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JediMaster12 11-05-2008 02:01 PM

Dark Redemption
It is said that there are two sides to everything. Light and dark, harmony and chaos, and woman and man. To exist all sides must be balanced. That is the way of things. Balanced can lead to greatness and too much of one can be damning. When you have eternity to dwell over things, you can discover how well or how little you know the world.

Los Angeles, city of Angels, and to some the cesspool of hell. People from all walks of life come and try to live, others to survive. It is a jungle and they are the beasts. It is also a jungle for other kinds of beasts.

In a world of cell phones, laptops and technology the world underneath is largely ignored except by those who have had a taste of it. There are creatures that go bump in the night though humans prefer to largely ignore it. They ignore it and live because they have a protector.

Angela looked out at the city before her. It was peaceful just sitting there on the balcony of the observatory and looking out. She wasn't worried about security for they didn't know she was there and they wouldn't find her anyway. She just looked out taking in the night air.

Angela had come to Los Angeles some five years ago looking for a chance at a fresh start and a lead told her that her enemy may be here. She stifled the anger that threatened to seep out as she felt her cell phone ring. She took it out and answered, "Hello."

The voice on the other end was a frightened woman's voice. Angela recognized it and tried to make sense of it. It was incoherent at times as she kept saying that somethign was after her. It was chasing her. Angela spoke, "Amy? AMY?"

There was just frightened whimpering and a scream. Angela stood up from her perch. She had to get back to the city. She had an idea of where to go but she would have to listen on the radio for any police incidents. She snapped her phone shut and put it back in her pocket and prepared to jump.

It was a long way down but that wasn't a problem as she landed sure footed as a cat. Standing up she walked to where her motorcycle was waiting and got on. She placed the microphone speaker on as she revved up and took off. Amy was in trouble and she was going to help.


The jungles of Colombia were beautiful at night and nighttime was a perfect time to practice her craft. Patience Manning, after a long day at work and packing to return back to the States, made time to practice the gift that her father and grandparents encouraged her to practice.

She sighed a bit remembering her mother and how angry she was after finding out that her daughter was practicing witchcraft. Her mother was a devout Christian and anything that wasn't preached in the Bible was considered the devil's work. Her father never criticised her mother for that and in fact liked it that she could stand by her choices. He often said said that she, Patience, was like her mother in that regard.

Patience looked around the living room, making sure that it was clear. She pulled out a rug that had the image of a pentacle star on it and laid it down. Since her home was in Los Angeles, she couldn't well paint the pentacle on the floor here. Too many questions would be asked. The rug was fine her father told her. As long as she could focus and was calm and collected, she would be able to practice her craft anywhere she was.

Arranged to her satisfaction she went to a trunk and pulled out a bowl and filled it with water. In the water she placed the crystals she used for scrying. It was one of the first things she did. She sat cross legged on the rug and muttered her spell to be allowed to scry.


"It's late professor."

Ray turned towards the student and gave a smile and replied, "Knowledge has no hours."

The student replied, "Just make sure you get the daily dose of eight," and walked away.

It was a personal joke between him and his student assistants since he was somewhat of a night owl when he was on the trail of something. He was conducting research on lore that involved magic and such. He was stuck on a point and looked for a book.

The library was a haven for Ray as well as a well used tool. He used it to his advantage every chance he could and it was a wonder if he ever slept at all. He found the stack of books that had yet to be put away and was sifting through them. One fell off and landed with a loud thump.

Ray stopped what he was doing to pick it up. The title was rather faded so he opened it to a random page. The heading on the page said, 'Law of the Ancients.' He had never heard of it before and turned the page to look.

The page had the picture of a demon, rather human like in appearance except for his face. Ray studied the picture hard and began to read.

Corinthian 11-05-2008 03:42 PM

Predators and Prey.

Simon idly wondered which one he was right now. The whole prospect was rather ridiculous, like a zebra prowling after a lion. Still, he was making good progress. Three night ago, a woman had been murdered. Police Reports suggested by the size and ferocity of the attack that it must have been a wild animal, although this far inside the city, it seemed unlikely. She'd had her carotid artery and jugular cut through and portions of her flesh on her neck had been devoured. The autopsy had revealed that the girl died of exsanguination. There was almost no blood left in her body, despite the relatively bloodless crime scene.

Not exactly a standard case, but it fit the mold. Either a Demon or a Vampire almost for certain.

He checked his equipment. Chain, pistol, stakes, knife, holy water, crucifix...he should probably start packing a pump-action shotgun, too.

Tracking hadn't been too difficult. Most Supernaturals were territorial, staking out a claim. It wasn't a guaranteed thing, but it was usually how it worked. The police did the rest of the work for him. They found a fingerprint in the alley and had matched to a George P. Simmons, living in the apartment building right next to the murder. Simmons had an alibi, claiming he was several miles from where the murder took place. Since Time of Death was proving difficult to pin down and he had witnesses vouching for him, Simmons was released. That was enough evidence for Simon to do a little investigation of his own.

Not for long, though. He mentally thanked his contact at the LAPD as he crawled upwards, finally bringing his hand up into the small balcony, letting go of the gutter, pulling himself up to the balcony.

He readied his pistol and lockpick, keeping his eyes and ears open for movement. Nothing. He slid in, and a few moments later, the lock clicked and the door slid open silently.

Simon crept inside, wondering what he was hoping to find. Most Vampires weren't stupid enough to sleep in coffins these days. Then again...

The unmistakable click of a pistol's hammer being drawn back caught his attention. "Hello."

He raised his hands, grimacing.

"Drop the gun, Hunter."

Well, that settled that. The Glock slid out of his hands, clattering to the floor. "Simmons. I'm surprised you know who I am."

"There's been a bit of a ruckus since you came to town, Valdemar. Going to be pretty great handing you in."

"Sure it will." Simon grimaced, wondering how he was going to get out of this one. One movement towards his weapons, and his head would get blown off.

"What else you got in there?" The Vampire started patting him down. Now was his chance. He pulled his arm back, sliding out of his jacket's sleeve. The jacket fell back, exposing the silver chain wrapped around him like a bandolier. The Vampire touched it, and a horrible sizzling noise came through, followed by the smell of burning meat. The Vampire fired on reflex, but his aim was off, just grazing Simon.


The Vampire stumbled back as Simon quickly unwound the chain and swung it, catching the Vampire around the throat and leaving a burn mark. A second strike knocked the gun out of the Vampire's hands. Simon rolled to the ground, snatching his own gun and raising it as the Vampire recovered. He shot out one of the Vampire's knees, dropping him again, then dropped the gun again and stepped around behind the crippled Vampire.

"Sorry to end you so early, Fledgling. Immortality isn't for the stupid." He readied the chain to finish the Vampire, only to have his leg get pulled down. The Vampire couldn't run and could barely walk, but it could still fight. Simmons reached into Simon's jacket and grabbed his knife, stabbing at Simon's face and chest. He caught the first thrust on the chain, dodged the second, and deflected the third with his arm, grimacing as he felt skin and muscle part under the razor-sharp blade. He also gripped Simmon's wrist as tightly as he could, and the Vampire, despite his superior strength, was out of time.

"Big mistake." His free hand whipped the chain around, bringing it behind the Vampire's neck. Simon wrapped his free arm around behind it, pulling the Vampire close as the holy chain sliced through him.

"Tell the Devil the Valdemars aren't dead yet." The Vampire screamed then, loud and long, breaking the night, only to stop abruptly as the chain sliced through his spine. Simon rolled out from under the dying Vampire as he tumbled into dust.

He paused for a moment to catch his breath. That had been way too close, especially from an obvious fledgling. Still, the Vampire was dead, and given his lack of wisdom concerning the girl, it wasn't unlikely he left some other clues in his apartment as well. Time to go snooping around.

JediMaster12 11-06-2008 05:03 PM

Angela sped through the streets, avoiding the cops on duty and slowing down when she had to. She didn't need to slow down for she could see as if it were day. Loose tendrils of her hair flapped behind her as she sped towards where Amy lived. She pushed a button on her bike and dialed a phone number. She muttered to herself, "Come Amy pick up. Pick up."

It was a relief when the phone clicked to indicate it being picked up. She could hear Amy's scared breathing and noise in the background, as if something were crashing behind her. She said, "Amy where are you?"

"Angela. Help me! It's chasing me."

Angela calmy repeated, "Where are you at?"

There was a slight pause but there was noise going on in the background. Angela waited, her muscles tense. If her heart were beating it would be pounding in her chest. It took several seconds before, "Wilshire." Then the line went dead.

Angela sped up. She knew that Amy lived near Wilshire so she would have to go to the more likely places. She tuned in her headpiece to the police scanner to see what the traffic was. For the first time in a long time, she was afraid that she may be too late.


There was a girl running. She was being chased by a creature. It moved fast, too fast to be a man. The girl was frightened. Her eyes were crazed with terror. She was panting heavily from running.

She had her hand wrapped around a cell phone. She put it to her ear. She said a name.

Then the creature moved and pounced on her. It went for the throat and took a bite. The light shifted and she saw...

Patience opened her eyes and breathed heavily. She had never had an intense vision like that before. The creature, whatever it was, was hideous. The eye teeh were pointed, the eyes were red with fury. So much blood.

Patience closed her eyes and stilled her breathing. She remembered that the girl was calling for help. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on the name. The girl was scared but she said the name clearly. The name was Angela.

Alkonium 11-06-2008 07:18 PM

I always seem to get the weird cases. Not that I mind, the job's never dull. Cobly thought to himself as he patrolled the streets of Los Angeles, making his nightly rounds in search of any sign of attacks from Vampires, Werewolves, or any other sort of supernatural being. He kept two magazines for his Walther P99 handly: one with silver bullets, for fighting werewolves, and the other with garlic soaked bullets, for fighting vampires, and since tonight wasn't a full moon, he loaded the garlic soaked bullets into his gun. Spotting a woman on a motorcycle going through the back roads, he thought it suspicious and decided to pursue. He quickly pulled out his pocket mirror and set it angle so he could see her through it and was quick to notice her lack of a reflection. Damn, she's a vamp. He thought. "Pull over! I know what you are." He called out to her.

JediMaster12 11-08-2008 10:46 PM

Angela could smell Colby the minute she passed him. She skidded her bike to a stop and held it up with her foot. She didn't have time for small talk with Colby since she had to get to Amy but she couldn't afford to lose the only friend she had. She put the kickstand in place and got off the bike. She took a whiff of air and laughed before saying, "Garlic on bullets? Colby you should know by now that garlic doesn't work except to stink up the place." She then removed her dark glasses to reveal her eyes.

Alkonium 11-09-2008 01:23 AM

With that he recognised Angela. She was one of the few vampires he knew who didn't automatically go for the neck. "Not every vampire knows that, and sometimes just their thinking it'll hurt them is enough." Colby replied. "Let me guess, friend in trouble? Come on, we can get there faster in my car." He then opened up the passenger side door, motioning for Angela to get in.

JediMaster12 11-10-2008 12:06 PM

Angela looked at Colby with a bland amusement. Actually most vampires did know that garlic was ineffective but she wasn't going to tell him that. Better to keep up pretenses until the whole truth needed to be known.

She had met Colby on a case that she had taken that involved a murder. Mysterious circumstances and she knew it was not a typical murder. Unfortunately Colby got involved and she couldn't avoid not showing him. What was he to expect after the bullet he shot Lenny with ended up going through and hitting her. Angela couldn't forget the stunned look on his or Lenny's face and she couldn't forget how it bloody hurt afterwards.

She kept herself straddled over the bike and replied, "Always know when I'm up to something Colby. This time you should follow my advice and stay out of it." She revved up her bike and turned back on course to where she needed to patrol for Amy.

Alkonium 11-11-2008 06:10 PM

"If I always followed your advice, I'd be out of a job." Cobly replied, closing up his car and going after her. Maybe I should just use the silver bullets for vampires and werewolves. He thought. Whatever this was, it sounded bad enough to call backup, but his job didn't officially exist, so he'd always have to deal with the threat alone, or at least without "official" backup.

JediMaster12 11-12-2008 01:59 AM

((I can take over the demon hunter Alkonium unless you'd like him. Corinthian got banned and someone needs to take his role))

Angela didn't need to look behind her to know that Colby was following her in his car. He always told her he'd be out of a job if he listened to her. In truth if he had listened, he wouldn't know about her and wouldn't look at her as she were going to spring at him and take a bite. Plus she thought Colby didn't need getting involved with something like this. In the beginning she made sure he had a physical man for his crimes now it was a matter of fibbing on crime reports.

Angela sped on until she made a sudden series of turns to lose Colby. She then went to where Amy walked going to and from work. She stopped and hid her bike and began to walk down the alley. She walked sniffing the air, trying to find anything that spoke of human.

Blood was like chocolate for a woman and Angela was no exception when she smelled it. She could tell it was human and followed it. Around a set of dumpsters she found Amy, what was left of her, as she was trying to push the figure off her. One whiff told Angela it wasn't a vampire. Taking a deep breath, she pretended to stumble like a junkie, "Hey man I need some money. How bout one with me?"

The figure looked at her with a murderous gleam. Angela could make out demon but it wasn't any that she had seen before. She said, "You might want to do something with your breath," her eyes then turned demon red, "before you lose your teeth." She then gave a punch and the fight was on.


Patience knew she was going to be tired the whole way. That's why they call em red eyes. She couldn't get the image out of her head of that poor girl. She must find the person named Angela. Perhaps she was a friend of the girl in her vision.Too tired to think, Patience closed her eyes to sleep. Only it wasn't sleep. It was a dream.

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