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Joakim Oscarsson 08-23-2008 07:02 AM

From 3ds max2008 to JKA
Hello I've got a problem I hope someone can help me solve... the thing is, I don't realy know where the problem is.

First I've created a model (saber hilt model) and its uwvmap and applied it and all that stuff... basicly, the model is compleated. But now I want to get it into JKA.
So if I've understod this right, I first need to make it a md3 file, and them a goulmodel together with a skin file

The first problem I encountered was the exporting of the md3. As I'm using 3ds max2008 none of the md3 exporter pluggin works (at least I havn't found anything that works with this version. If you know where to get a working v. please tell me :)) So I found a program which uses 3ds files and exports md3s.
So I basicly just exported as 3ds, started this program
(NPherno's MD3 complier) imported the 3ds, and exported it as md3.

Now when I try to open the md3 in md3view I get this error:

error in ".../saber_shree/saber_w.md3", mesh"saber_w": error(s) loading mesh: headersize(5196) !=108

What does that mean?
is something wrong with the model? or is it the exporting?

ow and btw, I'm using windows vista, so I can't run md3view on this comp... need to run to another comp everytime I want to use it :\ anyone knows how to make it work on vista?

Neon 08-24-2008 08:50 AM

I am told you can't use 3Dsmax 2008 for jka. Try 7 or 8

Psyk0Sith 08-24-2008 11:54 AM

It definately looks like a file version problem, you could try gmax or older max version as neon mentioned.

Someone else had problems using modview because of vista, using the compatibility mode didnt seem to work so im not sure if its possible at all to use it.

Nultma 12-13-2008 01:40 AM

this is alittle old but I saved my sabers as a .max file then imported them into GMAX, then did what you would normally do with it.

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