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JediMaster12 11-18-2008 12:45 PM

The Critic's Chair on Misc. Writings and Musings
It has occurred to me that we have talented members who write other than Fics, shorties and songfics. They are the ones who write poetry and occassionally, like me, write a song intended to make people laugh. Therefore I will take the critic's chair on misc. writings and musings and give a formal review.

If you feel that I am good or not please cast a vote for me to continue. I feel that people should be recognized for all their talents. So with out further ado, I will give the first review.

Burnseyy's Poetry

First on the list is Burnseyy's Poetry. Burnseyy possesses a unique quality of bringing out the darkness that lurks within our souls at times and of darkness that occurs in the world. Nostalgic Tear is one that shows a grotesque side of people and Burnseyy succeeds in giving imagery to a horrifying sight. My personal favorite is Place of Ghosts. Burnseyy's talent comes alive with imagery depicting emptiness and gives the impression of lifelessness between man and woman at a certain point in a relationship. Burnseyy's poetry goes on and worth a look at for anyone interested in dark imagery.

LordOfTheFish's Poetry Without Tears

Two poems submitted in this thread and not bad for a first time since 4th grade. There is some curiosity about choice of spelling in 'Blindness' such as "wisper" and "tradgic" and it is wondered if it is intentional or not. The poem is well written telling about blindness and how it can take over your senses. Well played out with regards to the person dying and seeing nothing. For those that like the poetic style of Dr. Seuss, 'What Fish Do' is cute and funny. Playful rhythm about fish and the naughty things they are. A cute verse for members with kids.

That is it for this week and I look forward to reviewing two more next week. So if you have anything that doesn't quite fit into the fanfic category or fan art, it will be reviewed here. Have a great week folks.

LordOfTheFish 11-18-2008 02:11 PM

Thank you, JM12. I haven't put much thought towards more poems but I may have some more soon.

Astor 11-18-2008 02:36 PM

I don't write poetry, but I think it's a good idea to review it - and give a bit more representation to other forms of writing.

JediMaster12 11-18-2008 03:57 PM

I agree Astor Kaine which is why I took it upon myself to do so. Bee and I are currently looking for someone to look at our art subforum. I believe all modes of expression should have a chance to shine.

LordOfTheFish: You are most welcome. My goal is to inspire others who like poetry to write it. Even if it is a Dr. Seuss version ;)

machievelli 11-19-2008 10:45 PM

I am glad someone finally stepped up to the plate on this one. I admitted 2 years ago that my knowledge of art and poetry is of the order of 'I know what I like', so I could not point out what they did right or wrong, or point out the 'breadth of the scansion' or some such.

JediMaster12 03-04-2010 08:09 PM

Since it has been awhile since I last reviewed a piece of poetry I figured I might as well do one now. It's funny how time escapes you when you're in the selfish business of getting a masters degree.

This week I have two that I would like to comment on.

Love's Death by SkywalkerRules

Not of the typical rhyming scheme, SkywalkerRules' poem has a prose feel to it but the language use and the tempo of the piece is moving. It tells a story of a woman dying through the eyes of the one telling the poem. It has a loverlike quality with a hint of sadness. As one forum member commented, it is similar to the the tale Atton tells the Exile about the Jedi who saved him. A first piece for SkywalkerRules and a well done piece. I encourage him to keep it up and look forward to more postings.

Kyvios Music

I noticed that one of our forumites posted an original song and even though it has been reviewed by our fic critic, I thought I would give it some credit as well. Upon face value, I would say that it a guy is telling his story about the love of his life and describing it to the point that she will be all he needs. To put into a Star Wars perspective I would say that it sounds a lot like Carth maybe talking about Revan at the point when she leaves for the Unknown Regions. Without hearing actual music it is difficult to grasp the gist but the lyrics themselves more than make up for it. They are very vivid and descriptive of that feeling of love. An excellent piece of work.

JediMaster12 03-15-2010 02:30 PM

Often I find that other modes of expression besides prose has a unique quality of expressing what is hard to say straight up. Poetry can give a plethora of metaphors to describe all sorts of situations that would otherwise be difficult to say. This week I am looking at two pieces done by our forum members.

Lights, Lights and More Lights: A Collection of Poetry by beanlord56

A newcomer to the CEC bringing a collection of poetry that is metaphorical to a great love. In all four pieces, the theme centers around the concept of light. While not in a typical rhyming scheme, they portray a person's struggle to live in the world and is only redeemed by the presence of this light. There is a hint of religious connotation in regards to the light which suggests a love of Christianity and Christ. Though it is present, it is skillfully hidden within the concept of light. The flow is moving and the word choice is very well done. Keep it up beanlord.

KOTOR: Empire by Mr_BFA

A unique take upon the Star Wars universe and fanfiction in general. By his own admission, Mr_BFA is attempting to tell the story of the Kotor games in poetry format. Beginning with the Mandalorian wars, the poem chronicles Revan's thoughts and emotions when he sees the Republic in trouble and then makes the decision to go to war. Interesting use of rhyme and the stanza format is different. It seems that MR_BFA is attempting to reflect Revan's feelings and the situation through the stanza formation rather than just the words. Non traditional meter, the work flows with a warlike beat and is coupled with a sense of urgency. Nice work and keep it up.

JediMaster12 03-23-2010 01:47 PM

Another week and another review though how I find time in the middle of proctoring finals is beyond me. This week I have only one selection and it is a poem by repeat author SkywalkerRules.

You Tell Me... by SkywalkerRules

This poem is typical of SR's style in that it doesn't adopt the typical rhyme and meter but rather expresses the feeling in ways that wouldn't fit typical prose. The first half describes the person wondering and asking why he feels so down then in the second half the person is reiterating what he has been told before. Interesting choice of the coloring of the text as if it were almost an attempt to either differentiate between two different people or two different moods. The teal is understandable since lighter means a lighter color. The choice of red is interesting but it could just simply be that due to our grey backgrounds on the boards, it stands out and is not too dark. But it does make the point in emphasizing the moods. There were some comments in regards to the use of capitalization of certain words within the poem. In proper grammar, it would probabaly be unnecessary but in poetry it is a different matter. My understanding is that SkywalkerRules is emphasizing unity and by capitalizing generation and unity, it only serves to stress the point. In the overall picture, another well done piece of her work. Keep at it.

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