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Mandalorian54 10-09-2008 06:21 PM

Path of the True Warrior
42 ABY, from the depths of the unknown regions a powerful presence in the Force calls out like a spice addiction, nagging you to meet it. You sensed it one day, unsure of what it was, and dismissed it, but it returned again and again. Do you ignore it and go on with your life, or seek it out? There are no charted maps where you are drawn, and no one to guide you but the Force.

Padawans leave their masters behind, soldiers leave their armies, and humble farmers let their crops go unharvested while they seek out the means to reach the source of this strange calling. The closer they get the stronger it becomes. Those that ignore it may never feel anything so powerful again for the rest of their mundane lives.

The setting for this game will basically be just the current universe. I'm not particularly up-to-date myself, but I have a general idea. The flow of the game won't really affect or be affected by the major events going on anyway. I'm aiming for a short mission which should hopefully take about a month. Players may play as any sort of character, non force users will be at least force sensitive. There's potential for continuity, but we'll leave future plans in the box for now.

If you're interested in joining add me on MSN, The reason for using instant messaging is to help speed things up, and allow for the character development and story to be better planned out.

Hmm... Maybe I should move this to a more populated section?

Xero_Cryptmaw 06-30-2009 04:57 AM

May i join my rp with urs? it has basically the same time placing

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