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urunsaishun 08-17-2008 01:18 AM

Trinity: Planning
This story begins 350 years ABY. Much has changed in the galaxy, after many power struggles the galaxy is enjoying a nearly peaceful period. This peace is in large due to the Third Galactic Soverign Republic now seated on the terraformed planet of New Alderaan. At the head of the Galactic Republic is Senator Avadarr Senul of New Alderaan himself. However opposition still remains, the fledgling Republic's major enemies reside in two entities that of the growing Imperial Reform Faction (IRF) and the AIMF (The Artificial Intelligence Mechana Front). So against these two great threats the Republic has once again placed its safety in the hands of the Jedi Order. Seeing there numbers flourish in the last century the order once again is called to help the Republic in such dangerous times. But a heavy blow has just been dealt after the capture and imprisonment of Grandmaster and head of the jedi council Balen Solo by Baron Casmus Gaultois the commander of the IMF.

Current High Council Members:
- Arn Cassam- human male (Tholoth lineage) current head of council
- Gedas Salbrac- Mon Calamari male
- Calia-di-Mune: Cerean female
- Kesh Malkee: Bothan male
- Joram Madii: Mirialan male
- Lokatu: Ewok female
- Rath Taral: twilek male
- Dae Shil: Kel Dor female
- Marvata Pavlar: Human female
- Wys Neyga: Weequay male
- Benar Deelnu: Chalactan male

The story will begin on the rebuilt now Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV as the council has called a large gathering of all available jedi in the galaxy after several terrorist attacks and embargoes from the AIMF and from the growing imperialist movement. Im looking for ideas and developing this uncharted time period in the Star Wars universe. Factions are emerging all across the galaxy with the droid uprising and the imperialist movement surging once again. I will provide further storyline and details in the future. In this story i will be focusing on Jedi player characters though i am not limiting to them only. You can create a max of one character but you may create other secondary or tertiary characters along the way that are integral to the storyline only.

physical appearance:
small bio:

Note i would not like any god mode characters where is the fun in that a true hero has flaws

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