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Shana 08-28-2008 03:32 PM

Monster Hunter - Age of Wyverns
This RP is based around the video game series called Monster Hunter.

There have been several Monster Hunter games, the most popular being the PSP adaptations called Monster Hunter Freedom 1 and 2. Right now in Japan Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is the top selling game.

If you are new to monster hunter do not fret as I will try to detail as much as I can of it and even provide pictures of the monsters we face so that you can identify them. Since probably many won't necesarily know the game I will make it so it's not completely attached to the game so as to encourage creativity and make it easier on everyone.


For a long time peace has reigned over the land. The last Wyvern war had caused much death and pain to the people of the land. Now, a century later, the Wyvern have multiplied and there even is talk of Elder Dragons roaming the land once more.

After the sighting of a Fatalis (The most powerful of the Elder Dragons) over by the Castle of Schrade, the Hunter Guilds in every Village have taken measures to strengthen their numbers in order to drive back the Wyvern threat and find the strongest group of hunters who will ultimately face off against the Elder Dragons and return peace to the land.

A caravan of Hunters now travels through the snowy mountains on it's way to Pokke Village, inside may be the last hope for the people of this earth, the hunters who will defy fate and battle destiny for a future that now hangs in the balance...

For starters, you will need to create a character. So make sure you visit my thread in the Backstage Casting call forum or click this link to be taken there directly:

Ok, you know the rules.

And as the joker says: "Here...we...go!"


As the caravan moved through the cold mountain pass of Snowy Mountains, Lumina remained covered with a furry Popo coat. She had her Velociprey armor underneath and her Hunter Bow just beside her. There were others riding in the same car. The driver looked over to them and asked for their attention.

- "Since we got behind schedule, the Elder of Pokke Village resquest to have you reach the Hunter Guild first, then you will be able to settle in after you are briefed on the situation they are facing" - The driver said.

- "Any particulars that you are privy to?" - Lumina asked.

- "Not really miss, I'm just a driver" - the driver responded and turned his attention back to the road.

Lumina settled back into her seat. Her Felyne companion was sitting next to her polishing her arrow heads. Lumina then handed him a Felvyne herb, Felyne's favorite treat. He started munching on it as quickly as he was handed it. He then looked at his mistress and smiled.

- "Thank you~Nya~" - the felyne said and Lumina nodded. She closed her eyes for a moment just to rest her eye sight, she didn't sleep much, not out of her bed. She had grown accustomed to staying aware of her environment at all times.

Cyborg Ninja 08-29-2008 07:48 PM

Ever since he was a little boy Takeda always dreamed of fighting monsters. He was the best hunter in Kokoto and was selected for this mission. Over his Shinobi Armor he had a small jacket over him. He had trained in Pokke for a year and had gotten use to the cold so he only needed a small jacket to keep him "comfortable". He looked around at the other hunters that were with him and then closed his eyes. He began meditating to prepare himself for the fights to come.

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