capture the ysalimari or flag, I find that I cannot play as another message comes up with something like: "ONOEZ, YOU'VE OVER SPENT YOUR POINTS" and refuses to let me join as I have not set my force powers properly.
Is there a way to fix this:confused:

Also, the weapons upgrade menu does not work in-game, I cannot set my reload or saber throw buttons and if i open the console, Then I get a whole lot of messages in red complaining that they couldn't load various files in ui/saber.

Other than that, everything else seems fine. Jedi master and holocron work great, and the gameplay seems fine. :D Just wondering if there's anyway I could reduce the amount of bugs I get. Thanks

Maxstate 09-19-2008 03:21 AM

The overspending of points thing is normal and was a bug fix for v1.2. You can also no longer dynamically update your points from in-game.

ajcrow 09-19-2008 05:26 AM

So, I've got an older version? Ok. Is there anyway that I can trick the game into letting me play then?

redsaurus 09-19-2008 05:36 AM

I found that I had to set at least one force power before the game would let me join in ffa etc.

ajcrow 09-19-2008 10:41 PM

Ok, if I turn on auto team then I can play, but I can't set any of my force powers or get any weapons. I can get points, and I use them, but they never take effect, and I'm running around getting sabered by my bots. Do I need to set a specific min and max value for XP points?

razorace 09-22-2008 02:31 PM

Does the mac version that Red compiled include the data files or just the code files?

ajcrow 09-23-2008 01:57 AM

data files? It has ojp_enhancedstuff.pk3, ojp_enhancedddls.pk3 and a ojp_enhancedmac.pk3, which has all the mac ddls.

redsaurus 09-23-2008 10:52 AM

try changing these maybe?


Sorry, I can't reproduce this stuff currently - are you still getting the "The sever is running OJP enhanced. The game will crash if you are not running it. You can get the mod at"?

ajcrow 09-24-2008 03:34 AM

Yeah, I'm still getting it in every mode where you have to set your force powers. What should I set the min and max to?

mjohnson 11-07-2009 05:56 PM

Not sure whether i should do this and bump and old thread...

I'm getting the same problem ajcrow is as-well as the in game menus (like force/gunnery point selection) being all messed up.

I'm running JAMP revision D and Mac OS 10.4.11.
Any help would be appreciated. :)

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