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DarthJacen 11-20-2008 06:35 PM

Star Wars Galaxies moves forward in the timeline!
If this needs to be moved to a Galaxies forum, let me know, but the Galaxies forum is largely dead, unlike this one.

As of today, November 20, 2008 at 4:00 am PDT Star Wars Galaxies now has the Battle of Echo base from The Empire Strikes Back! After almost 6 years of living just after the Battle of Yavin IV, we finally move forward to the next movie! I hope, all you current and former SWG members look at Chapter 11 and give it a try! Please, comment on what you think is great or terrible about this development.

Well, I just, played this instance from the Rebel side, and WOW! I got that feeling of being overwhelmed! That feeling that no matter how hard I fought, there was nothing I could do but fight to the death and take every Imperial soldier with me.

Oh, and Darth Vader is a level 300 double elite. I tried and failed miserably to kill him. Someone let me know it they have better luck!


Originally Posted by swingkids

Originally Posted by Dajesse
Really, SWG is past...So dead game already...Our next hope is JKA Galaxies or SW:TOR
But SW:TOR probably won't have Real-time combat system..So i think we are fallin' for JKA galaxies then....

You obviously haven't played in a while. The fans constantly come back in spurts. Chapter 1 everyone came back for the Restuss Battle. Chapter 2 everyone came back for the new GCW bases, which was fun. Chapter 6, same thing. Chapter 8 was the space expansion with Ord Mantell being added for Master Pilots, everyone came back for that. Chapter 10 heroic instances, everyone came back to do these. Chapter 11 Echo Base everyone came back.

With this new chapter they, now have badges you can put up that say how old your character is. My character has 2 years of experience, but my account is 3 years of age. Dalon on the other had has 5 years of experience, with whom I fought along side last night. Don't tell me that no one plays anymore.

Now, get back on topic about the new instance, please.

I hope, this clears things up for SWG fans.

Alkonium 01-01-2009 12:01 PM

Well, I don't play it, but fancy. Is this sort of like how on Lotro they spend more than a year in the two-month span between Aragorn and the Hobbits arriving at Rivendell and the Fellowship leaving Rivendell?

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